Path of Exile: Heist Area-Control Spells

Today GGG has introduced us with a new type of spells that will be added into Path of Exile: Heist. These are Area-control spells, which, in addition to the AoE radius, will help players to mitigate damage or take control of the battlefield into their own hands, preventing dangerous attacks from enemies. Further, we will describe how they will work.

Void Sphere

Physical and chaos damage spell, which, in addition to damage, attracts mobs (except bosses and unique monsters) to the center of the sphere created by the player. Also, mobs that are affected by this spell will receive a Hinder debuff (reduces movement speed). The closer the enemies are to the epicenter, the stronger the effect of the spell. Great spell especially for Blight encounters.

Frost Shield

The player creates a rather large ice dome that consumes part of your energy shield to enhance its durability. It absorbs some of the damage taken for players inside this shield. Damage taken from mobs inside the dome will also be reduced, but not as effectively as from opponents outside the shield. In addition to protection, the shield also increases the added base critical strike chance for players who stay inside the dome. There is only one question left – will it work with Cast when Damage Taken Support?

Sigil of Power

This spell creates a potent circle on the ground, which will add additional lightning damage to spells and attacks to all players in it. But this will affect the mana cost – skills will require more mana and will enhance Sigil of Power, which, after a certain amount of absorbed mana, will also reduce the damage of opponents within its radius. However, this spell has a large cooldown, so it cannot be spammed. But against bosses, especially for players with channeling spells, it is perfect.

Flame Wall

This spell will allow you to fence yourself off from dangerous monsters, causing damage and inflicting burning on all enemies who dare to pass through it. For the player, it will serve as an additional buff – projectiles, which will pass through the Flame Wall, will cause bonus damage from fire. At the same time, the spell is available in the early game and can interact with Spell Cascade support, which will make it a good skill for boosting damage to all members of your group.

You can watch the video below to see how they look like.

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