Path of Exile Most Useful Vendor Recipes

There are many different Vendor Recipes in Path of Exile, many of which allow you to get Currency, Gems, Unique items, Flasks and much more. To do this, you need to exchange a special set of things by selling them to the vendor. You will immediately see what you get in return, without the risk of losing your belongings. In this guide, we have collected the most popular and most useful recipes that will not only allow you to understand exactly how it works but also benefit from it.

Recipes for Currency exchange

These recipes will allow you to exchange various things that can fall to you even at the very beginning of the game. One clarification – you should exchange 6 linked items for Divine Orb only if the cost of this item is the same as the cost of Divine Orb and you do not want to sell it to other players. This refers to corrupted items with bad rolls or low-level uniques.

Orb of AugmentationAny item with six affixes
Chromatic OrbAny item with linked red, green, and blue sockets
Jeweller’s OrbAny item with 6 sockets
Vaal OrbAny Sacrifice vaal fragment + any 7x vaal skill gems
Divine OrbAny 6 linked item

Recipes for Quality Currency

You can get the desired item in two ways – by selling a single normal item of that category with 20% quality OR several items of that category with a total of at least 40% quality. This makes it very easy to get Gemcutter’s Prism, as players often encounter Superior gems. And yes, Cartographer’s Chisel can be obtained by using another recipe – by exchanging any Map + Stone Hammer / Rock Breaker / Gavel with 20% quality.

Armourer’s ScrapArmour
Blacksmith’s WhetstoneWeapon
Glassblower’s BaubleFlask
Gemcutter’s PrismSkill Gem
Cartographer’s ChiselMap

Currency sold by Vendors

Although these are not Vendor Recipes, this table will help you figure out which Currency items you can buy from them. Again, this will only be useful in SSF leagues, where there is no opportunity to exchange with other players because in regular leagues it is much more profitable to buy or exchange the desired type of Currency.

OrbPriceSold by
Portal ScrollScroll of Wisdom x 3Nessa (Lioneye’s Watch)
Orb of TransmutationPortal Scroll x 7Nessa (Lioneye’s Watch)
Orb of AugmentationOrb of Transmutation x 4Nessa (Lioneye’s Watch)
Orb of AlterationOrb of Augmentation x 4Nessa (Lioneye’s Watch)
Armourer’s ScrapBlacksmith’s WhetstoneTarkleigh (Lioneye’s Watch)
Jeweller’s OrbOrb of Alteration x 2Yeena (The Forest Encampment)
Chromatic OrbJeweller’s Orb x 3Yeena (The Forest Encampment)
Orb of FusingJeweller’s Orb x 4Yeena (The Forest Encampment)
Orb of ScouringOrb of Chance x 4Yeena (The Forest Encampment)
Orb of RegretOrb of Scouring x 2Yeena (The Forest Encampment)
Blacksmith’s WhetstoneArmourer’s Scrap x 3Greust (The Forest Encampment)
Orb of ChanceOrb of FusingClarissa (The Sarn Encampment)
Orb of AlchemyOrb of RegretClarissa (The Sarn Encampment)
Glassblower’s BaubleBlacksmith’s Whetstone x 8Hargan(The Sarn Encampment)

Full sets recipes

One of the most useful and most used recipes is getting a Chaos Orb for selling a full set of rare items. So what is a full set? These are Helmet, Body Armor, Gloves, Boots, Belt, Amulet, two Rings and one of the following: Two-Handed Weapon OR One-Handed Weapon and Shield OR two One-Handed Weapons OR two Shields.

ResultRequirements and Item Levels
Orb of ChanceFull Rare Set with ilvl 1-59
Orb of Chance x 2All unidentified OR all 20% quality items with ilvl 1-59
Orb of Chance x 3All unidentified AND all 20% quality items with ilvl 1-59
Chaos OrbFull Rare Set with ilvl 60-74
Chaos Orb x 2All unidentified OR all 20% quality items with ilvl 60-74
Chaos Orb x 3All unidentified AND all 20% quality items with ilvl 60-74
Regal OrbFull Rare Set with ilvl 75+
Regal Orb x 2All unidentified OR all 20% quality items with ilvl 75+
Regal Orb x 3All unidentified AND all 20% quality items with ilvl 75+
Exalted Shard x 2Identified, full set of the same influenced items
Exalted Shard x 4Unidentified, full set of the same influenced items

Influenced items are special types of base items with exclusive modifiers. These include items that drop from monsters and bosses on maps in the Atlas, they are easily identified by their graphical effects and icon on the sides of the name plate. These include items that drop from the Conquerors of the Atlas (Crusader, Hunter, Redeemer and Warlord), Shaper and Elder.

Skill gems recipes

The recipe for a 20% quality skill gem saves a large amount of Gemcutter’s Prism. However, do not forget to simultaneously pump one or two gems with your main skill on the swap in order to be able to drop its level to the first, replacing it with another, without losing damage. Also, if you accidentally levelled up a gem that you need the required level, it is possible to reduce its level using the following recipes.

20% quality skill gem (level 1)Any level 20 skill gem + Gemcutter’s Prism
decrease level of skill gem by 1Skill gem + Orb of Scouring
decrease level of skill gem to 1Skill gem + Orb of Regret

Recipes for Atlas

These recipes will help you advance through the Atlas faster and easier, especially if you are stuck on one dash and you do not get maps with a tier higher.

Higher tier map within the same Atlas regionSame type maps x 3 (e.g. Beach Map)
Prime SextantSimple Sextant x 3
Awakened SextantPrime Sextant x 3

We hope that these recipes will be useful to you, especially if you play in the SSF league or want to maximize your profit from clearing maps.

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