Path of Exile Abyss League Guide

The Abyss League has added a new type of belts and jewels to the game, as well as two new bosses – Abyssal Liches. And although it is difficult to call it one of the most interesting leagues, nevertheless it remained in the core and it will be useful for new players to know what its features are.


As you might guess, players may encounter Abysses in the zones – they are marked on the minimap with a special green icon. To start an event, you just need to get close to it. A rift will appear in this place, which will randomly follow to the pit, which will appear as soon as he reaches it. At this time, abyss monsters will attack you from the rift, so be ready to fight them off.

Path of Exile Abysses

There can be several such pits, and if you have killed a sufficient number of monsters that attacked you, then in the last pit there will be a reward – Abyssal Trove. This is a special loot chest that always contains abyssal jewels. In high-level zones, instead of Trove, you can wait for Abyssal Depths – a portal in the side area.

Path of Exile Abyssal Trove

These are narrow corridors in which enemies and valuable loot will be waiting for you, as well as a boss at the end. Most often it is the Stygian Spire, a totem that summons enemies from the abyss. And as a reward for killing him, you will receive a special belt – Stygian Vise. But you may be lucky, and then you will meet one of the Abyssal Liches, the fight with which will not be easy, but one of the league-specific uniques is guaranteed to fall from him.

Valuable loot

Abyss Jewels

This is a special class of jewels, which can be socketed in the jewel socket in the passive skill tree, or in a special Abyssal Sockets. These sockets are found on new belts as well as new uniques, which are described below.

Path of Exile Abyss Jewels

There are 4 types of Abyss Jewels:

  • Ghastly Eye Jewel (mostly for summoners),
  • Hypnotic Eye Jewel (for casters),
  • Murderous Eye Jewel (for melee builds),
  • Searching Eye Jewel (for ranged builds).

Stygian Vise

A new type of belts that have a unique implicit modifier “Has 1 Abyssal Socket”. Only Abyss Jewels can be inserted into this socket, but a well-worn belt and jewel add up to some of the best rare belts in the game. There is also a unique Stygian Vise belt, Darkness Enthroned, which has 2 sockets and a 75% increased effect of socketed jewels.


A few specific unique items were added, only 4 pieces (most of them have 2 options – with one or two Abyssal Sockets): Tombfist gloves, Lightpoacher helmet, Bubonic Trail boots and body armour Shroud of the Lightless. Even though they only drop with Abyssal Liches, only versions with two Abyssal Sockets are valued.

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