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There are many splinters in Path of Exile that drop from league specific content. Here we will tell you more about Legion mechanic. Learn about timeless splinters efficient farming, ways of obtaining Timeless Emblems.

Timeless Splinters and Emblems are needed to open the portal to one of the Legion Bosses. You will need 100 splinters to get a related Emblem. So names of Timeless Emblems and related Timeless Splinters and how to get them is mentioned further.

Timeless Eternal EmblemTimeless Eternal Emblem – Collect 100 Timeless Eternal Empire SplinterTimeless Eternal Empire Splinter.

Timeless Karui EmblemTimeless Karui Emblem – Collect 100 Timeless Karui SplinterTimeless Karui Splinter.

Timeless Maraketh EmblemTimeless Maraketh Emblem – Collect 100 Timeless Maraketh SplinterSplinters of Tul.

Timeless Templar EmblemTimeless Templar Emblem – Collect 100 Timeless Templar SplinterTimeless Templar Splinter.

Timeless Vaal EmblemTimeless Vaal Emblem – Collect 100 Timeless Vaal SplinterTimeless Vaal Splinter.

Of course, you can farm Legion encounters on maps and slowly collect these Emblems. But you can also read on to learn how to get Emblems and splinters faster.

How to farm Timeless Splinters and Emblems?

Below you can see various ways that will help you find more timeless splinters and even whole Timeless Splinters at once. Almost every league has ways to make your Emblems farm more efficient.

Immortal Syndicate

One member of Immortal Syndicate will help you farm Legion league specific content and it’s Vagan. Depending on his placement you can find different types of loot.

Vagan at the following divisions of Immortal Syndicates will give:

Relocating Timeless Splinters
Chest with Legion splinters
Patrolling Legion Cache
Contains Legion chests/war hoards instead of a normal chest
Stashing Incubators
Chest with Incubators
Selectively Stealing Legion Scarabs
Chest with a Legion Scarab

If you need splinters move Vagan to Transportation and level him up to Captain. When you collect enough intelligence enter Transportation Safehouse and get what’s yours. We also have described hot to farm Immortal Syndicate more effective in Path of Exile Syndicate Farming Guide.

Legion Scarabs

From time to time you will get scarabs. One type is associated with Legion. There are four types of them:

  • Rusted Legion ScarabRusted Legion Scarab
  • Polished Legion ScarabPolished Legion Scarab
  • Gilded Legion ScarabGilded Legion Scarab
  • Winged Legion ScarabWinged Legion Scarab

Legion Scarabs add to areas additional legion encounters when you place them into your map device. Higher tier scarabs guarantee that legions have war hoards and generals.

You can get all of them randomly as loot on maps, or via Skittering Incubator and Divination cards:

  • Cameria’s Cut – Exchange 2 cards for a random Scarab
  • More is Never Enough – Exchange 7 cards for random Gilded Scarab (Drop from Gorulis, Will-Thief, the boss of Infested Valley Map).

Winged Scarabs can be obtained in the Mastermind’s Lair from an Intervention member who was at Rank 3. They can also be obtained by Harvesting Vivid Vulture, which has a chance of giving a crafting option that upgrades a Scarab, with a chance to upgrade it to a Winged variant.

Also, you will get scarabs from the immortal syndicate (as written above). And can be found in specified heist chests that contain map fragments. And other league specific rewards such as Ritual, Ultimatum, and Blight encounter rewards.

Heists and Grand Heists

There is a Legion chest type that you can find on a heist or a grand heist. They can contain Legion Splinters and Incubators. The main trick here is to take rogues on the job who can trigger such chests in the encounter. Legion chests can occur on contracts lvl 68+ if you take Vinderi (5), Isla (4), or Tullina (2) for Trap Disarmament job. You can see the level of the skill required to succeed. You can read more about it in Path of Exile 3.12 Heist Rogue Specialists Full List.

Temple of Atzoatl

Level up Temple of Atzoatl room with Legion encounters. The names of these rooms:

  • 1st lvl – Hall of Mettle (Contains a Timeless Monolith)
  • 2nd lvl – Hall of Heroes (Contains a valuable Timeless Monolith where each Legion contains a War Hoard)
  • 3rd lvl – Hall of Legends (Contains a Timeless Monolith that will reveal two Generals where each Legion contains a War Hoard and accompanied by a General)

So if you want to kill Legion Generals there is no better place than Hall of Legends room in the Temple of Atzoatl.

Upgrade legion in Atlas skill tree

If you want to farm timeless splinters on maps don’t forget to take some nodes in Atlas skill trees to help you out.

Glennach Cairns region:

Legion League
  • Monumental
    Areas have 10% additional chance to contain a Legion Encounter.
  • Face to Face
    Legion Encounters in Areas are 100% more likely to include a General.
    Legion Encounters with a General in Areas have both Generals.
  • High Value Targets
    Legions in Areas contains 3 additional Sergeants.
    Legion Sergeants in Areas have 25% additional chance to have Rewards.
Minor Node:
  • Legion Additional Splinter Chance
    Legion Monsters and Chests in Areas have 1% chance to drop an additional Timeless Splinter.

New Vastir region:

Legion League
  • War Supplies
    Each Legion in Areas contains an additional War Hoard.
  • Emblematic
    Timeless Splinters dropped in Areas have 1% chance to drop as Timeless Emblems instead.
Minor Node:
  • Legion Monolith Chance
    Areas have +3% chance to contain a Legion Encounter.

We didn’t mention all Atlas skills related to Legion league as they don’t help you farm Timeless Slinters and Emblems faster.

Other ways to get Timeless Splinters or Emblems

Some masters have league specific chest that can contain timeless splinters, for example.

  • You can find them in Ritual encounters as a reward.
  • Ultimatum Trialmaster can also reward you with this type of rewards.
  • Sister Casia from Blight league encounters sometimes spawn Legion reward chests that contain Legion Splinters and Incubators.
  • You can find the Buried Monolith node in Delve that Contains Legion Encounter.
  • The other one can drop from Metamorphs that Tane makes for you on maps. You need to be careful when you add organs as one of them can trigger legion reward.
  • Timeless Delirium Orb will grant you “Modifies a Map item adding layers of Delirium with the Legion reward type”. Also, you can see Legion specific rewards during delirium on a map.

When you get a Breachstone you can place it into your map device and open portals to the related boss. You can read more about them in our other post (coming soon). In case, you also wanted to know more about Path of Exile Breachstones farming. We have such a post too.

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