Path of Exile classes guide

The choice of the character class is very important in Path of Exile because, in addition to the different starting location on the passive skill tree, each class has its own unique set of Ascendancy classes, which directly affects the style of the game. Quest rewards also depend on the chosen class, and although in the 3rd act players get access to all gems, it is still more comfortable to start playing a game for a new character with skill gems suitable for him. Regardless of the chosen class, all characters have the same starting characteristics: 50 life (+12 life per level), 40 mana (+6 mana per level) and 53 evasion rating (+3 evasion rating per level). The game has no restrictions for skills or items by class, only by level and attributes. And how to choose your way in POE read our Path of Exile classes guide.

Path of Exile Characters

Further, let’s discuss all the classes and characters in a nutshell now in the Path of Exile classes guide. And please, not that there is no such thing as the best path of exile class as all of them are equally great.


Path of Exile classes guide Marauder

Main Attribute: Strength
Starting attributes: (Strength 32) (Dexterity 14) (Intelligence 14)
Ascendancy classes: Juggernaut, Berserker, Chieftain
Suggested builds: Melee, Physical and Fire damage, Totems, Armor

Marauder is ideal for those who want to play as a physical or fire melee-oriented character.

Juggernaut will provide additional survival with the help of bonus armour and an immune to camps and endurance charges will reduce the damage received and increase the restoration of health.
If you agree with the phrase “The best defence is a good offence” then Berserker is perfect for you. Bonus damage, attack speed, damage from critical strikes and life leech in exchange for increased damage to the character will allow you to kill opponents long before they can strike back.
If you like fire, then Chieftain Ascendancy will reveal the full potential of Marauder not only as a melee character with fire damage abilities but also as a skilled caster due to fire totems.


Poe classes guide Ranger

Main Attribute: Dexterity
Starting attributes: (Strength 14) (Dexterity 32) (Intelligence 14)
Ascendancy classes: Deadeye, Raider, Pathfinder
Suggested builds: Bows, Ranged combat, Projectiles, Chaos, Flasks, Evasion

Ranger is a classic archer who can destroy his enemies long before they can get close to her. Add to this a high chance of dodging attacks and improved flasks, and you will get a great character with high speed sweeping locations and good survival.

Deadeye will allow you to shoot multiple arrows at the same time, improving their damage and the chance of a critical hit.
Raider is suitable for those who want to play this class in melee, improving their combat characteristics with buffs such as Onslaught and Phasing with frenzy charges.
For those who rely on flasks and want to play with chaos damage bow abilities, they might try playing Pathfinder.


poe Witch

Main Attribute: Intelligence
Starting attributes: (Strength 14) (Dexterity 14) (Intelligence 32)
Ascendancy classes: Necromancer, Elementalist, Occultist
Suggested builds: Spells, Elemental and Chaos damage, Minions, Energy shield

For those who like magic, they can choose Witch. She is fluent in all elements, her abilities will reveal her full potential with Chaos damage builds, and she is also an ideal summoner.

Necromancer can not only raise zombies and spectres, but also summons skeletons, spirits and golems.
With the help of Elementalist you can conquer three schools of magic at once – Fire, Cold and Lightning.
In addition, if you like to weaken your enemies with curses, and use Damage over Time skills (Cold or Chaos), then Occultist is right for you.


Path of Exile Duelist

Main Attribute: Strength/Dexterity
Starting attributes: (Strength 23) (Dexterity 23) (Intelligence 14)
Ascendancy classes: Slayer, Gladiator, Champion
Suggested builds: Melee, Dual wielding, Shields, Physical damage

Duelist is an excellent melee fighter. Thanks to his skill, he can dodge and block most attacks, and legends are made up about his fighting skills.

Slayer deftly wields a two-handed sword, leaving no chance to the enemy. Its benefits are increased physical damage and life leech.
Gladiator combines a balance of defence and attack thanks to dual-wielding or using one-handed weapons with a shield.
If you want to become truly invincible, while helping members of your group, then Champion will take on the role of a tank and support that can taunt and debuff enemies.


Poe classes templar

Main Attribute: Strength/Intelligence
Starting attributes: (Strength 23) (Dexterity 14) (Intelligence 23)
Ascendancy classes: Inquisitor, Hierophant, Guardian
Suggested builds: Melee, Spells, Support, Minions

Templar perfectly combines melee combat and spell casting. He can become both a wonderful melee fighter, inflicting elemental damage, and a deadly caster, which is not so easy to knock down with an ordinary attack.

Inquisitor destroys its enemies with skills, causing increased damage during critical strikes and penetrating elemental resistances.
Those who like a more passive style of play will love Hierophant. He specializes in totems and brands – both of these skills do damage on their own after the player summons them.
Guardian is focused on supporting other players, as well as on melee fighter with minions.


path of exile classes guide shadow

Main Attribute: Dexterity/Intelligence
Starting attributes: (Strength 14) (Dexterity 23) (Intelligence 23)
Ascendancy classes: Assassin, Saboteur, Trickster
Suggested builds: Melee, Spells, Traps and Mines, Poison and Chaos damage, Critical strikes, Damage over time.

Thanks to his skills, Shadow deals a huge amount of damage to enemies, while deftly dodging damage, because it’s hard for him to boast of good defences.

However, Assassin will allow you to kill enemies with one blow, because its main advantages are critical strikes and increased damage.
Saboteur controls the battlefield thanks to its traps and mines, and no one can get close to him.
Those who like damage over time, such as poison and chaos, will appreciate Trickster’ abilities.


Path of Exile Scion

Main Attribute: Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence
Starting attributes: (Strength 20) (Dexterity 20) (Intelligence 20)
Ascendancy class: Ascendant
Suggested builds: Any role

After you release her in the 3rd act, Scion will become available for playing for her. Due to the fact that her starting position is in the center of the passive skill tree, the player can choose any direction for pumping the character. Scion has only one Ascendancy class – Ascendant. But it combines all the Ascendancy classes, though not fully, but only part of their effects. This allows you to create a unique character by selecting 2 any Ascendancy class passives from each base class.

We hope that our Path of Exile classes guide will be useful for you. In addition, you can read our Path of Exile beginners guide there you’ll see a lot of great tips for POE novices.

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