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Paladins – Champions of the Realm

We have awesome news today! Have you already played this new First Person Shooter called Paladins? If no, you just have to read this article. So, Paladins Champions of the Realm is now in open beta and is absolutely free to play, which makes it even better. By the way, even though it’s in beta testing it’s still better than many other games of the same genre. We know maybe some of you will say that Paladins are very similar to Overwatch. Maybe it is, but we made a little research and guess what? Blizzard and Hi-Rez Studios started these projects at the same time! So we can only make theories why they have so much in common. Anyway, today we’d like to introduce you to The Paladins Champions of the Realm.



As any other first-person shooter champions here are grouped by their roles. Therefore you can meet front line, support, damage and flank heroes. For now, there are only 16 champions in the game, four for each role. Every champion is unique and special to the game. Even if they are from the same group they differ much. For example, if you pick a front line hero it doesn’t mean he is a classic tank (except Fernando, I guess).


For now, we found one great minus. You can see abilities of the heroes only in the champion menu or in the game after it has begun. We think it would be really useful if you could see them while picking a hero as well. Anyway, when your game is up you can hold “k” to see the skills.


Also, you will need to choose loadouts for your champion (those cards you will receive in the chests after games for level ups or you can buy them in the shop for real money). You have a basic deck, which you can easily change in the champion menu. After that, you will buy items. Those are the same for everyone, you will buy only those you need for the current game.

Paladins Gameplay

They main thing that you need to do is to win at least 3 out of 4 rounds. Those are: checking the point, pushing the payload or defending the point (if you didn’t check the point first). Each of these stages counts as a round.

Note: if the score is 3/4 vs. 3/4 wins the team which checks the next point, successful push won’t work.


This is only the one of four regimes in Paladins. But others are closed for me now. In any case, I don’t get bored as there are 8 different maps in the game, so you always have fun.

What we learnt: you have to play as a team here! Cause, if someone is doing stupid things or isn’t playing at all it’s pretty hard to save a match. So ask your friends to join, remember it’s free! Besides, you will get boosters for referrals and referrers!

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