Path of Exile 3.16 Scourge League Mechanics Guide

New league has started and all Path of Exile lovers can enjoy a 3.16 patch with new features. In this post, you will see Path of Exile 3.16 Scourge League Mechanics Guide.

You will meet a new league specific NPC called The Last to Die at the Coast the first zone after the town. She will appear after a light splash on your screen, don’t be scared.

How to Find PoE Scourge Bosses?

How to enter the Nightamre?

Nightmare is the name of the demonic dimension with the Scourge that was announced in the league preview. You will get access to it from the very beginning and you can read below all the details.

The Last to Die

Talk to The Last to Die and she will grant you a Blood Crucible. This is a must item to perform in the Scourge League.

Blood Crucible

After that, you will need to implant the Blood Crucible into your inventory as you can see below.

Implant the Blood Crucible into your inventory

When you do that Blood Crucible will become active. You will need to click on it and place any item that you want to upgrade into the slot on the left. Of course, there are not many good items at the beginning of the game, but you can place any just to see how the corrupted energy will be gathered. Also, note that now all armour items have a range of base defence stats, you can check them by holding ALT (by default) and hovering the item.

Blood Crucible window

Now you can see how many points you will need to activate the transform button. Also, you can see that there are skills in the Blood Crucible. We will write about them later, let’s discuss the basics first. So to fill in your Blood Crucible you will need to kill monsters, of course.

Blood Crucible meter

When you start killing monsters as usual you will see a new meter next to your minimap. It shows how much blood your Blood Crucible needs to unlock new options for your character.

As you can see there is a mark in the middle it shows when you can activate your Blood Crucible to switch realities. How to switch to Scourge? There is a button next to your flasks at the bottom of the screen. When you have enough blood you can click on it and switch realities. Note that when you leave a zone the meter resets and you will start from 0 blood. But if you return to the previous zone you will see the meter the same as it has been when you left.

You can also shift to the Nightmare by pressing V on your keyboard by default. That means that you will also activate the Blood Crucible and enter the new demonic dimension.

You can choose not to switch at once and kill more monsters, but when you reach the top of the meter you will not get more blood naturally. But the more you have before you enter the Nightmare the more time you’ll have while you are there.

The Nightmare

Each Scourge realm has stats that you can see after you firstly shift to it. In the normal realm, there will be an icon that you can hover on to see what the Scourge can perform or what you can get. You can enter the Nightmare multiple times in one zone if you fill in the meter.

Scourge stats

When you enter the Nightmare on the first levels there will be a few monsters but they will be tougher. You will need to switch between the realms all the time to absorb the blood and transform the items and level up the skills that we have already mentioned. It is worth mentioning that you will return to the normal realm automatically to the very point from where you’ve switched the realm when all the collected blood runs out. And now you will need to repeat the cycle again and again until you have enough points to transform your first item. Also, the blood that you haven’t spent yet will remain in the meter.

How to transform an item in the Scourge league?

When you collect enough points needed to transform the item that you placed in the slot as we explained above you will see the announcement in the game. Also, a new button will appear at the bottom of the screen showing you how many actions you can perform in the Blood Crucible.

Scourge is ready

Click on the icon and then transform the item that is ready. You will be surprised by the result. Below you can see what we’ve got from simple white wool shoes.

Transform an item in Blood Crucible

First of all, all items will be corrupted that is why the new league offers new tainted orbs that can help you modify corrupted items. Second of all, you can see orange mods they are random both can be good or like in the example bad.

As you can see you have one slot of Crucible at the start but you can unlock more slots thanks to the skills that upgrade the options of the Crucible and transformation in general.

How to level up the skills in the Scourge?

When you open your Blood Crucible window you can see that you can switch between Crucible and Skills. Go to skills and you will see that to get skill points you will need to level up there. This experience points you get while you kill monsters in the Nightmare realm.

Blood Crucible Skills

Similar to the crucible tab when you collect enough experience points to level up a skill you will see the relevant icon at the bottom of the screen.

Skill Level up

Click on it and you will fast-open the skills tab. It is not a must to spend your skill points at once you can collect as many as you want until you decide to distribute them. But we will spend them at once. You will see that you can choose between three of them. Each of them gives benefits to the number of corruption absorbed by the item. If you want to transform jewellery you can pick the first skill to upgrade. The other two give benefits to armour and weapons/quivers corruption collection speed.

Apply the points

Distribute all of the points you have and click apply points if you are ready. You can hover on the skill to see what you get on the next rank. You can also see how many points you’ll need to apply to this skill to reach its maximum potential. While you level up all skills you’ll unlock new ones. As it was mentioned in the announcement eventually you can upgrade all the skills to the maximum, so no need to worry.

If you come across all of the skills you will see that all of them give benefits to the other tab where you transform items. That’s how you get more slots in the crucible tab and get higher Scourge tiers on items and better modifiers.

It is highly recommended not to skill Scourge mechanics from the very beginning even though monsters are tougher they can hardly harm you if you are an experienced player. So if you play Scourge you will get more skill points and better transformation options when you reach the maps. But if you ignore Scourge mechanics you will need to spend extra time on the maps until you reach the appropriate level of the Blood Crucible.

Scourge Maps and Bosses

As you continue to level up your Blood Crucible, you will be able to unlock a map slot, which allows you to put maps into your Blood Crucible in order to transform them. Maps can be transformed up to 10 times, with more transformations giving the chance at adding more Scourge Modifiers, which will increase the challenge and reward of the map. You can get up to 2 maps in your Blood Crucible at once, and they do take quite some time to transform. If you are not confident you will be able to handle the maps, you can transform white, low tier maps so that they are easier to complete.

As for the bosses, there are three of them:

  • K'tash, the Hate Shepherd iconK’tash, the Hate Shepherd
  • Ghorr, the Grasping Maw
  • Beidat, Archangel of DeathBeidat, Archangel of Death

Next to the names of Scourge bosses, you can see their icons on the mini-map. If you want to start a boss fight you need to move quickly to that icon.

We have described a lot of details about them in How to find PoE Scourge Bosses? post.

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