Path of Exile Bestiary League Guide

Despite the fact that the Bestiary League was released in March 2018, it is part of the core game mechanic and new players may have questions about what and how to do. With the release of patch 3.5.0, Nets (special items used to capture beasts) were completely removed from the game, which greatly simplified the capture of Bestiary monsters.


Path of Exile Beasts

When you get to the second act, in the city or in the starting areas you can meet Einhar Frey. He is the master (special NPC that offers missions to players) of the Bestiary league. Talk to him in town, or join his hunt for rare beasts in the areas next to the Forest Encampment – Riverways, Old Fields or Crossroads. Your task is very simple – find beasts in the zone and lower their health level to a minimum. This will not kill them but will allow Einhar to catch them with the net, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally killing them. These beasts are clearly visible on the minimap, they have special icons (skulls of various colours) – yellow are normal Rare beasts, red are also Rare beasts, but much stronger. Green shards are unique beasts that are very rare.

The Menagerie

Path of Exile Bestiary

After you complete the quest Einhar’s Hunt (catch all the beasts in the zone with Einhar), talk to him in the Forest Encampment. It will open access to a new zone – The Menagerie. You can get there by using any Waypoint, it is in a separate list in the right corner of the map. In this area, you can talk to Einhar, look at all the beasts you caught (all information about them is stored in Bestiary, key “H”) and most importantly – access to beastcrafting.

Blood Altar

Path of Exile Blood Altar

This is a special device that allows sacrificing beasts for the craft. Each recipe requires special beasts – you can find out by clicking on the recipe. You can choose what kind of beasts you will use for crafting (of course, provided that they are of a suitable type) because the result of crafting depends on the level of the caught beasts. After you decide on the choice, you have to kill these beasts in the arena, while not dying, otherwise the craft will fail. After that, crafted items will appear in the centre of the altar, which you can pick up. You can find more details about all available crafting recipes via this link – Beastcrafting.

Bestiary Orb

If you come across a rare or unique beast, you can sell or transfer it to another player. To do this, you need to buy a special item from Einhar (in Menagerie) – Bestiary Orb. It costs 1 chaos orb and allows you to convert the beasts you caught into an item that you can trade with other players. You can also buy the beasts you need to craft from other players.

You might need this knowledge in the upcoming league so ‘Hunt or be hunted, exile!’

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