Overwatch’s Halloween Event 2020 is Halloween Terror Coming Soon

Even though it seems that it’s a lot of time till Halloween it is not. There are only a few weeks left before Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020. Although there are no official Overwatch’s Halloween Event 2020 announcements yet, we will tell you everything we know about it.

Halloween Terror 2020 Details

All over predictions are based on the previous Overwatch seasonal events. Halloween has a lot in common with Overwatch Summer Games so we guess that the main features will be the same.

Play to earn skins

Last year Halloween Terror lasted for 3 weeks. Each week for winning games you could receive rewards: player icon for 3 wins, spray for 6 wins and thematic skin for 9 wins. You could play in all competitive game modes including arcade to earn the rewards. Moreover, there have been three epic skins that you could obtain for winning: Inferno Junkrat, Vampire Baptiste, and Demon Hunter Sombra skins. During Overwatch Halloween event you couldn’t buy these skins, but this year it may become an option.

Inferno Junkrat

Apparently, there will be more epic skins during Overwatch Halloween event 2020. Some you will get for wins and other legendary skins will be added into the shop.

Junkenstein’s Revenge

It is a special game mode in Overwatch that become active only during Halloween Terror. We are sure that it will appear this time too. In this mode, you will team up with three other players to protect Adlersbrunn from a host of haunting horrors. One of them is Junkenstein and his Monster, the mysterious Summoner, the bloodthirsty Reaper, and the devious Witch of the Wilds.

Overwatch’s Halloween Event 2020 Release Date

And of course, let don’t forget about trick or treat loot boxes. which are also on the way to Haloween Terror 2020. We will not speculate over Overwatch’s Halloween event 2020 release date. We will only say the dates of the previous Halloween events:

  • 2016 Overwatch Halloween Event: October 11 (Tuesday)
  • 2017 Overwatch Halloween Event: October 10 (Tuesday)
  • 2018 Overwatch Halloween Event: October 9 (Tuesday)
  • 2019 Overwatch Halloween Event: October 15 (Tuesday)

So we guess that this time Overwatch’s Halloween event 2020 release date would be October 13 as it is the nearest Tuesday in mid-October. We are waiting for the upcoming Haloween Terror with you.

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