Path of Exile Headhunter Guide

In this guide, you will find out about one of the most popular and expensive Path of Exile item – Headhunter Leather Belt. We will tell you how to get it and what builds to use it with.

What is Headhunter?

Headhunter is a unique belt that was added to the game in the Nemesis league. Its main feature is the unique modifier “When you Kill a Rare monster, you gain its Modifiers for 20 seconds“. It allows the owner to reach the maximum map clear speed, while you will get a lot of fun if you kill rare mobs with properties such as Soul Eater or Proximity Shield. Therefore, it is so popular among players, and given the low chance of getting it, the price for it is so high that a very small number of players can afford it.

Path of Exile Headhunter Guide

How to get Headhunter – Best Ways

With PoE 3.14 patch Headhunter has no longer Nemesis mod on it. This implementation, on one hand, makes it more obtainable but on the other hand, leads to different changes of requiring it.

So what are the ways to get Headhunter? There are several of them, and it is difficult to single out the simplest or easiest among them since luck will be the key factor – there is nothing without it.

Divination cards

This is one of the most common ways to get the Headhunter belt. There are several cards, and they can be divided into two groups – those that give the Headhunter in advance, and those that give things, among which there may be a Headhunter.

The first group includes The Doctor, as well as 2 cards that will help speed up the deck-building process – The Nurse and The Patient. You can farm pretty good and they are one of the most popular Headhunter cards for farming. The other two – The Demon and The Fiend will not be so easy to obtain, but they will give you the opportunity to get the Corrupted version of the belt, without the risk of losing it, if you do it with the help of Vaal Orb.

The second group of cards does not guarantee a Headhunter, but it is among the rewards that you can receive. You can try buying or farming them yourself, hoping to get the coveted belt. Here is a complete list of Headhunter-related cards:


Stack Size


Drop Zones

The Doctor



Burial Chambers Map

Spider Forest Map

The Nurse


The Doctor

Shavronne's Tower

Arachnid Tomb Map

Tower Map

The Patient


The Nurse

Armoury Map
Lighthouse Map

The Demon




Kitava, The Destroyer


Lava Lake Map

The Fiend




The Putrid Cloister

Shrine Map

The Wretched



Acton's Nightmare
The Coward's Trial

Bone Crypt Map
Cells Map
Cursed Crypt Map
Dungeon Map
Necropolis Map
Overgrown Ruin Map
Primordial Blocks Map
Tower Map

Forge of the Phoenix Map

Arrogance of the Vaal




Ancient City Map

Sunken City Map

Getting a Headhunter with Specific League Mechanics

Some leagues provide new opportunities for players to get Headhunter belt, although even here a lot depends on your luck. Here are examples of getting Headhunter:

  • Beastcrafting. Yes, our old friend Einhar has a special craft – Create a Unique Belt, which requires Farric Ape. And although the chances are not very high, nevertheless, there is still an opportunity to get the coveted Headhunter.
Path of Exile Headhunter Beastcrafting
  • The Temple of Atzoatl. Sacrificial Chamber allows you to change a unique item into another. However, the first level of this Incursion room will not be enough. You need either the second level (Hall of Offerings), where the opportunity to get league-specific Uniques will open, or, even better, the third level (Apex of Ascension). This will allow you to gain a unique item of the same item class as the offered one, which will greatly increase the chances of getting a Headhunter for sacrificing random unique belt.
Path of Exile Headhunter Sacrificial Chamber
  • Legion Incubators. Or rather one of them, Time-Lost Incubator. It allows you to get valuable Unique Item even if it is league-specific.
Path of Exile Headhunter Time-Lost Incubator
  • Ritual League Rewards. Yes, Headhunter is on the list of things that can be obtained for tribute points as a reward, but it is not cheap, so you will need to defer it more than once to buy it. Well-filled high-tier maps and Blood-filled Vessels will help you get more tribute points.

Lucky ways to obtain Headhunter:

  • Clearing maps with active Nemesis mod no longer required (due to patch 3.14 changes). From now on you have a slight chance to get Headhunter on all 40+ level zones. But don’t be so excited as the chance of dropping Headhunter is even less than before.
  • Chancing. Use Orb of Chance and Orb of Scouring on a Leather Belt in an attempt to obtain Headhunter. On average, it takes 10-14k attempts to get a belt by this method, so be patient and orbs (and you also need to have 20-30 white Leather Belts, because if you get another unique belt, you will need a new Leather Belt).
Path of Exile Headhunter Orb of Chance
  • Reforging with Ancient Orbs. This method is similar to the previous one – you need Ancient Orbs and any Unique Belt. On average, it takes 400-450 attempts to get the Headhunter belt. We advise you to use several belts, for example, 4-5, and roll in order on each, so as not to accidentally use the orb again on the belt, on which the Headhunter may roll.
Path of Exile Headhunter Ancient Orb

The only guaranteed way to obtain Headhunter is to buy it on trade, of course, but its price varies. You can check PoE trade right now to see the current price yourself below:

PoE Trade Headhunter Leather Belt Price

If you wonder how to get so much currency, we have written Path of Exile Currency Guide that will help you on your way to buying Headhunter.

What builds use Headhunter?

While Headhunter is expensive and helps a lot in clearing speed, it’s not essential to any build. However, physical or elemental builds, especially bow builds, will get the maximum effect. Here are examples of such builds:

  • Any cyclone builds;
  • For Bows – Ice shot or Tornado shot builds;
  • Blade Vortex builds;
  • Ethereal Knives or Kinetic Blast builds;
  • Any Cast on Crit builds.

It is your own choice whether to hunt for Headhunter or not, but if you accidently got one keep in mind that it is one of the most valuable items in Path of Exile.

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    Headhunter is the strongest Unique in Path of Exile for characters that focus on Mapping—Path of Exile’s main form of endgame. While this belt is equipped, you gain all of a Rare monster’s modifiers when it dies for 20 seconds.

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