Path of Exile Harvest League Challenges Complete Guide

Enough time has passed since the start of the new Harvest league in PoE. Many of you have already decided on the build for sure and maybe even tried a few other ones. The craft presented in the Harvest League allowed you to craft the necessary gear and you are ready for new achievements. It would seem that you have already done everything that you could or wanted in the game and it’s time to wait for a new Path of Exile league. But it was not there. After all, you can still check your completed list of Path of Exile Harvest League Challenges.

There are 40 of them. Some are easy to obtain during levelling, others are harder or almost impossible to achieve. In our Path of Exile Harvest League Challenges Complete Guide you will read the tips that will help you do as many PoE challenges as you can even all 40 if that is your goal.

Our guide is presented in the rating difficulty list. That means that we have divided the full Harvest challenges list into four difficulties: easy (the most part of them you’ll do while levelling), normal (you can obtain them with a minimal effort), hard (you’ll need to try and repeat several times to do them), very hard (you’ll need to farm numerous maps and know and be able to kill end-game bosses). If you want to get 20 challenge completed you can combine challenges from different difficulty levels to pick the most appropriate ones for you.

Easy Difficulty Harvest Challenges

As we have already said you’ll see them get completed while you play and level-up your champion. If you finish the last act you’d probably have all the following 12 challenges completed.


  • Have a combined total of 1,000 Armour, Evasion and Energy Shield.
    Instead of trying to get this stats, you can also use Impenetrable Shrine.
  • Have a combined total of 100 Life and Mana Regeneration per Second.
    It is useful to get these modifiers on your gear. But to do this PoE challenge is better to use a Replenishing Shrine.
  • Allocate 3 Notable Passive Skills.
    Just pick a build and activate the skills in the passive skills tree. All builds have notable passive skills (evermore then 3).

Complete Harvest Encounters I

  • Open a Seed Cache.
  • Plant a Seed.
  • Harvest a Seed.
    All these actions can be easily done while playing. Activate the plant with Oshabi, talk to her and enter the garden, plant seeds there and after some time harvest. The whole Harvest League mechanics guide you can read here.

Complete these Quests

  • The Great White Beast.
    Go to the Old Fields (in Act 2), enter the Den area and kill The great White Beast there.
  • An Indomitable Spirit.
    Go to The Mines Level 2 (in Act 4) and release the spirit by click on it.
  • Fallen from Grace.
    Go to the Twilight Strand (Act 6) and kill all enemies there.
  • The Wings of Vastiri.
    Go to the Bath House (Act 8) and Undying Hector Titucius, Eternal Servant to get the Wings of Vastiri as loot.
  • No Love for Old Ghosts.
    Go to the Ossuary (Act 10) and get Elixir of Allure.

Defeat these Act Bosses I

This one is impossible to skip if you do all the quests. In every act you’ll have to a boss to continue your journey, otherwise, you will get stuck in the current act.

Complete Encounters I

  • Defeat a Rogue Exile.
    You will see a monster look like another player. He will also have specific abilities, unlike other monsters. You are likely to meet them anywhere. But if you skipped them somehow, you can add a modifier to a map (an area contains exiles).
  • Complete a Prophecy.
    After you reach and save Navali at the Climb (Act 1) you will see her in the town. Give her a silver coin, read the prophecy and do what it says.
  • Crack open an Essence Monolith.
    You will see frozen pillars or monsters. Click on them three times to make them alive and kill.
  • Defeat a Tormented Spirit.
    It is a green flying man spirit that will run away from. Your task is to kill it before it disappears.

Place Harvest Infrastructure

  • Collector
  • Storage Tank
  • Disperser
  • Pylon
  • Horticrafting Station
  • Connect a Collector to both a Storage Tank and a Disperser using Pylons

This is easier to read our complete Harvest league planting and optimization guide to do all of these challenges. The link is below.

Complete Encounters II

  • Complete an Abyss.
    You will see a dark green crack inland, step on it and kill the monsters that come out of it. Be careful as it moves and you’ll need to follow it until it stops.
  • Complete a Delve Encounter at Depth 20 or deeper.
    You will meet Niko in Act 4. After that you’ll see him in zones, collect the sulphite he asks for and travel to his Delve. Actually, Niko will tell you the rest.
  • Complete a Vaal Side Area.
    You will see corrupted (red entrance) zones in any zone. Enter it and defeat a boss in the end.
  • Allocate a Major God Power.
    After your first unsuccessful try of killing Kitava in Act 5, you’ll travel through the land with Sin to kill corrupted Gods. Sin will collet their powers and will explain to you how to use them and activate.

Defeat these Act Bosses II

The situation in the second part is similar to the first one. It is impossible to miss or skip them. So just walk through Path of Exile story-line.

Complete Harvest Encounters II

  • Complete a Harvest craft by using a Collector.
  • Condense 50 Lifeforce.
  • Fill a Storage Tank with 250 Lifeforce.

You will know everything you need to do these PoE Harvest Challenges in our following related guides:

Horticrafting Station PoE Guide
PoE Harvest Layout – Planting Tips and Optimization
Path of Exile Harvest League Mechanics Guide

Complete Vendor Recipes

  • Orb of Chance
  • Chaos Orb
  • Regal Orb
  • Jeweller’s Orb
  • Glassblower’s Bauble
  • Chromatic Orb
  • Gemcutter’s Prism
  • Cartographer’s Chisel

It is easy. All you need is to know how to trade. You can read all necessary recipes here. You can use search on page and find the needed one like that.

Modify Maps

  • Orb of Alchemy
  • Cartographer’s Chisel
  • Sacrifice Fragment
  • Scarab
  • Sextant
  • Orb of Horizons
  • Harbinger’s Orb

It is very easy to do this one. If you need some of these currencies you can buy them from other players. But remember that our of them you use on the map during the craft (Orb of Alchemy, Cartographer’s Chisel, Orb of Horizons, and Harbinger’s Orb). But as for the Sacrifice Fragment and any Scarab you will need to put then into the map device with a map. And a Sextant (Simple Sextant, Prime Sextant, and Awakened Sextant) is used on Watchstone (on the Atlas) for a specific region in the Atlas.

Achieve Ascension

  • Use the Ascendancy Device in all 4 Labyrinths.
  • The Labyrinth.
  • The Cruel Labyrinth.
  • The Merciless Labyrinth.
  • The Eternal Labyrinth.

While you walk through Path of Exile you will need to find trials to open the path to the Labyrinth. You can find those trials in the following area:

Act 1-3 (The Labyrinth):

  • The Lower Prison
  • The Crypt Level 1
  • The Chamber of Sins Level 2
  • The Crematorium
  • The Catacombs
  • The Imperial Gardens

Act 6-7 (The Cruel Labyrinth):

  • The Prison
  • The Crypt
  • The Chamber of Sins Level 2

Act 8-10 (The Merciless Labyrinth):

  • The Bath House
  • The Tunnel
  • The Ossuary

All tier maps (The Eternal Labyrinth): you will see the following labyrinth trials, complete them to get access to the Eternal Labyrinth.

  • Trial of Piercing Truth
  • Trial of Swirling Fear
  • Trial of Crippling Grief
  • Trial of Burning Rage
  • Trial of Lingering Pain
  • Trial of Stinging Doubt

If you face any difficulties to find all of the six you can complete them on other player’s map or by completing the Dream Trial Prophecy (You will discover a Trial of Ascendancy in a map.) Also, you can read our Path of Exile Guide: Best Ways to Farm Currency to find tips about completing The Eternal Labyrinth.

Normal Difficulty Harvest Challenges

These challenges are hardy autocomplete as the previous ones. Here you’ll need to do some research, but they are also pretty easy to obtain.

Turn in Divination Cards

The list of reward types which you will need to get from the divination cards that are related to the challenge:

  • Influenced Item
  • Gem
  • Prophecy
  • Jewel
  • Essence
  • Two-Implicit Unique Item
Needed RewardThe Name of the best-choice Divination Card
Influenced ItemThe Hale Heart
GemThe Doppelganger
ProphecyAkil’s Prophecy
JewelShard of Fate
EssenceThree Voices
Two-Implicit Unique ItemEchoes of Love

The cards from the best-choice colon are the easiest type to get. You can buy all of them for around 100 chaos orbs. Or you can also farm them yourself as well as use equivalent options (other cards that give the same rewards). It is important to remember that a card must contain the specific reward (not just a random item drop) or the challenge won’t be completed.

Complete Encounters III

  • Defeat Preethi, Eye-Pecker in Desert Map (tier 1) while you are Bleeding.
    Engage the boss, wait until she puts bleeding on you and then kill.
  • Defeat The Fallen Queen after defeating both The Broken Prince and the Hollow Lady in Vaal Pyramid Map (tier 3).
    The bosses will appear in the sequences of 10 seconds. Wait until all of them spawn and kill them in the needed order.
  • Defeat Stalker of the Endless Dunes in Dig Map (tier 5) without being affected by Garukhan’s Sandstorm.
    When the boss switches between the phases she spawns Sandstorm. try to kill her as fast as you can trying to avoid Sandstrom.
  • Defeat Sallazzang in Gardens Map (tier 3) without being affected by Suppressing Fire.
    Try to avoid his attacks as almost all of them cause Suppressing Fire curse and kill him from the far.

As you can see the main difficulty here is that killing a monster not enough. You will need to meet the requirements and specific conditions. Also, try to complete the lowest tier maps (without Watchstones in the Atlas) to make it easier to complete this PoE Harvest challenge.

Complete Harvest Encounters III

The list of the seeds need to harvest to complete the challenge:

  • Wild Ursaling Seed
  • Wild Hellion Seed
  • Wild Thornwolf Seed
  • Wild Ape Seed
  • Wild Hatchling Seed
  • Vivid Arachnid Seed
  • Vivid Weta Seed
  • Vivid Leech Seed
  • Vivid Scorpion Seed
  • Vivid Thornweaver Seed
  • Primal Rhoa Seed
  • Primal Dustspitter Seed
  • Primal Feasting Horror Seed
  • Primal Maw Seed
  • Primal Cleaveling Seed

If you have already read our Harvest League mechanics guide then you know how to do it. If you haven’t read it yet, then do!

Complete Twinned Maps

Complete 12 maps one per tier from the first 16 Map Tiers while they have the Twinned Modifier (Area contains two Unique Bosses). You can easily get this modifier with orbs of alteration. Maps are completed by killing their Unique Bosses.

Complete Harvest Encounters IV

This one is typical to Harvest Encounters III challenge we wrote above. The difference is that the seeds you need to harvest here are of the second tier. Here is the list of them:

  • Wild Bristlebeast Grain
  • Wild Snap Hound Grain
  • Wild Homunculus Grain
  • Wild Chieftain Grain
  • Wild Spikeback Grain
  • Vivid Razorleg Grain
  • Vivid Sapsucker Grain
  • Vivid Parasite Grain
  • Vivid Striketail Grain
  • Vivid Nestback Grain
  • Primal Rhex Grain
  • Primal Dustcrab Grain
  • Primal Viper Grain
  • Primal Chimeral Grain
  • Primal Scrabbler Grain

If you have already read our Harvest League mechanics guide then you know how to do it. If you haven’t read it yet, then do!

Complete Rare Unidentified Maps

Complete Rare Maps in 12 of the following 16 tiers while they are unidentified. These Maps are completed by killing their Unique Bosses. You can buy unidentified maps from Zana or by Vendor recipe (3 rare maps with the same tier will exchange for one unidentified rare map of one tier higher).

Use Infused Currency

Use Infused Currency to complete each of the following outcomes:

  • Use an Infused Engineer’s Orb on an Armourer’s Strongbox
  • Use an Infused Engineer’s Orb on a Diviner’s Strongbox
  • Use a Facetor’s Lens to add experience to a Skill Gem
  • Use a Facetor’s Lens to add experience to a Support Gem

To get Infused Engineer’s Orb (Greatly improves the quality and rewards of a Strongbox and strengthens its defenders) you will need to use Harvest Recipe (sell Engineer’s Orb + Vivid Watcher Bulb (Tier3)).

To get Facetor’s Lens (Adds stored experience to a gem, up to its maximum level) you will need to harvest Vivid Razorleg Grain (Tier 2).

Complete Delirium Encounters

Complete each of the following Encounters:

  • Face your fears by passing through a Delirium Mirror
  • Socket a Cluster Jewel
  • Complete the Simulacrum
  • Complete a Rare Map with maximum Delirium

This is pretty easy to obtain, but if you face any difficulties read our Delirium mechanics review to get more useful information.

Complete Eternal Labyrinths

Defeat Izaro in each of the following Eternal Labyrinths:

  • Eternal Labyrinth of Fortune
  • Eternal Labyrinth of Opportunity
  • Eternal Labyrinth of Potential

All these labyrinth modes can be completed by upgrading Offering to the Goddess with the help of Harvest recipe (Offering to the Goddess + Vivid Abberarach Bulb(Tier 3)). As a result, you will get one of the modes.

Complete Harbinger Encounters

Complete each of the following Encounters while under the effects of Harvest’s mist:

  • Complete The Beachhead.
    You can simply buy/loot The Beachhead or by using Harbinger’s Orb on a map.
  • Combine Harbinger Pieces to create a Unique Item.
    You can get the parts of it from by killing bosses in the Beachhead maps.
  • Complete Infused Beachhead.
    You can get it with a Harvest Recipe (Harbinger Unique or Unique Piece + Primal Crushclaw Bulb).
  • Upgrade a Harbinger Unique Item.
    You can get the parts of it from by killing bosses in the infused Beachhead maps.

Reach Level 90

Attain character level 90. This challenge still counts even if your character dies afterwards.

Just don’t die often and farm higher tier maps…simple as that. 🙂

Complete Unique Maps

Complete any 15 of the following 19 Unique Maps on your Atlas. A Map is completed by killing its Unique Boss or Bosses if it has any. Maps without Unique Bosses are completed by opening specific Unique Chests.

  • Vaults of Atziri
  • Maelström of Chaos
  • The Coward’s Trial
  • Acton’s Nightmare
  • Poorjoy’s Asylum
  • Mao Kun
  • Oba’s Cursed Trove
  • Olmec’s Sanctum
  • Death and Taxes
  • Whakawairua Tuahu
  • Hall of Grandmasters
  • The Vinktar Square
  • Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack’s Den
  • The Putrid Cloister
  • Hallowed Ground
  • The Twilight Temple
  • Pillars of Arun
  • Perandus Manor
  • Doryani’s Machinarium

You can get the vast majority of them as a loot or buy for several chaos orbs. You can also try using divination cards to get them: The Encroaching Darkness (random corrupted unique map).

Hard Difficulty Harvest Challenges

These challenges may cause more difficulties and extra effort to complete them. Such as extra farm of content and tactics and mechanics on killing end-game bosses.

Defeat the Conquerors of the Atlas

Defeat each of the following Conquerors of the Atlas:

  • Baran, The Crusader
  • Veritania, The Redeemer
  • Al-Hezmin, The Hunter
  • Drox, The Warlord
  • Sirus, Awakener of Worlds

The first four of them you will meet when you’ll start to explore the Atlas (Zana and Kirac will give you quests for finding and killing them). Then you will continue to kill them in regions effected by watchstones. After you kill the first four exiles in regions effected by all four watchstones you’ll get the access to fight Sirus. Just follow Zana’s and Kirac’s quest-lines to do everything right. If you fail to do it from the first try, you’ll need to kill those other four exiles again to get your way to Sirus for the next try. we recommend you watch some tactics guides and videos to kill Sirus as he is a tricky one.

Upgrade Unique Items

Use each of the following methods to upgrade to create a Unique Item:

  • Fated Prophecy
    These are prophecies related to unique upgrades. Such as Fire and Ice prophecy (Upgrades Hrimsorrow to Hrimburn upon completion).
  • Breach Blessing
    Upgrade any Breach item with the corresponding Blessing (drops from Breachlords at their domains).
  • Incursion Vial
    Upgrade incursion unique with the corresponding Vial by placing them in the Altar of Sacrifice in Apex of Ascension (a level 3 room).
  • Vendor Recipe
    The cheapest option is to trade Vendor the corresponding items to get the Hyrri’s Bite quiver:
    1x Sharktooth Arrow Quiver (normal quality/white)
    1x rare Onyx Amulet
    1x Rain of Arrows gem with at least 1% quality
    1x Orb of Chance

Complete Encounters IV

Complete each of the following Encounters:

  • Defeat Metamorphs (0/50)
  • Defeat Harbingers (0/100)
  • Open Breaches (0/50)
  • Complete Legion Encounters (0/50)

All these encounters you can meet on maps or by adding the corresponding Zana’s mode on the map device.

Obtain Harvest Rewards

Obtain 8 of the following 10 specific rewards by completing crafts using the Collector in the Sacred Grove:

  • Change a Unique Item into another Unique item
  • Upgrade the Rarity of a Scarab
  • Add an Influence Modifier to an item
  • Link Six sockets on an item
  • Add a Synthesis Implicit Modifier to an item
  • Obtain the use of an Infused Zana Modifier
  • Add an Implicit Modifier to a Cluster Jewel
  • Sacrifice a stack of Divination Cards
  • Exchange a map for a Synthesis Unique Map
  • Sacrifice a map to gain Atlas Missions
Reward TypeCorresponding Seed
Change a Unique Item into another Unique itemPrimal Cleaveling Seed (Tier 1)
Upgrade the Rarity of a ScarabVivid Vulture Bulb (Tier 3)
Add an Influence Modifier to an itemPrimal Blisterfruit (Tier 4)
Link Six sockets on an itemPrimal Feasting Horror Seed (Tier 1)
Add a Synthesis Implicit Modifier to an itemVivid Scalefruit (Tier 4)
Obtain the use of an Infused Zana ModifierWild Chieftain Grain (Tier 2)
Add an Implicit Modifier to a Cluster JewelVivid Parasite Grain (Tier 2)
Sacrifice a stack of Divination CardsPrimal Rhex Grain (Tier 2)
Exchange a map for a Synthesis Unique MapWild Thornmaw Bulb (Tier 3)
Sacrifice a map to gain Atlas MissionsWild Bristle Matron Bulb (Tier 3)

The corresponding rewards you can get with Harvest recipes, which have a chance to proc from the seeds we mentioned in the table above.

Complete Harvest Encounters V

Complete each of the following Encounters:

  • Wild Bristle Matron Bulb
  • Wild Hellion Alpha Bulb
  • Wild Thornmaw Bulb
  • Wild Brambleback Bulb
  • Wild Infestation Queen Bulb
  • Vivid Whipleg Bulb
  • Vivid Watcher Bulb
  • Vivid Vulture Bulb
  • Vivid Abberarach Bulb
  • Vivid Devourer Bulb
  • Primal Rhex Matriarch Bulb
  • Primal Crushclaw Bulb
  • Primal Blisterlord Bulb
  • Primal Cystcaller Bulb
  • Primal Reborn Bulb

This is a list of tier 3 seeds in Harvest League. You will need to harvest and kill them to complete this Pathof Exile Harvest challenge.

Explore the Atlas

Complete the following number of Bonus Objectives and Awakening Bonus Objectives:

  • Bonus Objectives (0/140)
  • Awakening Bonus Objectives (0/140)

You can do both types of bonus on any map you clear. Open the Atlas point a mouse on the map and check the requirements to make the bonus completed. All bonus objectives you can get from magic or higher quality maps (excluding unique maps, they can be white). As for the Awakening bonus, to get this type of bonus you will need to clear a map with a specifically required tier and corresponding awakening level (every 4 Watchstones socketed anywhere in the atlas will give you one level).

Defeat Harvest Bosses

Defeat each of the following Harvest bosses:

  • Ersi, Mother of Thorns (Tier 4 Seed – Wild Thornfruit)
  • Namharim, Born of Night (Tier 4 Seed – Primal Blisterfruit)
  • Janaar, the Omen (Tier 4 Seed – Vivid Scalefruit)

To encounter any of these bosses you will need to harvest the corresponding Tier 4 seeds. After that talk to Oshabi and she’ll spawn a boss.

Use Winged Scarabs

Open Maps that are affected by each of the following Winged Scarabs:

  • Winged Breach Scarab
  • Winged Cartography Scarab
  • Winged Reliquary Scarab
  • Winged Bestiary Scarab
  • Winged Shaper Scarab
  • Winged Elder Scarab
  • Winged Sulphite Scarab
  • Winged Divination Scarab
  • Winged Torment Scarab
  • Winged Ambush Scarab
  • Winged Harbinger Scarab
  • Winged Perandus Scarab
  • Winged Legion Scarab
  • Winged Metamorph Scarab

These Scarabs can be obtained by Harvest Recipe (Any Regular Scarab + Vivid Vulture Bulb (Tier 3)). As a result, you’ll get one of the Scarabs above. To complete the challenge use these Scarabs on a map.

Complete Encounters VI

Complete each of the following Encounters:

  • Defeat a Possessed Unique Delirium Boss.
    To make this task easier clear maps effected by Delirium orbs with Forceful Exorcism prophecy (You will kill a foe possessed by a Tormented Spirit, freeing the spirit) and/or Torment Scarabs (Area is haunted by additional Tormented Spirits). Find one of the following Delirium Bosses: Omniphobia or Kosis and lure them to Torment Spirits or rare mobs possessed by them.
  • Complete Domain of Timeless Conflict while all 5 Factions are present.
    First of all, unlock a 5 slot map device. To do that first, you’ll need to complete the Domain of Timeless Conflict with four different timeless emblems. After that, you will be ably to insert all five of them (Timeless Eternal Emblem, Timeless Karui Emblem, Timeless Maraketh Emblem, Timeless Templar Emblem, Timeless Vaal Emblem) into the map device and complete the challenge.
  • Kill a monster with five Essences in an area level of 80 or higher.
    It depends on your luck. Use Remnant of Corruption Essence on Essence encounter that contains 4+ essences on it.
  • Defeat a Bestiary Boss.
    The easiest way is to buy one of the following (Saqawine Rhex, Craicic Spider Crab, Fenumal Hybrid Arachnid or Farric Tiger Alpha) and spawn it in Menagerie on the Blood Altar to open the portal to it.

Complete Harvest Encounters VI

Complete each of the following Encounters:

  • Open Maps which are affected by Infused Zana Modifiers (0/20)
  • Exchange Currency for alternative Currency (0/5)
  • Exchange Fragments or Splinters for another random stack of Fragments or Splinters of the same type (0/10)
  • Change a stack of Fossils, Essences, Delirium Orbs, Oils or Catalysts into an alternative stack (0/5)
EncounterCorresponding Seed
Open Maps which are affected by Infused Zana Modifiers (0/20)Wild Chieftain Grain (Tier 2)
Exchange Currency for alternative Currency (0/5)Wild Snap Hound Grain (Tier 2) OR
Vivid Whipleg Bulb (Tier 3)
Exchange Fragments or Splinters for another random stack of Fragments or Splinters of the same type (0/10)Primal Rhex Matriarch Bulb (Tier 3)
Primal Dustcrab Grain (Tier 2)
Change a stack of Fossils, Essences, Delirium Orbs, Oils or Catalysts into an alternative stack (0/5)Wild Homunculus Grain (Tier 2)

The corresponding encounters you can get are presented in the table, they have a chance to proc from the seeds we mentioned in the table above.

Harvest the Heart of the Grove

After you harvest Tier 4 Seeds a specific event will be triggered. The Heart of the Grove will start growing in the centre of the Sacred Grove. To harvest the Heart and killing the Harvest League Boss you need to clear 100 red maps (78+ level zones). Be sure to open all the Seed Caches on them to make them count. Once the Hear of the Grove is ready to harvest, click on it and engage Oshabi, Avatar of the Grove and kill her.

Harvest the Heart of the Grove Conditionally

Harvest the Heart of the Grove under each of the following conditions:

  • Harvest the Heart of the Grove without being affected by Sacred Suffering
  • Harvest the Heart of the Grove without being hit by Orb of Thorns
  • Harvest the Heart of the Grove without being hit by Vine Hammer
  • Harvest the Heart of the Grove without being hit by Volatile Orchard

To complete this PoE Challenge you need to understand Boss’s mechanics and avoid the mentioned effects. Or have high DPS to kill her very fast skipping her abilities.

Very Hard Difficulty Harvest Challenges

To complete the following four challenges you will need as many time as one week and a decent build for completing the top end-game content and bosses.

Complete Encounters V

Complete each of the following Encounters:

  • Defeat Portentia, the Foul in Waste Pool Map (Tier 3) after she has transformed at least 3 times and without being affected by any Effluents.
    You will need good evading skills to dodge balls and ground effects while activating Valve as the centre of the arena three times.
  • Defeat Terror of the Infinite Drifts in Desert Spring Map (Tier 4) while you have 10 stacks of Quicksand.
    To do this encounter try always to stand on the Quicksand until you get 10 stacks and kill the boss.
  • Defeat Guardian of the Chimera in Pit of the Chimera Map (Tier 16) after searching at least 25 Smoke Clouds.
    Try to check as many smoke clouds as you can during the smoke phase before entering the last one with the boss.
  • Defeat The Shaper without being hit by any of his or his clone’s non-Basic Attack skills.
    You need to know boss mechanics to skip all the attacks or be strong enough to kill him really fast.

Complete Map Tiers

Complete 10,000 map tiers. Completing a tier 1 map gives 1 tier, completing a tier 2 map gives 2 tiers, and so on.

Try to clear mas of the highest possible tier to get this stuck faster.

Complete Deadly Encounters

Complete each of the following deadly encounters:

  • Atziri in the Alluring Abyss
  • Chayula, Who Dreamt
  • Delve Boss at an area level of 83
  • Uber Elder

To complete this Harvest Challenge you will need a good build and experience of killing end-game bosses. As for the Delve also the luck to find one of the following bosses:

  • Ahuatotli, the Blind
  • Kurgal, the Blackblooded
  • Aul, the Crystal King

Remember that you need keys to open the portals to other bosses.

Complete Endgame Grinds

Complete any 4 of these encounters the specified number of times:

  • Level 100
  • Defeat Argus in the Endgame Labyrinth (0/100)
  • Complete Delve Encounters at an area level of 80 or higher in the Azurite Mine (0/500)
  • Defeat Sirus, Awakener of Worlds (0/50)
  • Defeat waves of monsters in the Simulacrum (0/300)
  • Defeat Harvest Bosses (0/50)

No need to do all of them but choose 4 the most appropriate and easy for you. We recommend skipping Simulacrum and level 100 criteria as they are time-consuming and too hard and expensive to get.

List of Harvest league rewards

Of course, you do the challenges for fun, but also there are some good rewards fight for. When you complete 12 challenges, you will receive the Harvest Footprints Effect. When you reach 24 challenges, you will receive the Harvest Cloak. At 36 challenge completed you’ll receive the Harvest Portal Effect. You can learn more from the table below.

Challenges requiredReward
12Harvest Footprints Effect
19Harvest Challenger Trophy
22Harvest Challenger Trophy
24Harvest Cloak
25Harvest Challenger Trophy
28Harvest Challenger Trophy
31Harvest Challenger Trophy
34Harvest Challenger Trophy
36Harvest Portal Effect
37Harvest Challenger Trophy
40Harvest Challenger Trophy

From the 19th challenge onwards and for every third challenge after that, you will receive pieces of the Harvest Totem Pole decoration to display in your hideout. The Totem Pole permanently showcases how many of the Harvest challenges you completed during the league.

We hope you find this Path of Exile Harvest League Challenges Complete Guide useful on your way to the precious and wanted rewards. Good luck!

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