Overwatch Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge Details

New event in Overwatch is up. This time you will get skin and other great in-game staff for your activity in Overwatch for Symmetra. Read on to learn more.

Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge

The challenge will last from 17th till 30th November 2020. During it you can earn epic rewards for playing, watching and winning in Overwatch.

The skin is called Marammat Symmetra and you can get it by winning games in Overwatch. Let’s have a closer look below.

Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge Rewards

Wins in Quick Play, Competitive Play, and Arcade will earn you a limited-time player icon, spray, and Marammat Symmetra in addition to regular weekly rewards!

Win 3 GamesGet 1 Marammat Symmetra Player Icon
Win 6 GamesGet 1 Marammat Spray
Win 9 GamesGet Marammat Symmetra epic Skin
Overwatch Symmetra's Restoration Challenge Details

Note that you can get all of the rewards for a total of 9 wins in any of the following game modes:

  • Quick Play
  • Competitive Play
  • Arcade

The rewards you get during Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge are additional to those you get for playing Arcade mode.

Watch Twitch Overwatch Streamers now through November 30, to earn up to six unique Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge sprays!

Pilgrim Spray
Sanjay and Incense Sprays

Perception, Light Weave, and Mealtime Sprays

Don’t forget to link your Blizzard account to Twitch to get the drops. Also, you can sort out streamers on Twitch to see which of them are participating in the program. By the way, you can watch our Expert Game Reviews Overwatch Streams too to get the drops. The drop is guaranteed if you watch a stream for the need time (yes, you can do breaks).

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