Path of Exile 3.16 Scourge League All Watchstones and How to use them

Echoes of the Atlas has brought a lot of changes some of them related to the upgrades of the Atlas. Watchstones are these items that help you upgrade your Atlas. We have described the whole mechanics of Echoes of the Atlas and you can check it by the link. In this post, we decided to let you know more about all types of watchstones needed to complete one of the PoE 3.16 challenges.

As you know Scourge league was released with some changes to the Atlas as well. Instead of 8 regions, there are now only 4 and that influenced the number of droppable watchstones. So this league you will not see the following watchstones:

  • Chromium Tirn’s End Watchstone
  • Chromium New Vastir Watchstone
  • Chromium Lex Ejoris Watchstone
  • Chromium Lex Proxima Watchstone
  • Platinum Tirn’s End Watchstone
  • Platinum New Vastir Watchstone
  • Platinum Lex Ejoris Watchstone
  • Platinum Lex Proxima Watchstone
  • Titanium Tirn’s End Watchstone
  • Titanium New Vastir Watchstone
  • Titanium Lex Ejoris Watchstone
  • Titanium Lex Proxima Watchstone
  • Maven’s Invitation: Tirn’s End
  • Maven’s Invitation: New Vastir
  • Maven’s Invitation: Lex Ejoris
  • Maven’s Invitation: Lex Proxima

Naturally, that happened because related regions were dismissed. Four regions that are left are Glennach Cairns, Haewark Hamlet, Lira Arthain, and Valdo’s Rest. The Uncharted Realms are still active as well, of course. You can see maps tiers list for this league and all Atlas passive skill points for the Scourge league via the mentioned links.

Scourge League All Watchstones List

As we have already mentioned one of the challenges in PoE Scourge is the following: “Socket each of the following Watchstone types into a Citadel on your Atlas.” The list of them is also determined:

  • Crimson Watchstone
  • Cobalt Watchstone
  • Viridian Watchstone
  • Golden Watchstone
  • Chromium Watchstone
    • Chromium Glennach Cairns Watchstone
    • Chromium Haewark Hamlet Watchstone
    • Chromium Lira Arthain Watchstone
    • Chromium Valdo’s Rest Watchstone
  • Platinum Watchstone
    • Platinum Glennach Cairns Watchstone
    • Platinum Haewark Hamlet Watchstone
    • Platinum Lira Arthain Watchstone
    • Platinum Valdo’s Rest Watchstone
  • Titanium Watchstone
    • Titanium Glennach Cairns Watchstone
    • Titanium Haewark Hamlet Watchstone
    • Titanium Lira Arthain Watchstone
    • Titanium Valdo’s Rest Watchstone
  • Unique Watchstone
    • Booming Populace
    • Irresistable Temptation
    • Misinformation
    • Stalwart Defenders
    • Territories Unknown
    • Terror
    • War Among the Stars
    • Atop the Atlas
    • Restless Cycles
    • The Builder
    • The False Hope
    • The Walls

Watchstones that you don’t need to complete the challenge, but are still available in 3.16:

  • Ivory Watchstone

These are all types of watchstones that can be used to upgrade your Atlas. But not all of them are the same. The first four watchstones are the part of Atlas of Worlds expansion that introduced Sirus as a new main boss in Atlas. You can read a full guide that describes the process of receiving and applying those watchstones to the Atlas in Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds Full Guide.

Other watchstones are better types of watchstones that can be crafted and inserted into the Atlas. Worth mentioning that a unique watchstone can have any base type to complete the challenge. The list contains only active watchstones that can drop during the Scourge league.

How to get all Watchstones?

As a quick reminder here we will describe simple steps. Firstly, you will need to unlock the maps by completing the game and completing the quest with Kirac. After that you will need to meet Zana at your first tier 3 map, she will explain to you that you need to find watchstones and put them in your Atlas. After that, the fun begins and you need to find all Conquerors, each of them represent one of the watchstones:

  • Baran, the Crusader – Crimson Watchstone
  • Veritania, the Redeemer – Cobalt Watchstone
  • Al-Hezmin, the Hunter – Viridian Watchstone
  • Drox, the Warlord – Golden Watchstone

Once you meet and kill a conqueror you will receive a relevant watchstone, you can now insert it into the Atlas. Complete this task with every conqueror and the first part of the challenge is complete. But the easiest one, because, you have a certain guaranteed way of obtaining these watchstones.

How to get other watchstones? That depends. The easiest way is to buy them from other players because unlike previously mentioned watchstones which are untradable, Chromium, Platinum, Titanium, and Unique watchstones can be traded. The other way is to wait until all of them drop, they can drop anywhere with a little drop chance. Also, you can chance unique watchstones. So it is up to you whether to spend the currency or your time.

Once you have all the needed watchstones you can socket them into the Atlas and you are done. You don’t need to clear any map with them.

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