Path of Exile Harvest League Mechanics Guide

The new league in Path of Exile is live now! You can play Harvest League right now and admire all the novelties added in PoE new league. As any other challenge league in Path of Exile Harvest has its own mechanics which we will describe and explain for you in this guide.

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Further, we will tell you compact and brief information about the main things related to Poe Harvest league mechanics. To start the league with an advantage you can consider get PoE Currency beforehand.

What is Harvest League about?

Generally speaking, it is a farm. You find and plant seeds, wait for them to grow and harvest after all. But you are growing monsters but not some kind of fancy fruits.

Seed Cache

Also, you will meet a new league specific NPC Oshabi. She will tell you about all the necessary starting things in the league and will provide you with starting materials. It is worth listening to her if you want to understand the whole purpose of the league. We meanwhile will move close to mechanics.

Harvest League Seeds

Everything starts from s getting the seeds. There are three types of them in Harvest league. All of them have 4 tiers. You will start from the first tier, which is the easiest crop to grow. But where can you get them? You will meet Oshabi in the starting locations. All you need is to collect seeds and follow her into the Sacred Grove (your garden).

Seeds and Oshabi

There she will explain you how to plant seeds and other stuff, which we will write a bit further. Now we’d like to tell you more about the seeds.

Every seed has a crafting option, which will appear after you harvest and collect lifeforce. The high level of the seed the more lifeforce and better loot you get.

The names of seeds that you will need to grow are:

  • Primal Feasting Horror Grain (first tier) – Reveals a random Physical modifier crafting effect when Harvested
  • Vivid Razorleg Seed (second tier) – Reveals a random crafting effect that changes the element of Elemental modifiers when Harvested
  • Wild Brambleback Bulb (third tier) – Reveals a random effect that exchanges specialized currency

And the fourth tier that you can get in the late game. To make it easier for you to orientate between the seeds and their modifiers use the cheat-list below.

Poe Harvest Cheat-list

Hint: don’t need to stack all the seeds you need in your inventory as you can put them into the Sacred Grove’s stash.

What is lifeforce?

It is a source that you get from the harvested seeds. You can use it for craft and storage it to grow better plants in future. In overall you need to pick a good PoE Build to be more successful in Harvest league.

How to plant, grow and harvest seeds?

Everything is very simple here. You can plant seeds anywhere but they still need some extra devices to grow and harvest.

Lifeforce Collector

It is used to harvest the seeds that you’ve planted. Actually first-tier seeds will grow anywhere but you won’t be able to harvest them without lifeforce collector as it is the juice that you need not the monsters themselves.

Lifeforce Collector

There are three types of lifeforce collectors that represent each seed type. Thus you’ll wild lifeforce collector for wild type seeds, vivid lifeforce collector for vivid seeds and primal lifeforce collector for primal seeds. You can recognize them by the matching colour.

All lifeforce collectors have radius in which they can perform their action. So you’ll need to plant the seeds within the borders of that radius to make it work.

The first lifeforce collector you get from Oshabi for quests with her, after that, you’ll need to craft them for 25 lifeforce. This option is available after you harvest the seeds.


Not all the seeds are easy to grow. Starting from the second tier they need some extra conditions to grow. One of them is some particular amount of other lifeforces. For example (note that it can be random),

Tier 2 Wild seeds need Vivid lifeforce
Tier 2 Vivid and Primal seeds need Wild lifeforce
Tier 3 Wild seeds need Vivid and Primal lifeforce
Tier 3 Vivid seeds need Wild and Primal lifeforce
Tier 3 Primal seeds need Vivid and Wild lifeforce

To make that happen you’ll need a disperser to spray the necessary lifeforce on the seeds within its radius of power. Again the first one you’ll get via the quests with Oshabi, after that you’ll need to craft them as lifeforce collectors. You’ll need 30 lifeforce for that.


Note that one disperser can provide only one type of lifeforce! On the other hand, you can replace them (Ctrl+Click on it) so don’t worry if you put it in the wrong place. Also, a disperser won’t work without a pylon.


Pylon is another wast structure it will link your dispersers to the source of lifeforce. After you run out of pylons provided by Oshabi you can craft pylons for 10 lifeforce.


After you place a pylon you can click on the but above it to create links. Use as many pylons as you need and like to connect a lifeforce collector with a storage tank and a disperser. All the pylons can hold only one type of lifeforce. Also, you can break and connections and make new ones as well as relocate a pylon by Ctrl+click it.

Storage tank

It is not a must to have one, but you’d really like to have one. The only thing it does is holds the lifeforce you decide to condense. Note that you cannot use condensed lifeforce for the craft! But you can store it in the storage tank to grow new seeds.

You’ll need to make some links to make it work perfectly for you. First of all, connect it to a Lifeforce Collector with the help of Pylons and after that to a Disperser. Encourage disperser to use the condensed lifeforce automatically to grow seeds.

Harvest recipes

A storage tank can be placed away from seeds, but as any other structure in Path of Exile Harvest League, it can hold only one type of lifeforce. Also, it has the limit for the condensed lifeforce that it can hold and it is 300. If you want to replace the full storage tank don’t worry all the lifeforce will remain safe after you are done.

You will get the first one free from Oshabi, but the following ones will cost you 75 lifeforce.

Horticrafting Station

This is a late-game structure that will allow you to hold and store some crafting recipes that you get from seeds. Horticrafting Station is the most expensive thing and you cannot get it anywhere except for crafting it yourself for 1800 lifeforce. It will take you some time to gather seeds that give at least 67 lifeforce to manage to craft Horticrafting Station.

Learn more about Horticrafting Station in our guide.

How does Harvest League Work?

Generally, everything we described above is the preparation phase before the action starts. Every seed has a particular number of growth cycles. It is a number of times you meet Oshabi in the new location to complete the growth of your seeds.

Harvesting Seeds

When your seeds are ready, go to the Sacred Grove. You will see the button in the waypoint map or use Oshabi’s portal when you meet her. There activate the harvest button above the lifeforce collector where the seeds are ready. You will face the encounter of monsters.


The more seeds are ready the more lifeforce and loot you get. Also, there is a good chance to get tier 2 seeds so try to grow as many as you can. After you kill monsters you’ll see the crafting menu and the number of lifeforce you collected.

Harvest league Craft

In Harvest league, you need to craft at once as there is no option of postponing it for later after you harvest the seeds. The number and options of crafting modifiers are depending on the seeds you’ve grown.

Craft in Harvest

Also, keep in mind that these modifiers cannot be used for any item levels, but they need to be applicable with the item level of the item you want to craft. Therefore no need to stack low level seeds for later, use them as once to get seed of higher levels.

Sometimes you’ll see that there is nothing you can craft on your gear and it is more useful to craft extra dispersers or pylons. Usually, you will condense lifeforce to grow future seeds and it is a wise decision as well.

Harvest Stash

Also, there is only one way to enter your stash from the Sacred Grove. You can see the button in the crafting window that will allow you to take the items from your stash and use them for the craft. But you cannot put them back into your stash. The stash that you can see above is a seed stockpile, which works as a stash for harvest league seeds. You can open it only in the Sacred Grove, but it is a good thing that you don’t need to have them every time with you.

If you still have some questions or want to see how all of the described Harvest League devices work watch the guide below.

Or ask any questions in the comments below. We hope you enjoy the league the way we do.

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