Path of Exile Ritual League Challenges Complete Guide

As usual, we have collected all information we could to make this complete guide. You will read about all Ritual Challenges with tips and tricks. Learn how to achieve the needed number of challenges to get desired rewards.

There are 40 challenges in PoE. Some are easy to obtain during levelling, others are harder or almost impossible to achieve. In our Path of Exile Ritual League Challenges Complete Guide you will read the tips that will help you do as many PoE challenges as you can even all 40 if that is your goal.

Our guide is presented in the rating difficulty list. That means that we have divided the full Ritual challenges list into four difficulties: easy (the most part of them you’ll do while levelling), normal (you can obtain them with a minimal effort), hard (you’ll need to try and repeat several times to do them), very hard (you’ll need to farm numerous maps and know and be able to kill end-game bosses). If you want to get 20 challenge completed you can combine challenges from different difficulty levels to pick the most appropriate ones for you.

Easy Difficulty Ritual Challenges

As we have already said you’ll see them get completed while you play and level-up your champion. If you finish the last act you’d probably have all the following 12 challenges completed.

Adequate Preparation

Equip each of the following items:

  • Any Rare Weapon
  • Quicksilver Flask
  • Boots with at least 10% Movement Speed

This one is pretty easy and obvious, so just remember that you need only to equip them no need to play with them.

Complete Ritual Encounters I

Complete each of the following encounters.

  • Complete a Ritual
  • Spend Tribute on a Favour
  • Defer a Favour

If you are not familiar with Ritual League mechanics yet, check our Path of Exile 3.13 Ritual League Mechanics Guide.

Complete these Quests

Complete each of the following quests.

  • The Great White Beast – In Act2, kill The Great White Beast in the Den(from The Old Fields).
  • An Indomitable Spirit – In Act4, release the spirit in The Mines Level 2 by clicking it.
  • Bestel’s Epic – In Act6, retrieve Bestel’s Manuscript in The Tidal Island.
  • The Wings of Vastiri – In Act8, retrieve the Wings of Vastiri after slaying Unying Hector Titucius, Eternal Servant in the Bath House.
  • Map to Tsoatha – In Act10, retrieve The Teardrop in The Reliquary.

Just don’t skip side quests and complete all of them.

Defeat these Act Bosses I

Defeat each of the following Unique Act Bosses.

Act 1: Merveil, the Twisted
Act 2: Vaal Oversoul
Act 3: Dominus, Ascendant
Act 4: Malachai, The Nightmare
Act 5: Kitava, the Insatiable

You will do it anyway as you need to defeat all these bosses in order to get to the endgame content.

Complete Encounters I

Complete each of the following encounters.

  • Complete a Vaal Side Area

(Sacrifice Expansion) A Vaal side area is a randomly-generated side area indicated by a glowing, beating heart and swirling ribbons of blood. Every of this area will have a Vaal Vessel chest which may contain corrupt skill gems, Vaal map fragments, or corrupted equipment which can be open after you beat the boss at the end of the room. However, endgame Vaal side area may contain extra special reward that act-zone Vaal side area can’t normally drop.

  • Defeat a Possessed Monster

(Torment League) Torment Spirit a monster that looks like green-ghostly-spirit the roam that will run away from when u near them, also can touch/possesses monster that causing those infected monsters to gain a new ability and also drop more loots. This challenge requires you to kill a rare/unique monster that is possessed, which require you to kite a Torment Sprit lure them near a rare/unique monster so that they will possess the monster, this is the normal way of doing it but now there are many ways of possessing monster easier such as using Possessed Foe prophecy. Also, there is a Hunted Ritual that summons many tormented spirits, just try to wait until they possess the monsters and then kill them.

  • Complete a Prophecy

(Prophecy League) A prophecy is a random event created by Navali with a cost of Silver Coin, which she’ll start appearing in town after you save her at The Climb.

  • Complete encounter at Bestiary Blood Altar

(Bestiary League) Bestiary spawn after Act 2 town, Einhar NPC will spawn in help to capture those beasts when they’re on low life, then ask you to visit his encampment after captured all the beasts in the area. In his encampment, you’ll find a Blood Altar which uses for bestiary crafting by sacrificing beasts in the Blood Altar.

Complete Ritual Encounters II

Complete each of the following encounters.

  • Complete four Ritual Encounters in a single area

When you see an area with four rituals complete them and there you go.

  • Reroll Favours

Click reroll button in the Favours window.

  • Spend at least 2,500 Tribute on a Favour

Easy achievable on maps. Just make sure to buy the most expensive thing in Favours.

If you still have any quests read more in Path of Exile 3.13 Ritual League Mechanics Guide.

Complete Ritual Types

Complete Ritual encounters which have the following damage themes.

  • Infernal
  • Bitter
  • Fluctuant
  • Violent
  • Dreaded
TypeMechanicRequired Area Level to Spawn
BitterMonsters deal extra cold damage and can freeze. Ice beams rotate.10
DreadedMonsters deal extra Chaos Damage and can Wither Anomalies fire Chaos projectiles46
FluctuantMonsters get increased lightning damage, and damaging lightning balls cross the screen.25
InfernalMonsters deal increased fire damage and can ignite, and meteors hit the ground that shoot out smaller fireballs that do damage randomly.1
ViolentMonsters deal increased physical damage and can cause bleeding. Pain totems pulse damaging waves.1

There are no tips on doing it faster, just wait until they all spawn and complete all the types.

Defeat these Act Bosses II

Defeat each of the following Unique Act Bosses.

  • Act 6: Tsoagoth, The Brine King
  • Act 7: Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows
  • Act 8: Lunaris, Eternal Moon and Solaris, Eternal Sun
  • Act 9: The Depraved Trinity
  • Act 10: Kitava, the Insatiable

You will do it anyway as you need to defeat all these bosses in order to get to the endgame content.

Complete Encounters II

Complete each of the following encounters.

  • Complete an Abyss

(Abyss League) You’ll start encounter these after Act 6 onward. Upon walking over an abyss encounter, a crack will form on the ground, and a small number of monsters will spawn out of it, the crack will expand till the end with a pit which spawns more monsters from the pit. After you clear fast enough monster from the pit, it may start a new crack from the pit, OR an abyss chest spawn that drop some item including Abyssal Jewel that can be used on your passive tree, OR if you’re lucky enough an Abyssal Depth will spawn that contain more treasure with a greater challenge.

  • Complete a Breach

(Breach League) You’ll start to encounter these in end game maps. Breach encounter looks like a giant purple hand coming out from the ground, when walking over the encounter it’ll expand a circle outwards and spawn a mix of breach monsters within the circle; the faster the monsters are killed the faster the circle expands. After a while, the expansion of the breach will slow down until it eventually retracts quickly and closes.

  • Defeat a Metamorph

(Metamorph League) You’ll start to encounter these in end game maps. Metamorph encounter always spawn with few monsters with green-smoke-pipe attached on their bodies, killing them to collects their organs and when collected enough, Tane NPC will spawn in the map(press V to manual spawn him) and will let you choose the organ you want to create your metamorph monster. You also can get some organ samples from metamorph if you manage to fill the Green Bar full and at least 1 unique organ picked during the metamorph creation. And the organ samples you collected from metamorph can be used to create a super version of metamorph in Tane’s Laboratory which can be accessed by talking to him in your hideout. Metamorph also drops catalyst which can improve ring, amulet, and belts quality.

  • Complete a Blight

(Blight League) You’ll start to encounter these in end game maps. Blight encounter is like a mini-tower defence game on a map, best tower type to use is scout tower which acts as a free summoner aid your fight. Finishing blight encounter can get 2 types of a special reward, 1st is blighted map which is like a special version of the map that contains no other monster but the blight mechanic in large scale, 2nd reward is oil currency which can be used to anoint your blighted maps, amulet (gain notables) and rings (improve blight towers). Can check all the anoint modifiers here.

Acquire The Maven’s Beacon

Exploring the maps, you will stumble upon a mysterious stranger – The Envoy. He will warn you that your actions on the Atlas are being closely monitored and that real trials will soon befall you. You will meet him several more times after a certain number of maps until he warns you directly – Maven has come. On this map, how you will kill the boss will be closely watched by Maven. Kill him, and she will give you her Beacon – a special item that will open up the ability to summon her to the map so that she can keep an eye on how you fight the boss. For more information read Path of Exile Echoes of the Atlas Guide.

Obtain Ritual Rewards

Purchase or Defer each of the following Favours with Tribute.

  • Currency (any currency item)
  • Uniques (any unique item)
  • Gems (any gem)
  • Maps (any map, but not blight ones)
  • Abyss (abyss jewels and belts)
  • Perandus (perandus coins)
  • Harbinger (harbinger specific orbs and shards, such as engineering orb, annulment orb, ancient orb, binding orb and horizon orb)
  • Breach (breach splinters, breach stones and breach rings)
  • Essences (any essence)
  • Fragments (sacrifice fragments, Shaper or Elder fragments)
  • Fossils (Delve fossils and resonators)
  • Prophecies (any prophecy)
  • Divination Cards (any card)
  • Talismans (any talisman)
  • Legion (incubators and legion splinters)
  • Blight (blight maps and oils)
  • Metamorph (catalysts)
  • Ritual (ritual based item types and ritual splinters)
  • Delirium (delirium orbs and splinters)
  • Heist (contracts and markers)

You will see all of them in Tributes. Just remember which items are related to which league. Some examples are shown next to the category above. Also, remember that you can at least defer the item and it will count as done for this challenge.

Complete Ritual Encounters III

Complete each of the following encounters.

  • Combine Ritual Splinters into a Ritual Vessel
  • Use a Ritual Vessel on a Ritual Altar
  • Use a Blood-filled Vessel in your Map Device

Collect 100 ritual splinters and make a Ritual Vessel. Then find a ritual, complete it and use a Ritual Vessel on a Ritual Altar. Now it will be a Blood-filled Vessel put it in the mao device together with the desired map. Read more in Path of Exile 3.13 Ritual League Mechanics Guide.

Normal Difficulty Ritual Challenges

These challenges are hardy autocomplete as the previous ones. Here you’ll need to do some research, but they are also pretty easy to obtain.

Complete Vendor Recipes

Complete vendor recipes to receive each of the following items. A vendor recipe is when you trade a specific pattern of items to a vendor, not when you buy items from their purchase screen.

  • Life Flask – sell to a Vendor 3 same type of flask.
  • Orb of Chance – sell 2 identified rare items with same name OR a full set rare item with their item level 59 below OR 4 item with the same base type but different rarity (normal, magic, rare, unique)
  • Chaos Orb – sell a full set of a rare item with their item level between 60 to 74.
  • Cartographer’s Chisel – sell a Stone Hammer/Rock Breaker/Gavel with 20% quality and a map.
  • Map – sell 3 maps of the same type.
  • Sextant – sell 3 sextants of the same type.
  • Onyx Amulet – sell 1 amulet, 1 blue skill gem, and 1 red skill gem, and 1 green skill gem.
  • Prismatic Ring – sell 3 different types of Two-stone Rings (fire and cold; cold and lightning; fire and lightning).

In case you want to learn more details about vendor recipes read this.

Complete Encounters III

Complete each of the following encounters.

  • Defeat Captain Clayborne, The Accursed in Frozen Cabins Map without defeating any Drowned Crew (try to use single-target ability to burst the boss)
  • Defeat Ormud, Fiend of the Flood in Forking River Map without being hit by Water Vortex or Collapsing Orb (it is a low-level map, so try to kill the boss as fast as you can and dodge everything you see)
  • Defeat Lycius, Midnight’s Howl in Lair Map while he is channelling Wolf Barrage (Can be done easily in low tier, just have to stand in his barrage of wolf skills then kill him, doing in low tier map should be able to tank its barrage skill)
  • Defeat The Gorgon in Sulphur Vents Map while all players are Petrified (Try to use totems or DoT abilities to kill him after he starts to channel his stone gaze skill)

Turn in Divination Cards

Turn in Divination Cards which specifically grant each of the following reward types.

  • Unique Item (The Throne, Humility)
  • Itemised Prophecy (Akil’s Prophecy)
  • Vaal Gem (Volatile Power)
  • Map (Cartographer’s Delight)
  • Scarab (Cameria’s Cut)
  • Six-Linked Item (The Porcupine, Humility)

Obtain Ritual Base Types

Exchange Tributes for the following Ritual Base Types.

  • Penitent Mask
  • Archdemon Crown
  • Blizzard Crown
  • Brimstone Treads
  • Stormrider Boots
  • Dreamquest Slippers
  • Debilitation Gauntlets
  • Sinistral Gloves
  • Nexus Gloves

You can see how they look like in here.

Defeat the Conquerors of the Atlas

Defeat each of the following Conquerors of the Atlas.

  • Baran, The Crusader
  • Veritania, The Redeemer
  • Al-Hezmin, The Hunter
  • Drox, The Warlord
  • Sirus, Awakener of Worlds

This is related to conquers of the Atlas mechanics, if you need more details about it read our Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds Full Guide.

Complete Encounters IV

Complete six of the following eight encounters.

  • Defeat Warband Leaders x150
  • Defeat Rogue Exiles x200
  • Open Strongboxes x200
  • Interact with Shrines x250
  • Open Perandus Chests x150
  • Defeat Beyond Bosses x150
  • Complete Legion Encounters x75
  • Open Maps with Fortune Favours the Brave x30

This is easily achievable during map clearing. You will collect the needed number of them for sure but it will take time. The number of which depends on your playstyle. Appling Zana League Mods on mapping device will highly increase your chances to do it faster.

Achieve Ascension

Use the Ascendancy Device in each of the following Labyrinths.

  • The Labyrinth
  • The Cruel Labyrinth
  • The Merciless Labyrinth
  • The Eternal Labyrinth

The only difficulty in this challenge is to find all the trials. You can read our Path of Exile: Labyrinth Trials Guide for more details.

Reach level 90

Attain character level 90. This challenge still counts even if your character dies afterwards.

Just don’t die often and farm higher tier maps…simple as that. 🙂

Complete Ritual Encounters IV

Complete each of the following encounters.

  • Suppressive
  • Ensconced
  • Charged
  • Fortressed
  • Emboldening
  • Invigorating
  • Vaal
  • Haunted
  • Foul
  • Opulent
  • Apocalyptic
  • Glacial
  • Volatile
  • Sanguine
  • Malevolent
TypeMechanicRequired Area Level To Spawn
ApocalypticMonsters deal extra Fire Damage and can Ignite Meteors fall from the sky68
ChargedMonsters gain Endurance, Frenzy or Power Charges on Hit Altar charges up and Discharges monsters33
EmboldeningMonsters are Massive Altar causes Monsters to grow even larger33
EnsconcedMonsters gain extra Energy Shield based on Life Altar restores monster Energy Shield10
FortressedMonsters take reduced Damage Fortress Totems further reduce the damage Monsters take33
FoulMonsters deal extra Chaos Damage and can Poison Toxic vines grasp you while stationary33
GlacialMonsters deal extra Cold Damage and can Freeze Icy Beams rotate68
HauntedTormented Spirits haunt the Ritual33
InvigoratingMonsters are Fast Gales further accelerate you and Monsters16
MalevolentMonsters deal extra Chaos Damage and can Wither Anomalies fire Chaos projectiles68
OpulentMonsters have greatly increased Item Rarity and Quantity Contains cursed coin showers68
SanguineMonsters deal extra Physical Damage and can inflict Bleeding Pain Totems pulse damaging waves68
SuppressiveMonsters Regenerate Life Smothering Mist lowers your Life Regeneration1
VaalItems dropped by slain Monsters are Corrupted Favours may cost less Tribute on average Atziri’s apparition protects the Altar33
VolatileMonsters deal extra Lightning Damage and can Shock Skull Spires fire Lightning orbs at each other68

There are 15 ritual types and all of them spawn randomly. Just be sure that you farm the appropriate level of maps.

Complete Unique Maps

Complete any 15 of the following 18 Unique Maps on your Atlas. A Map is completed by killing its Unique Boss or Bosses if it has any. Maps without Unique Bosses are completed by opening specific Unique Chests.

  • Vaults of Atziri
  • Maelström of Chaos
  • The Coward’s Trial
  • Acton’s Nightmare
  • Poorjoy’s Asylum
  • Mao Kun
  • Oba’s Cursed Trove
  • Olmec’s Sanctum
  • Death and Taxes
  • Whakawairua Tuahu
  • The Vinktar Square
  • Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack’s Den
  • The Putrid Cloister
  • Hallowed Ground
  • The Twilight Temple
  • Pillars of Arun
  • Perandus Manor
  • Doryani’s Machinarium

You can complete any of them actually. But there are 4 that are hard to complete or to obtain. So we recommend you skip Hall Of GrandmasterPerandus ManorThe Putrid Cloister, and Doryani’s Machinarium. The prices can change so you can check them yourself.

To get unique maps faster get The Encroaching Darkness divination card that will provide you with a random unique map.

Complete Encounters VI

Complete each of the following encounters.

  • Complete Blighted Maps x20
  • Reach Delve Depth 250
  • Complete Syndicate Safehouses x15
  • Defeat Metamorphs in Tane’s Laboratory x10

New skill trees on maps will help you complete these encounters faster. To learn more about it read our Path of Exile 3.13 Atlas Region Skills Trees List.

Socket Craftable Watchstones

Socket twenty of the following twenty-four craftable Watchstones.

  • Chromium Haewark Hamlet Watchstone
  • Chromium Tirn’s End Watchstone
  • Chromium Lex Proxima Watchstone
  • Chromium Lex Ejoris Watchstone
  • Chromium New Vastir Watchstone
  • Chromium Glennach Cairns Watchstone
  • Chromium Valdo’s Rest Watchstone
  • Chromium Lira Arthain Watchstone
  • Platinum Haewark Hamlet Watchstone
  • Platinum Tirn’s End Watchstone
  • Platinum Lex Proxima Watchstone
  • Platinum Lex Ejoris Watchstone
  • Platinum New Vastir Watchstone
  • Platinum Glennach Cairns Watchstone
  • Platinum Valdo’s Rest Watchstone
  • Platinum Lira Arthain Watchstone
  • Titanium Haewark Hamlet Watchstone
  • Titanium Tirn’s End Watchstone
  • Titanium Lex Proxima Watchstone
  • Titanium Lex Ejoris Watchstone
  • Titanium New Vastir Watchstone
  • Titanium Glennach Cairns Watchstone
  • Titanium Valdo’s Rest Watchstone
  • Titanium Lira Arthain Watchstone

These watchstones can be obtained for completing end games Maven’s invitations or you can simply buy them. Each type of these watchstones can have a different type of modifiers on them, and they work like flasks which means can only be crafted into normal or magic rarity only.

Hard Difficulty Ritual Challenges

These challenges may cause more difficulties and extra effort to complete them. Such as extra farm of content and tactics and mechanics on killing end-game bosses.

Complete Harvest Encounters

Complete each of the following Harvest encounters.

  • Harvest a plot of seeds

Each sacred grove contains at least 2 areas of seeds, and you can only pick 1 per area.

  • Store a Harvest Craft in Horticrafting Station

Once you complete a harvest, you can store the crafting mod you want to keep later by sending it to harticrafting station after selecting the crafted mod you wanted. And then you can use the store crafting mod in your hideout from the horticrafting bench (hideout decoration) after you placed it in your hideout. More about the changes of Harvest league you can read in our Path of Exile 3.13 Harvest and Heist Reworks post.

  • Defeat a Harvest Boss

There are 3 types of harvest bosses, base on 3 different types of seeds that are in the Tier 4 version:

Ersi, Mother of Thorns – Wild Thornfruit
Janaar, the Omen – Primal Blisterfruit
Namharim, Born of Night – Vivid Scalefruit

  • Harvest the Heart of the Grove

There’s a small chance your sacred grove encounter may contain a boss. Here’s a preview video of the boss fight.

Complete The Maven’s Crucible

Complete The Maven’s Crucible while it has at least the following number of bosses.

  • Three
  • Four
  • Five
  • Six
  • Ten

That means that you need to kill bosses with Maven and eventually kill a maximum of 10 bosses at once. You can read how to do it in our guide here,

Complete Heist Encounters

Complete each of the following Heist encounters.

  • Heist Contract

Contracts can be obtained everywhere, Whakano also sells them. You can do the contract by bringing the “contract” item to Adiyah in Rogue Harbor (right-click Rogue’s Marker in town or hideout will open a portal to access this place) then let her open it for you.

  • Heist Blueprint

Blueprint can be obtained everywhere, but slightly rarer than the contract drop rate. It can be used to do a Grand Heist by bringing the item to Adiyah to open it, after you reveal some of the rooms/wings with Whakano, and plan your heist in the Planning Room which located in the middle of Rogue Harbor town.

Blueprint TypeFinal room reward type
library/laboratoryreplicas and experimented
smuggler den/underbellytrinkets
office/bunker/mansionenchanted armaments
  • Unique Contract

It can drop from Smuggler’s Caches that randomly spawn on maps or monsters from doing heist contracts. The list of unique contracts is here.

  • Defeat The Twins

These boss can be accessed by doing Vengeful Contract which contains 2 bosses, that’s why the name The Twins. The boss fight is pretty easy, just try to kill both at the same time, unless the lesft one will be enraged and super tanky.

Allocate Atlas Passive Trees

Allocate ten passive skill points in each of the following Atlas Passive Trees.

  • Haewark Hamlet
  • Tirn’s End
  • Lex Proxima
  • Lex Ejoris
  • New Vastir
  • Glennach Cairns
  • Valdo’s Rest
  • Lira Arthain

Actually if you manage to kill ten bosses in Maven’s lair, you will do this automatically, just don’t forget to apply regional skill points.

Complete Maps with Eight Mods

Complete 30 Red Tier Rare Maps while they have 8 mods. Maps having 8 mods is a potential outcome of Vaal Orb corruption. These Maps are completed by killing their Unique Bosses. Sextants, Scarabs and Zana mods do not count towards the mod count of this challenge.

This is harder than the unidentified rare map, to have 8 mods on red maps(T11+), you need to use Vaal Orb to corrupt a map into 8 mods. Or you can buy them on PoE trade here.

Complete Encounters V

Complete each of the following encounters.

  • Defeat a Delve Boss

There’s 3 kind of delve boss, and out of all 3 Aul is the hardest boss to fight with:

Ahuatotli, the Blind spawns in minimum delve 22 or deeper.
Kurgal, the Blackblooded spawns in minimum delve 51 or deeper.
Aul, the Crystal King spawns in minimum delve 150 or deeper.

  • Defeat the Mastermind

This is the last boss of syndicate hierarchy, you can access the mastermind safehouse after fill the information bar to full from killing captains of each safehouse divisions. Its full fight is all about running around the arena avoid the middle laser beam and the burning arena from 4 edges.

  • Complete Domain of Timeless Conflict

By collecting a total of 100 timeless splinters you will collect a Timeless Emblem map fragment, which can be used to unlock the 5th slot of map device if running 4 types of the emblem at once.

  • Complete the Simulacrum

You can collect simulacrum splinters from a delirium mechanic at the end of the encounter, depending on how many monsters you kill inside the fog. And when you collected 300 splinters, it is converted into a unique map name Simulacrum. Is a pretty difficult map, but gives a lot of rewards and experience if you manage to beat it.

Explore the Atlas

Complete the following number of Bonus Objectives and Awakening Bonus Objectives.

  • Bonus Objectives x150 – Obtain from completing maps with required rarity.
  • Awakening Bonus Objectives x150 – Obtain from completing maps with required awaken power (amount of watchstone placed in the Atlas).

Complete Ritual Encounters V

Defeat each of the following combinations of bosses in a single Ritual encounter.

  • Guardian of the Phoenix (Forge of the Phoenix Map) – Tier 16 Forge of the Phoenix Map
  • Mephod, the Earth Scorcher (Summit Map) – Tier 15 Summit Map
  • Kitava, The Destroyer (Lava Lake Map) – Tier 15 Lava Lake Map
  • The Infernal King (Caldera Map) – Tier 14 Caldera Map
  • Guardian of the Hydra (Lair of the Hydra Map) – Tier 16 Lair of the Hydra Map
  • Nassar, Lion of the Seas (Reef Map) – Tier 3 Reef Map
  • Ambrius, Legion Slayer (Colosseum Map) – Tier 14 Colosseum Map
  • Varhesh, Shimmering Aberration (Terrace Map) – Tier 15 Terrace Map
  • Guardian of the Minotaur (Maze of the Minotaur Map) – Tier 16 Maze of the Minotaur Map
  • Stone of the Currents (Wharf Map) – Tier 2 Wharf Map
  • Gisale, Thought Thief (Scriptorium Map) – Tier 9 Scriptorium Map
  • Shock and Horror (Cells Map) – Tier 9 Mineral Pools Map
  • Guardian of the Chimera (Pit of the Chimera Map) – Tier 16 Pit of the Chimera Map
  • Penitentiary Incarcerator (Dungeon Map) – Tier 9 Dungeon Map
  • The Brittle Emperor (Wasteland Map) – Tier 4 Wasteland Map
  • Stalker of the Endless Dunes (Dig Map) – Tier 12 Dig Map
  • Gorulis, Will-Thief (Infested Valley Map) – Tier 2 Infested Valley Map
  • Armala, the Widow (Sunken City Map) – Tier 2 Sunken City Map
  • Visceris (Overgrown Ruin Map) – Tier 3 Overgrown Ruin Map
  • Queen of the Great Tangle (Jungle Valley Map) – Tier 1 Jungle Valley Map

This challenge is a bit RNG to capture them because it requires a ritual spawn in the boss room so that you can capture their soul using the Ritual Vessel item. To do these challenge you need 5 slots map device which can be unlocked after you complete a 4-ways Timeless Emblem. You can summon multiple bosses in one ritual by putting multiple Blood-filled Vessels in your map device but the fight is pretty hard as it piled up a lot of end game bosses in a small arena. As long you manage to capture these bosses by using the Rital Vessel, you can invite other experienced players to help you complete the ritual to get this challenge done if the fight is too difficult for your build.

Defeat The Maven

Accept The Maven’s Invitation and defeat The Maven.

The fight cosist of 7 phases:

  • Maven(1)
  • Nucleus of the Maven boss(2)
  • Maven(3)
  • Nucleus of the Maven boss(4)
  • Maven(5)
  • Nucleus of the Maven boss(6)
  • Maven with coil beams(7)

The Brain Boss phase always starts when Maven current HP bar is depleted and isn’t time-related. So in phase 1, you need to remove 100% of Maven’s life, in phase 2 you need to remove 33% of the Nucleus of the Maven boss’ life, in phase 3 you need to remove 100% of Maven’s life, in phase 4 you need to remove 33% of the Nucleus of the Maven boss’ life, in phase 5 you need to remove 100% of Maven’s life, in phase 6 you need to remove 33% of the Nucleus of the Maven boss’ life and finally in phase 7 you need once again to remove 100% of Maven’s life.

You can fight Maven by opening the Maven’s Writ item on your map device, which can be obtained by combining 10 Crescent Splinter that only drop from doing Maven’s Invitation.

Complete Encounters VII

Complete each of the following encounters.

  • Defeat the bosses of Foundry Map within three seconds of one another and without being hit by Corpse Rain.

On 50% of Ciergan boss’ life corpse will start dropping from the ceiling. Avoid them and kill all three bosses after this.

  • Kill the bosses of Bramble Valley Map without being hit by Melur Thornmaul’s Slam, Orvi Acidbeak’s Shrill Screech and Elida Blisterclaw’s Vine Spikes

In the first phase, you will fight with each of the previous bosses one by one. Be ready to face all three bosses simultaneously at the phase two, while evading their abilities.

  • Kill Burtok, Conjurer of Bones in Necropolis Map while you are affected by Bone Roil and he is Bleeding

He casts bone prison every 10 seconds and it lasts for 3 seconds. So you need to lower his HP then wait for him to cast bone prison, use any skill or attack that causes bleeding and kill him.

  • Kill Doedre the Defiler in Sepulchre Map while you have five stacks of Doedre’s Suffering, Torment and Withering

During the fight Doedre summons 3 Monoliths in the boss room. While standing near them you get debuffs. Lower her HP then go in circles in room to get all her debuffs and kill her.

Complete Deadly Encounters

Complete four of the following six deadly encounters.

  • Atziri in the Alluring Abyss
  • Abaxoth, The End of All That Is
  • Chayula, Who Dreamt in their Domain
  • The Shaper in The Shaper’s Realm
  • Uber Elder
  • Sirus, Awakener of Worlds at Awakening Level 8 or higher

To complete this Ritual Challenge you will need a good build and experience of killing end-game bosses. It is better to skip Uber Elder and if you are lucky to kill Abaxoth the second one to skip is Sirus, Awakener of Worlds.

Very Hard Difficulty Ritual Challenges

To complete the following four challenges you will need as many time as one week and a decent build for completing the top end-game content and bosses.

Allocate Uncharted Realm Passives

Allocate twelve passive skill points in the Uncharted Realm’s Atlas Passive Tree.

These points can be obtained only on end-game Maven’s invitations and killing herself. That’s the way to get all twelve skill points for the Uncharted Realm’s Atlas Passive Tree.

Prove Your Worth

Defeat 1,250 Map Bosses while you are being witnessed by The Maven.

Just grind map with Maven’s presence. A lot of them. 🙂

Defeat The Maven Conditionally

Complete each of the following encounters.

  • Defeat The Maven without allowing more than 16 Volatile Orbs to be active at once

To do these challenge you have to avoid Maven throwing the volatile projectile twice, which means your character build need to have high damage to make her quickly change into the next phase before she is able to throw another burst of volatile projectiles.

  • Defeat The Maven while there are at least 12 Gravity Wells active

To do this challenge, you have let the Nucleus of the Maven boss shoot out its projectiles 4 times before the last phase of Nucleus of the Maven boss, which is the phase you fight Maven for the last time before the coil beams, also the phase where the Nucleus of the Maven boss goes to the middle of the arena the 3rd time. The 1st and 2nd time when the Nucleus of the Maven boss coming to the centre will reset the arena, so only the 3rd time only counts.

  • Defeat The Maven without failing her Memory Game

To do this challenge, you have to succeed in all of her memory games during the fight. You can lessen the “memory game” phase to appear by killing her fast enough.

  • Defeat The Maven without being hit by her Coil Beams

During the last phase boss fight, the brain boss will shoot out 5 splitting coil beam rotating anti-clockwise around the arena. To do this challenge, all you have to do is just avoid that beam at all cost.

Complete Endgame Grinds

Complete any four of these encounters the specified number of times.

  • Level 100
  • Kill Izaro in the Eternal Labyrinth x100
  • Complete Grand Heists x25
  • Harvest the Heart of the Grove x15
  • Use Blood-filled Vessels with Maps and successfully complete all Rituals in the area x50
  • Defeat The Maven x40

No need to do all of them but choose 4 the most appropriate and easy for you. We recommend skipping reaching level 100 as it is time-consuming. As for the other ones do the ones you think are the easiest for you.

Ritual League Challenge Rewards

This year there are good rewards to loot from completing Ritual League Challenges.

In the Ritual League, you’ll have the option to complete 40 new challenges and earn exclusive microtransaction rewards. At 12, 24 and 36 challenges you will earn the Ritual Weapon Effect, Ritual Character Effect and Ritualist’s Hideout respectively. Completing challenges also grants you pieces of the Ritual Totem Pole Hideout decoration.

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