Path of Exile 3.15 Starter Builds – Expedition League

Path of Exile is ready to start its new Expedition league. PoE 3.15 patch is going to be tense as it has a lot of changes that break or shack meta. That is why we tried to make the list of the most popular PoE 3.15 starter builds that will help you begin your journey in Expedition league.

As we have already mentioned Expedition league balance nerfs are heavy and you will need to get used to the new playstyle that will hit when PoE 3.15 stars on 23rd July 2021. Therefore, we advise you to choose among the builds that have proved to be worthy for some leagues so far. They will most likely remain untouched (to a large extent), which will allow you to quickly and comfortably start farming maps and collect currency for upgrades or for a new build for end-game content. Therefore, we have selected the best builds for each class in PoE, with which it will be easy for you to start a new Expedition league in the Path of Exile 3.15 patch.








Above you can see the list of the best PoE 3.15 starter builds that will let you dive into Expedition league and learn all about new mechanics and gameplay changes. Of course, at some time you will need to improve these builds or pick another one that will let you farm end-game content. But all the presented Path of Exile 3.15 starter builds above are perfect to farm some currency to purchase all needed items for the desired end-game build.

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