Path of Exile: Delirium League Review

Last week, I ended up getting the last 40th challenge in the current Path of Exile league – Delirium.

Path Of Exile Delirium Challenges

It started on March 13th and is likely to end in early June. So you still have the opportunity to play it! And in this review, I will try to summarize my impressions.

The new League will be announced 2nd June 2020! And it will start on 19th June! We’ll keep you up to date. It is official new Path of Exile Harvest League coming soon!

Get ready to face your Nightmare

Mirror of Delirium will appear in the new league – a mystical portal that, if you go through it, fills the entire location with impenetrable fog and not only strengthens monsters but also spawns new, dangerous enemies.

Path Of Exile Delirium Mirror

However, the fog is not eternal. After some time, it will begin to disappear, starting from the place where the player touched the Mirror, so you have to hurry. In return, players will receive a reward – depending on how many monsters one killed in the fog, after it clears, extra rewards will appear.

Also new Cluster Jewels can drop in the Delirium mist, as well as Delirium Orbs and Simulacrum Splinters.

New items and Simulacrum

The main innovation, in my opinion, is Cluster Jewels a complete list of new notable passives can be found here. Unlike old jewels, new Cluster Jewels, if inserted into the Passive Tree, not only give passive bonuses but add several new passive nodes at once, which allows you to create a unique build.

Path Of Exile Delirium Cluster Jewels

Cluster Jewels come in several sizes – Large, Medium and Small, on which the number of nodes depends:

  • Small Jewels – 2-3 passive skills.
  • Medium Jewels – 4-6 passive skills, can have 1 socket.
  • Large Jewels – 8-12 passive skills, can have up to 2 sockets.

Large and Medium Cluster Jewels can optionally have sockets into which smaller Jewels can be inserted. This allows you to create new builds, focusing on those passive that the player needs the most, without having to pave the long way along the Passive Tree to the necessary skills. And the unique Cluster Jewels brought to the game a whole set of new keystones.

Delirium Orbs and Simulacrum Splinters begin to fall from mobs at the end of the game because orbs affect maps, and 300 Splinters can combine into Simulacrum. Orbs add layers of Delirium (up to 5) to the map, each of which has specific rewards. In addition to additional complexity, the mist will be permanent, and will not disappear after a certain period of time.

Path Of Exile Delirium Mist

As for Simulacrum, this is a new end-game map based on town zones from 6-10 Acts. Players are awaiting for 20 waves of Delirium monsters with guaranteed new League-specific bosses. It should be clarified that each wave is more complicated than the previous one, and not all builds can clear all waves.


League mechanics make map clearance a grueling process. The player spends most of the time on the map in a gray fog, in which it is very difficult to see dangerous enemies and their abilities. At the same time, the league added a number of deadly skills to new monsters, such as on-death aoe effects and almost perma-slow. Because of this, dying happens very often, especially if you are trying to pick up loot or walk along a narrow corridor.

Despite this, the league as a whole left positive emotions, because at the end of the dangerous mist there is always a good reward (in most cases). And yes, I cannot but mention outstanding voice acting. Michael Hallows could only with his own voice create a truly insidious villain, who throughout the game does not leave attempts to break the player’s mind and lure him into his crazy trap.

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