Path of Exile Metamorph League Mechanics Guide

Despite the fact that another league is active in POE, we still decided to introduce you to the mechanics of previous leagues. Since many of them have been added to the core of the game, this will be useful to any player. Today we will talk about Path of Exile Metamorph League Mechanics.

Metamorph Overview

Although this league has ended long ago, its mechanics remained, and features moved to permanent leagues. So even now you can stumble upon Tane Octavius and take part in the Metamorph encounter. You can meet him only by exploring the endgame content – maps. It is impossible to miss him – over some mobs in the location there will be green objects and they will be marked with a special symbol on the map. As soon as you kill one of them, Tane will appear and offer to collect organs from these mobs for his experiment. As soon as you manage to collect at least 1 organ of all types (or even better to find them all or just clean the entire map), you can use a strange device to combine them and create a dangerous creature – Metamorph. Deal with him and get a generous reward!

Path of Exile Metamorph

In general, the mechanics of the league are very simple, but there are some nuances. Each type of Metamorph organs (Brain, Eye, Heart, Liver and Lung) has its own rarity, depending on the monster from which it dropped. Organ characteristics are affected by the level of the monster and its rarity. Therefore, the more Magic and Rare mobs on the map, the more high-quality organs you will receive. And the higher the quality of the organs, the stronger Metamorph and the greater the reward for killing him.

I think you immediately notice the green meter, which is on the right side when you use the device to call Metamorph. The higher the quality of the organs, the faster it fills up and the higher the modifiers. If you completely fill it, then after the murder of Metamorph, a unique organ will drop out of it. Gather a complete set of 5 different organ types and you can summon an enhanced version of Metamorph in the Tane lab. You will get access to it as you meet Tane and complete his quest (to collect organs and kill Metamorph) on a map. I think it’s not worth mentioning that Metamorph collected from unique organs will be strong enough, but the amount of loot will be appropriate!


In the Metamorph League, a new type of currency was added to the game – Catalysts. With catalysts, you can improve the quality of 3 types of equipment: Amulet, Ring and Belt. Maximum quality is 20%, each catalyst will increase accessory quality depending on its rarity: for normal it will give 5%, for magic 2% and for rare and unique only 1% quality per catalyst.

There are 7 types of catalysts in Path of Exile:

Abrasive Catalyst – enhances Attack modifiers;
Imbued Catalyst – enhances Caster modifiers;
Turbulent Catalyst – enhances Elemental Damage;
Tempering Catalyst – enhances Defence modifiers;
Fertile Catalyst – enhances Life and Mana modifiers;
Prismatic Catalyst – enhances Resistance modifiers;
Intrinsic Catalyst – enhances Attribute modifiers.

And, yes, do not forget that only one type of modifiers can be improved, if you use a different type of catalyst, the new one will replace the previously added quality.

Tips how to get required organs

Even when the league was active and Metamorph encounters were met on every map, players still lacked unique organs of a certain type to summon Metamorph to Tane’s Laboratory. Usually, this applies to Eyes, but maybe you will miss something else. So, what can be done to get the coveted set of 5 different organs?

Path of Exile Metamorph Boss

1 Vendor recipe – any three itemized organs can be sold to any vendor and get one random organ in return. This is very convenient if you have many organs of the same type or they do not have good loot modifiers.

2 Clear maps with multiple bosses. An organ always drops from each boss, so the meter will be filled almost always and you are guaranteed to get a unique organ with Metamorph.

3 The unique organ that will fall after killing Metamorph on the map directly depends on the organ that fell from the boss on the map. Therefore, if you need exactly Metamorph Eye, and Eye, Heart and Lung fell out of the bosses, then try not to use the last two to call Metamorph (unless of course, you manage to fill out the scale without these organs), because in this case, exactly the type of itemized organ that was unique will drop (an organ from the boss on the map).

In general Metamorph is a great example of a league with easy and comfy mechanics. In addition, giving a player decent reward for league specific events.

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