Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum Challenge Rewards List

Every new league in Path of Exile has its theme and mechanics. But they also call them to challenge leagues because each of them brings unique rewards for completing challenging tasks. Here you will see Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum Challenge Rewards List.

Path of Exile Utimatum League Challenges Complete Guide

There are several checkpoints in challenges completion in Path of Exile. For getting to each checkpoint you get a specific reward. So for completing 12 challenges in Ultimatum League you get Ultimatum Helmet, which you can see below.

Ultimatum Helmet 12 Challenges

For completing 24 challenges you will get new reward, which is Ultimatum Pet. That’s a crow with animation, that you can see in the video in the end of this post.

Ultimatum Pet 24 Challenges

The other Path of Exile 3.14 Challenge Reward is Ultimatum Portal that you can get for completing 36 challenges.

Ultimatum Portal 36 Challenges

Also, starting from challenge 19 you will get pieces of Ultimatum Challenger Trophy, special Hideout decoration that can show off your challenge completion progress to your visitors. The whole trophy will appear after you complete all 40 challenges.

Ultimatum Challenger Trophy 19-40 Challenges

You can see all these Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum Challenge Rewards in all their glory in the video below.

You can complete challenges in any sequence that you choose, number of completed ones is the only thing that matters. Later we will share with you the list of challenges and tips to complete all Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum League Challenges.

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