Path of Exile: Harvest League Review

It’s already been 2 months since the start of a new league in Path of Exile – Harvest. And perhaps this is the most unusual league in the last few years, in terms of community feedback. There was a lot of controversy about the league’s success and how it would affect the core game, but the fact remains that despite the negative criticism, many players liked the league.

Harvest has added improved crafting to the game, and it’s hard to ignore. Indeed, lately, crafting a good item in Path of Exile has been more like winning the lottery, where the player’s chances of getting the desired stats have tended to be zero. But thanks to crafting in Sacred Grove, many players have the opportunity to finally get the cherished rare things that they themselves created. There are more options for how to craft equipment from scratch (unless you need a good base) and the ability to add or release the required stat, which greatly simplified the process of crafting top items.

Path of Exile Harvest Sacred Grove

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to make the league perfect. One of the key points, in my opinion, is the absence of league-specific events with mobs and loot. Indeed, finding seeds and planting them in your garden will bring the desired results after a while, but you clean up a significant part of the maps, as usual, only looting the seed cache.

If we compare this league with the previous ones, then the most similar is the Bestiary league – and despite the fact that the league was also focused around crafting, in each location the player met difficult beasts that were interesting to kill and receive loot as a reward. But this is unlikely to prevent you from enjoying the game, especially since Oshabi will still have time to surprise players and Harvest bosses will not make you bored.

Path of Exile Harvest Seed Cache

It would be very interesting to know how and when the Harvest League will be added to the core games, but for now, we advise you to try to craft the things you have dreamed of for so long!

And hurry up, there is not much time left. The Harvest league ends on September 14 at 3pm (PDT)!

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