Path of Exile: Heist League Review

Each new league in Path of Exile adds something unique and special to the game. Heist League has become a great addition to end-game content, allowing you to take your mind off-map farming and get busy clearing contracts and completing difficult but profitable Grand Heists (blueprints).

Path of Exile Heist League Review Rogues

Completing contracts and Grand Heists initially looked very attractive and interesting. A huge amount of loot from chests and special rewards – what else do arpg players need? And levelling special NPCs (Rogues), which will help to open locks and bypass traps, makes the process of farming contracts not as boring as farming the same cards. And besides that, they can be improved with the help of special equipment, allowing you to maximize their usefulness and special perks that will greatly simplify the passage of Heists. The abundance of new gems (more precisely, new types of quality), replicas of old unique and new types of armour added variety to the creation of new builds. In addition, all this could only be obtained in Grand Heists, so if you got a blueprint and you spent on its upgrade, then a generous reward awaits you!

Path of Exile Heist League Review Loot

A colossal work was done in writing and dubbing dialogues. Each Rogue has its own special lines, and the planning of the Grand Heist is accompanied by unique dialogues that arise between group members. This really creates the atmosphere of a truly live companion. Separately, it is worth noting the new interface for interacting with NPCs – it is much more convenient than the previous one!

Unfortunately, there were some drawbacks. Probably the main drawback of the league is the change in the Alert system and rewards, which affected the interest in them. Completely removed alert for killing guards made a regular map with chests out of contracts. After that, the increased alert received for opening them and the cut down on loot made contracts not such a profitable way to farm currency. I was especially upset by the fact that now the equipment for your Rogues turned out to be not so important because you still can’t open a good part of the chests (or you have to do it a short time before Lockdown).

Path of Exile Heist League Review Rewards

But despite this, the league came out exciting, with unusual mechanics. Who would refuse the opportunity to open a large and shining chest and take the reward with him?

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