Path of Exile New League Rumours

Path of Exile is preparing for launching a new league so the new portion of rumours and speculations is up. Recently Bex has shared one image that made all Path of Exile fans excited. In this post, you will find all recent rumours about the upcoming PoE 3.13 league. We will update it regularly when something is up.

Path of Exile 3.13 release date is not officially approved yet, but before Chris Wilson mentioned that PoE 3.13 League release date might be January 8, 2021, or January 15, 2021. More about it you can read in our previous post here.

PoE Heard the Silence

The most recent topic of discussion is the new image that Bex has shared on Reddit not long ago. You can see it below with a link on the source.

It seems to be the simple greeting message from the starter NPC from the new league but when you read all of it in capitalized letters. If you see this message in the ordinary text you may come up with some ideas.

“Good tidings, Nomad.
I am a simple messenger from a place of Great Darkness and Great Distance.
Those Great and Unreachable have heard the Silence echoing from that which once hunted here, and they have turned their gaze to this place.
Rejoice, Nomad, for SHE approaches, and she seeks to witness your struggle.”

So apparently SHE and the Silence is the same and it might turn out to be the final boss. But what about the proves or any official comments? We have them, here is what GGG thinks of it.

This image was created in Photoshop so it comes with some specific data that is interesting. I don’t think it’s anything to answer the questions we all have but there are four interesting facts.

1: The image was created 11/18.

2: The image was edited on 12/14.

3: The text use to contain another line. It reads.

Good tidings, Nomad. I am a simple messenger from a place of great darkness and great distance, in a form most pleasing for those who must listen. Those great and unreachable have heard the Silence echoing from that which once hunted here, and they have turned their gaze to this place. Rejoice, Nomad, for she approaches, and she seeks to witness your struggle.

4: Even though the image is in all caps, the writing purposefully capitalized the S in “Silence”

I’m still searching for more interesting details, but I wanted to drum up some discussion around the image and anything interesting you might find.

End of GG message. There are some interesting discussions arise from this image and here are some of the most likely predictions.

I remember reading a post a while back here on reddit (I think during harvest, when the infused Harbinger uniques were released) that had deciphered the symbols and explained that the Harbingers were scared of the conquerors and Sirus in particular.

Well guess we killed him…

So get ready for Harbinger 2 the electric boogaloo

The author maid such predictions based on this video.

Remember though that the author of the video is telling the result of her own investigation.

Others try to prove the theory of reveling the Harbingers mystery before the launch of PoE 2.

Maybe they are confident POE 2 will be next, so revealing the grand mystery of POE 1 would be appropriate before building new lore and characters.

PoE 3.13 Kalandra Theory

The other juicy theory is that Kalandra is finally going to be revealed. Everything based on the analysis by ottoginc of the text from the image you can see above.

So the Silence of what once hunted here, players are assuming that alludes to the entire boss system from Kitavia to the Conquerors and Sirus, Elders, all of them.

Apparently, the part of this world presented in the PoE logo a Mirror of Kalandra is something to do with it.

It’s fair to assume she’s rather important, probably had a part in the creation of this world, maybe both sides of it? Players have killed a lot of powerful entities from at least one of those potential sides.

PoE 2 is, in theory, coming soon. So with that theory, we might be safe in assuming this expansion could very well be the last one PoE sees.

Kalandra, being responsible for the rarest (great and unreachable) unicorn tier item in the game, which is its literal logo despite its rarity, and otherwise being a shadow in the lore shrouded in mystery, would make for a really good twist to the final expansion before the sequel.

Calling the players Nomad, implies more travel than just exile, so a new place we haven’t been (distant) and that not much if anything is known about (dark).

Those great (best item to find, literally games logo) and unreachable (rarest item in the game, vast majority of players never see one) turn their gaze (a word almost synonymous with mirrors) on this place (the game we’ve had so far) and noticed the Silence (what comes on the place of killed bosses when none of them left?).

Rejoice! (What every single one of us would surely do if we found a Mirror) SHE (in bold, it’s her mirror) approaches.

And what do you think about this topic? Are you excited of what’s about to happen?

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