Path of Exile Heist Challenge Rewards

This time PoE Challenge Rewards are great. We will write the list of them below. And also we will share with you a great video, where you can see all Heist Challenge rewards yourself.

If you want to get all the rewards you’ll need to complete all 40 Heist challenges. But as usual, there are checkpoints at which you can get some parts of the rewards. So check the list of Path of Exile Heist Challenge Rewards and their checkpoints below.

For 12 completed Heiit Challengesthe Heist Helmet Pack (contains three helmet skins)
For 24 completed Heist ChallengesHeist Cat Pet
For 36 completed Heist ChallengesHeist Portal

And of course, you will get the Heist Totem Pole Hideout decoration parts upon completing the challenges. Later we will share with you the tips and guide how to complete Path of Exile Heist Challenges and get all the rewards. But for that, we’ll need to the list of Heist Challenges, which is coming soon. Meanwhile, watch the video below to see Heist Challenge Rewards.

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