Path of Exile All Challenge Leagues in Order

Path of Exile is a popular hack and slash action RPG. We write frequently about it and you can see all the details about it on our website or via the link at the bottom of this post. You might know that PoE adds new content to the game every 3-4 months and calls it challenge league. First leagues were simple and easy but as the game developed the leagues have become more complicated and interesting. In this post, you can see the list of all Path of Exile Challenge leagues in order.

ExpansionRelease dateEnd dateRelease version
Ritual league2021-01-15 8:00:00 PMCurrent league3.13.0
Heist league2020-09-18 8:00:00 PM2021-01-11 9:00:00 PM3.12.0
Harvest league2020-06-19 8:00:00 PM2020-09-14 10:00:00 PM3.11.0
Delirium league2020-03-132020-06-153.10.0
Metamorph league2019-12-13 8:00:00 PM2020-03-09 9:00:00 PM3.9.0
Blight league2019-09-062019-12-09 9:00:00 PM3.8.0
Legion league2019-06-072019-09-033.7.0
Synthesis league2019-03-082019-06-03 10:00:00 PM3.6.0
Betrayal league2018-12-072019-03-04 9:00:00 PM3.5.0
Delve league2018-08-312018-12-03 9:00:00 PM3.4.0
Incursion league2018-06-012018-08-27 10:00:00 PM3.3.0
Bestiary league2018-03-02 8:00:00 PM2018-05-28 10:00:00 PM3.2.0
Abyss league2017-12-08 8:00:00 PM2018-02-26 9:00:00 PM3.1.0
Harbinger league2017-08-04 8:00:00 PM2017-12-04 9:00:00 PM3.0.0
Legacy league2017-03-032017-07-31 10:00:00 PM2.6.0
Breach league2016-12-02 8:00:00 PM2017-02-27 9:00:00 PM2.5.0
Essence league2016-09-022016-11-282.4.0
Prophecy league2016-06-032016-08-292.3.0
Perandus league2016-03-042016-05-302.2.0
Talisman league2015-12-112016-03-042.1.0
Warbands league2015-07-102015-10-022.0.0
Tempest league2015-07-102015-10-022.0.0
Torment league2014-12-132015-03-241.3.0
Bloodlines league2014-12-132015-03-241.3.0
Beyond league2014-08-202014-11-201.2.0
Rampage league2014-08-202014-11-201.2.0
Invasion league2014-03-052014-07-051.1.0
Ambush league2014-03-052014-07-051.1.0
Domination league2013-10-232014-02-231.0.0
Nemesis league2013-10-232014-02-231.0.0
Anarchy league2013-06-072013-10-070.11.0
Onslaught league2013-06-072013-10-070.11.0

We have written some posts that will help you learn more about every league and see particular content that is left after the league. Path of Exile is designed the way that every new challenge league brings new features that remain in the core of the game. That’s why you can be confused a bit when you play PoE for the first time. But no need to panic, thanks to this post you can start to understand the basics of Path of Exile.

As we have already mentioned many times the leagues above are challenge ones. But what does it mean? It means that along with new content you will see a list of challenges and rewards for completing particular number of them. The whole list contains 40 challenges. Some of them are easy but other ones are pretty hard and require deep knowledge of the game. You can see some of them in our previous posts:

Even though PoE may seem very hard and complex you will find it interesting to investigate and learn all its features and craft especially. We will tell you more to help solve any problem related to Path of Exile. Check some other posts via the link below.

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