Path of Exile Betrayal: Announcement Video

Today we are excited about the announcement of new big updated coming to one of the most popular role play games. Path of Exile Betrayal is promise to be fresh-new and bring together with it a lot of changes to the game. Here we want to share with you the official video from Path of Exile official YouTube page. There you will see all the major new things that are going to be released on the 7th December 2018.

Path of Exile Betrayal official video

As we can see Grinding Gear Games have done a lot of job considering not only the new league, but the game itself. Path of Exile Betrayal is going to change masters to new ones. Of course, if you play POE every league you will recognize all of them. As follows:

  1. Alva from the Incursion league
  2. Jun Ortoi from the  Betrayal league
  3. Niko from the Delve league
  4. Einhar from the Bestiary league
  5. Zana the Cartographer 

Together with new masters roster the master-crafting changes itself. Now you will need to make specific in game content. Such as Delve encounters or Incursion rooms. You may noticed that they are similar to new Zana’s daily missions.  Also, Path of Exile Betrayal gives us new hideouts, that you can share to all of your champions and even share it with your friends. All other additions are pretty similar to any previous league, such as new weapons, abilities, items and maps.

As for the Betrayal league peculiarities. There you’ll have to compete the Immortal Syndicate by different manipulations. Some of the options were shown in the official trailer: bargain, betrayal, fortification etc. All of the actions will influence the Syndicate hierarchy and give you the desired profit. All the patch notes you can read and monitor on Reddit.

Reminding you that Path of Exile Betrayal release is planed on 7th December 2018, don’t miss it and wait for our new updates.

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