Path of Exile Guide: Best Ways to Farm Currency

How to get a lot of currency, and preferably in a short time, and even at the very beginning of the league – this question interests many players in Path of Exile. In this guide, I would like to talk about the basic, proven methods of farming. Of course, some of them will change with the release of new leagues (most likely they will become less profitable), but most of them will work in new leagues. The main thing is not to focus on the amount of chaos of the orbs per hour, but to enjoy the process. After all, exalted orb (and mirror!) can fall anywhere, regardless of the chosen strategy.

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Chaos Recipe and Rare Items

This is unlikely to interest experienced players, but it will be useful for beginners to find out about it. If you recently started playing Path of Exile, you probably won’t run through locations for quick access to maps and farm and end game. You most likely clear locations, do side quests and pick up most of the rare items that drop. And although this does not fit the already established speed meta (the faster the zone/content is cleared the better), this has its advantages. Unnecessary and identified rare items are sold to vendors in the city, and you will have a lot of Orb of Alteration. And in a new league, in a week, they can be exchanged profitably for chaos orbs (about 4-5 Orbs of Alteration for 1 Chaos orb).

Path Of Exile Chaos Recipe

There is also a Vendor recipe in the game. If you collect and sell a full unidentified rare item set, you can get 2-3 chaos orbs. What are full rare sets? These are 9 (or 10) items, rare quality: Helmet, Body Armor, Gloves, Boots, Belt, Amulet, two Rings and Weapons (one Two-Handed Weapon or two One-Handed Weapons or One-Handed Weapon with Shield). The main thing is that items should be 60-74 ilvl. Those starting from the 9th act of the main campaign and ending with “white” (tier 1-5) maps. What the types of full rare sets and the corresponding rewards are you can find here.

A quick tip – set is best to start building with accessory items (amulets, belts and rings), as they take up little space in the chest. After that, add the helmet with gloves and boots, and lastly the armour and two-handed weapon, because they are most often found in the game. This will save space, especially if you have a limited number of stash tabs.


Although this activity is unlikely to bring you a huge amount of currency (unless of course some expensive prophecy doesn’t), it will still help to get a small number of chaos orbs. In general, I would single out 2 farm strategies related to Silver Coins.

Path of Exile Prophecies

One of them is the purchase (or honestly collected) of a large number of Silver Coins, and then spam and seal prophecy. What is the essence of this strategy? You close the 6 prophecies slots with the most common prophesies (such as The Lost Maps or The Mysterious Gift), and seek then seal prophecy in the last slot. And here it all depends on your luck – the most expensive ones such as Trash to Treasure, The Queen’s Sacrifice or Fated Connections can also proc. But most likely it will be inexpensive, 3-5 chaos orbs, prophecies, which can be sold to other players. I advise you to check the cost using PoE Trade Macro to save time.

The second option is to perform prophecies on unique items and sell them. The main thing is to check with the help of PoE Trade whether these uniques are worth at least some orbs of chaos. I will give an example. You got prophecy A Vision of Ice and Fire. For killing the boss Sumter the Twisted in Estuary Map, you upgrade Heatshiver to Frostferno. The average cost of prophecy is 3 chaos orbs, Heatshiver is 0.5 chaos orb. But Frostferno in its place costs 20 chaos orbs, depending on the rolls. As I said earlier, although this is not the most profitable occupation, it’s not bad to get an extra dozen of chaos orbs along the way by clearing the map.

Divination Cards

Path Of Exile Divination Card

This option is suitable for those who spend most of the time farming a specific pool of cards. As soon as you select the appropriate divination card and map, these cards will have to be cleared more than a dozen, or even hundreds of times. Especially if these are rare and expensive cards, they are unlikely to fall after two or three maps. Divination card drop depends on item quantity bonus, so you should use chisels on your maps to maximize the bonus and so that the card has at least 75+ overall item quantity bonus.

In addition, it is advisable to use sextants with good bonuses, prophecies, master mission and Zana map device mods. Divination Scarabs will give a tangible bonus, but they are not cheap. Therefore, what to use from this list is up to you, because using it all at once, and all the more constantly, may end up being unprofitable if nothing worthwhile falls on maps.

Which divination cards to farm, the choice is yours, but here is a list of the most popular:

  • The Doctor – set of eight can be exchanged for a Headhunter belt, maps to farm: Burial Chambers and Spider Forest;
  • The Nurse – set of eight can be exchanged for The Doctor card, maps to farm: Arachnid Tomb and Tower;
  • The Fiend – set of eleven can be exchanged for a corrupted Headhunter belt, maps to farm: Shrine and The Putrid Cloister (unique map);
  • The Immortal – set of ten can be exchanged for a House of Mirrors card, maps to farm: The Hall of Grandmasters (unique map, you need special build to farm it);
  • Seven Years Bad Luck – set of thirteen can be exchanged for a Mirror Shard, maps to farm: Defiled Cathedral;
  • Abandoned Wealth – set of five can be exchanged for 3 Exalted Orbs, maps to farm: Arsenal, Precinct and Mao Kun (unique map);
  • The Saint’s Treasure – set of ten can be exchanged for 2 Exalted Orbs, maps to farm: Alleyways, Arcade, Arsenal, Bazaar, Ghetto, Port and Precinct;
  • The Hoarder – set of twelve can be exchanged for an Exalted Orb, maps to farm: Vault.

I advise you to start farming with inexpensive and not very rare divination cards, such as The Hoarder (by the way, the Immortal Resolve card also falls in the Vault map), The Saint’s Treasure and Abandoned Wealth (both drops in Precinct map). This will help evaluate how to optimize farm costs and which divination cards are more profitable to farm.

Labyrinth Farming

Uber Labyrinth is a great place to farm things you can’t get any other way. Basically, players farm helmet enchants, as a good base with the right enchant will cost several exalted orbs. These bases include Lion Pelt or a Hubris Circlet with high ilvl (84+), as well as uniques like Starkonja’s Head and Devoto’s Devotion, which are so popular for many builds. Do not forget about Twice Enchanted prophecy, this will multiply by two your chances of getting the cherished enchantment.

Path Of Exile Labyrinth

Another option is to clear the maze with the maximum number of Treasure Keys, both with Izaro and Argus, and in the maze itself with Treasure Chests and Curious Lockboxes. This will open several Treasure Chests at once, which will affect the amount of loot. One of the unique finds that only drops in the maze is Death’s Door. These unique boots cost a lot, which will be a great bonus for the farm.

The main thing to remember, that for a successful and maximally effective Uber Labyrinth farm you will need two things – a good build (these are builds with high mobility and good single target dps), as well as knowledge of the current labyrinth layout. It changes every day, in order to find out what it is today use this site – Uber Labyrinth Daily Notes.

League Mechanics

Each new league in Path of Exile adds new mechanics and a variety of ways to farm currency. You can write a lot about each of them, for example, how it is more profitable to farm Delirium cards and Simulacrum, which organs are the best in the Metamorph league and about Blight maps farm. But in this guide, I will talk about the leagues associated with the masters and their Atlas missions, as they are always available and most convenient for a stable farm.

Incursion League

Incursion – Alva and the Temple of Atzoatl can be very profitable. By focusing on upgrading certain rooms, you can earn a good amount of orbs using the mechanics of the room yourself or by selling other players access to it. Do not forget that the Incursion room should be upgraded to the third level, otherwise its main feature is lost.

Path of Exile Temple of Atzoatl

Rooms that are worth upgrading in the first place:

  • Apex of Ascension (Sacrificial Chamber at level 1) – At the 3rd level of the room, it is possible to get the coveted Headhunter, donating ilvl 40-43 unique belt. It is also possible with the help of certain vial and unique set its improved version. Very often, vial and unique are at times cheaper than the upgraded unique.
  • Doryani’s Institute (Gemcutter’s Workshop at level 1) – in addition to a good amount of gems, the room will have Lapidary Lens. This tool will allow you to get Double-corrupts a gem (skill gem with 21 level and 23% quality). Having bought before going to Temple 20/20 gem (do not forget to check which 21/23 gems cost the most), you can hit the jackpot. If 20/20 gems are too expensive for you, then selling the use of the device to another player is also a good option.
  • Locus of Corruption (Corruption Chamber at level 1) – allows corrupt gear with two Vaal implicit or change all its sockets to white. But do not forget that Corruption is always unpredictable, and as a result, you can simply lose the thing. Moreover, corrupt 6-link weapons and armour are most profitable, and this in itself is not cheap. So selling access to the Altar of Corruption might be a smart idea (a small but guaranteed profit).

The following rooms will be a good bonus for clearing Temple of Atzoatl, they do not have to be upgraded to level 3:

  • Vault (Lots of Currency Items);
  • Surveyor’s Study (Maps);
  • Strongbox Chamber (2-6 Strongboxes);
  • Jeweller’s Workshop (Jewelry and Divination cards);
  • Storage Room (Lots of item-specific chests);
  • Sparring Room and Armourer’s Workshop (weapons and armors, sometimes corrupted or 6-linked);
  • Hall of Mettle (Timeless Monolith);
  • Splinter Research Lab (Breaches and Breach Splinters).

Betrayal League

It is worth spending a little time to understand the mechanics of the league and how to correctly setting up the board (2 people is still the most profitable way), as you will have a lot of opportunities for farming various things. The main thing is not to forget to check what is valued in the current league (for example scarabs and empowered breachstones).

Path of Exile Betrayal Tabel

Here is the Betrayal Cheat Sheet 3.10, credits to xZenkox for this Betrayal Tabel.

Delve League

Path Of Exile Delve

With small investments in equipment and levelling your character under the Mine farm, you will get a great way to farm orbs without consumable items like maps and all that is related to them. Brittleknee’s Darkness Farmer build will help with the choice of class and gear, as well as reveal tricks and share tips on farming Delve League content.

Bestiary League

The least profitable league for the farm, yet it has some good recipes. Some of them are good for crafting expensive rare items. Some, such as Create a Unique Belt or Convert Unique Into Another Random One (do not forget that you need a belt with 38-42 ilvl) are suitable for crafting Headhunter belt. In addition, if you are lucky to catch a unique beast, do not forget that in the Menagerie, Einhar sells Bestiary Orb, which allows you to sell these beasts for a good amount of currency.


Finally, the best way to farm currency is just speed clearing maps. In this case, the number of received orbs directly depends on your speed of clearing and optimization of the process. Nevertheless, this farm option is suitable for absolutely everyone. If you just leveled your first character, then the normal or magic low-tier (1-5) maps farm is a great start. Improved build and equip – start clearing rare maps tier 1-10. Finalized your build (85+ character level) and leveled up skill gems to level 20+? You can start clearing the end-game cards of shooting range 11-15, which, in addition to rare quality, are also corrupted for more mods (and loot!).

How and when to start farming cards with a dash higher or better quality is up to you, I will only give a few tips.

Streamline the process. What does it mean? Even if you will not speed-farm maps (for example, pro-players clean 30+ maps per hour), try to arrange your hideout so that the main elements are as close as possible. These are Map Device, any vendor NPC (for example Zana) and your Stash. This will save you time.

In addition, the loot filter will speed up and simplify the process of selecting loot on the map. If you clear several maps in a row, it will be wise to fold all the loot received on the map into one standard Stash tab, and after you finish with the maps sort it out.

Try to always clear rare quality cards. Alchemy orbs very often fall on maps, so there’s no problem with their availability. But this will significantly increase the amount of loot on the map. I usually use Chisels on “red” (11+ tier) maps, for map sustain (getting 1+ maps for clearing the map so that they don’t end). But if you use Sextants, then Chisels can be used regardless of the map tier.

Clear maps with convenient layout. Maps like Beach, Jungle Valley, Wharf and Strand are very easy to clear – they are linear. They are very fast and convenient to farm, running through all the maps almost in a straight line.

Path of Exile Mapping

Use Sacrifice fragments (Sacrifice at Dusk, Sacrifice at Dawn or Sacrifice at Noon). Insert them into the Map Device along with the map, this adds 5% item quantity to that map.

Use resources wisely. This means that you shouldn’t just waste Sextants, Scarabs or Map Device League modifiers on one random map or maps with low quantity/rarity. On the other hand, I do not recommend using everything at once, because it will be very expensive.

Find the best option for you, for example, always clear maps with Sextant modifiers, adding Scarabs only for a specific map and activating Map Device modifiers only for maps with special mods or a high item quantity.

Remember to use Atlas Missions from Masters. They add more monsters to your cards, which means more loot.

And finally, I repeat that it is much more important to enjoy the process than the number of farmed chaos orbs per hour. Use this guide as a list of optional tips. After all, if your way of farming will differ or does not coincide with the best options, this does not mean that it is bad. It is convenient for you, and that is what important.

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