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Previously we have shared with you Harvest League announcement. There you can see the video and read about the upcoming features in POE. Also, we have made a list of the best starter builds for Harvest League, which you guys found interesting and helpful. Thanks a lot for that! To make your general understanding of the upcoming Path of Exile league better we want to share with you the data we took from PoE official website we believe that it will help you prepare for harvest league the most. You can also read other useful articles PoE guides:

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Path of Exile: Harvest League FAQ

Harvest FAQ

Grinding Gear Games has already made a FAQ about the upcoming league and we will gratefully share it with you here.

Do seeds stack?

Yes, identical seeds of the same level will stack in your inventory and in the seed storage within the grove. The level will be displayed on the seed in your inventory.

How do I make my plants grow?

Seeds specify how many cycles of growth they require before they’ll be ready to harvest. When you open a seed cache in the main game, it will count as one growth cycle within your garden. You don’t need to enter your garden in order to make the seeds grow and their growth is not tied to the passage of time.

What happens if I don’t plant my seeds, will they disappear?

You can save them for as long as you’d like or even trade them to other players.

Do I have to Harvest my plants within a certain amount of time?

No, they don’t wither or die.

If I don’t feel like tending my garden, what happens if I skip entering the garden for a map?

This has no negative effect on your garden; it just pauses your progress. You can leave it for as long as you’d like and return to it when you’re ready.

How do I get garden equipment?

You start with a small amount of each type of equipment to facilitate getting your garden started. Some is already placed in your garden to ensure that it’s easy to learn how things work as you progress through the game. It’s likely that you can use Lifeforce to purchase additional pieces of infrastructure.

Can I accidentally target my garden’s infrastructure while I’m fighting monsters?

You have a short window to activate as many Collectors as you’d like. After this window, you can’t target anything else in your garden while monsters are alive. The exception to this is the portal to exit your garden in case you need to quickly flee the danger.

Will we be able to move or delete garden infrastructure if we’d like to change their placement?


Can I access the Sacred Grove from my hideout?


How many new crafting options does Harvest introduce?

There are over 45 crafting categories, resulting in over 250 different possible craft effects.

How do I know which crafting options I’ll get?

Each seed states which category of crafting benefit it provides so that you can prioritise planting seeds which correlate to which crafting options you’re interested in. When you slay the monsters from those seeds, their Lifeforce can be used to craft an outcome within that category. The specific outcomes you received are listed on the crafting screen. The more Lifeforce you have in your collector from this fight, the more options you’ll be able to use out of the set you received.

For example, if you plant eight seeds that grant ‘Reveals a random Physical modifier crafting effect when Harvested’, slay those monsters and gather their Lifeforce – you’ll be presented with different options with outcomes like “Reforge a rare item with new random modifiers, including a Physical modifier”, “Augment a Magic or Rare item with a new Physical modifier”, “Remove a Physical modifier from an item” or “Randomise the numeric values of the random properties of Physical modifiers on an item”. You may have multiple uses of some of these, based on the randomly determined outcome of each seed. There will be a total of 8 outcomes, including the multiple uses, though you’ll usually not have enough Lifeforce to use them all. But you’ll hopefully get and be able to afford the one you really wanted.

Does Harvest crafting also benefit low level players?

Yes. Tending your garden from the earliest stages of the game provides powerful benefits to both levelling and end-game characters. We want the items you craft to be very powerful and to provide a huge boost for getting through the storyline content.

For example, Exalted Orbs are powerful currency items that are generally only available in the end-game. Some Harvest crafts allow you to effectively Exalt your items with specific mods – for example, Exalting a physical modifier onto the item.

Normally, Exalted Orbs are very rare due to a combination of their power, tradeability, and that they work on any item. If we drop too many early in the game, they’ll lose a lot of their value. However, we can give a lot of ‘Physical Exalts’ early in the game through Harvest as they can only be used on lower level items and don’t have any implications for Endgame items. By end-game, the ‘Physical Exalts’ become rarer again because their value rises exponentially as they affect more items.

Harvest crafts effectively allow you to Exalt your gear while leveling (alongside dozens of other similar powerful outcomes), which is unprecedented in Path of Exile.

How do I get Tier 2 seeds?

Monsters that emerge from Tier 1 plants have a chance to drop Tier 2 seeds when slain. The same principle applies for Tier 3 and Tier 4 seeds.

Do monsters from the garden also drop items?

Yes! The main reward for tending your garden is powerful crafting options, but you’ll also receive regular items and potentially some Harvest-specific uniques. The item drop rate of monsters in the garden is higher than that of regular monsters in the main game (because they’re league content).

What’s the motivation for killing more monsters?

The more monsters you kill, the more seed drops you get and the more Lifeforce you can collect for your crafting session. Any leftover Lifeforce can be stored and used to yield higher tier plants. Slain monsters also grant experience and item drops as usual, and larger fights result in larger bonuses to item drops.

We are also experimenting with creating a system that means that the more monsters you kill at a time, the more item drops and Lifeforce you get relative to the size of the Harvest. This would be displayed as a list of stats below the Collector’s harvest button – similar to the list of stats next to the Metamorph ‘power bar’.

Will there be some way to know when your plants are ready to Harvest without visiting your garden?

We’re currently working on some kind of signal within the UI that will alert you when you have a collector that’s near plants that are ready to Harvest. Its exact implementation is currently in progress and we’ll confirm the final details as soon as they are decided.

How do I get to my garden?

When you open a seed cache, Oshabi will appear from her portal. You can walk through it to access your garden or alternatively, enter it from your hideout.

Will my garden ever reset?

No, your garden has a set size from the beginning. You’ll always access the same one but it will continue to evolve as you develop your garden. You can move infrastructure and plants around if you put them in the wrong place.

Can I access my stash in the garden?

Yes – You can craft items that are stored in your stash, but cannot remove or add items to the stash if you’re in a map.

Can I re-enter the garden if I die?

Yes, unless you’re in a Hardcore league of course. The monsters will remain until the instance closes.

How does it work in parties?

You will be able to access your party members’ gardens by entering Oshabi’s portal. We are still working out the details for how seed drop allocation will work when a player opens the seed cache as well as how that will affect an individual player’s progress toward growing their plants.

Am I able to access my garden from my other characters?

Yes, you have one garden per league that each of your characters within that league can access. However, your plants will only grow if you’re opening seed caches that are from a level similar to the level of the plants in your garden. For example, you can’t progress your level 82 seeds while you’re in the Mud Flats.

Do your map mods affect the monsters in your garden?

We’re still working out the finer details of this so can’t confirm anything just yet.

Can Delirium affect the monsters in your garden?

Our intention is that Delirium can spread through your garden and the timer will be paused if all players in the instance are inside the Grove.

When I enter Oshabi’s portal will I have to wait for a loading screen?

No, it works similar to Incursion and loads instantly.

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