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Do you remember once April’s Fools game mode in Path of Exile? Well, it comes back as an experimental mode that will get unlocked for some period of time during the upcoming month. After that, we will know the fate of it, but meanwhile, you can try it out now! In this post, you will know everything you need to know about Path of Exile Royale game mode.

Path of Exile Royale mode unlocks today 15th July and will last until the end of the weekend which is on Sunday 18th July. For now, it is available only for PC players.

Next Path of Exile Royale battles will take place every weekend (except for PoE 3.15 Expedition league start) until the end of the league.

We will know later whether PoE Royale will be added to the core of the game.

What is Path of Exile Royale?

It is a special game mode that was originally active during April Fool’s event back in 2018. Path of Exile Royale has everything from a typical battle royale game: massive PvP fights for a limited period of time with a shrinking island. It was a huge success so GGG decided to make it better and give Path of Exile: Royale a chance as a part of the main gameplay.

How to join the Path of Exile: Royale game?

to start playing Path of Exile: Royale you will need a new level 1 character and find Royale on the character selection screen, in the Events list (under your list of characters). There click join, pick a class and get ready for the battle as you will be thrown into the currently-filling game. If you want to have another go there is no need to create a new character for the next battle. You can pick any of those that you have but remember that it will reset to level 1 and lose all the items it had.

The game will need 100 players as a most but can start from the number of 50. You will wait at your starting point have some time to see the special Path of Exile Royale passive skill tree.

Path of Exile Royale passive skill tree

You can accept a new simplified skill tree for the Path of Exile Royale game mode. Path of Exile Royale passive skill tree was designed so to be adjusted to quick PvP battles which will take around 15 minutes of your time. You can see an example below.

As you can see from the image above Path of Exile Royale passive skill tree is not only smaller it also doesn’t have starting points for each class. So you can put in skills where you like. The six outer branches are themed around different kinds of skills and damage types, while the skills in the centre provide powerful but situational defensive stats.

When you level up you get 2 skill points in PoE Royale which you can immediately apply with a single click. But be careful as there are no refund points and you will not be able to change anything.

PoE Royale Start

Every player starts on a mysterious island on a beach with a simple weapon and a couple of flasks. The first task is to find a better weapon and some skill gems to be ready to fight back and win. You will find loot in chests and level up by killing monsters. For killing other players you’ll get more XP and loot. Also, you can find better items closer to the centre of the island.

When the battle starts you will see the timer before the storm. As it comes to zero you will see that one part of the island disappears and players who were there will start taking damage over time. There will be a chance to reach safe ground but opponents can take an advantage of your temporary weakness.

When the storm ends you will see a new timer that counts the approach of the next storm. The boundary of the storm appears in red in the game world and on your minimap. The inside circle in blue indicates the area that will still be safe after the storm’s next movement. When you’re outside the safe zone, indicators will show you the direction and distance to safety.

Path of Exile: Royale Gems and Items

There are currently around 50 skill gems and 15 support gems available in Royale. They have been chosen from all of the gems in the regular game and, if necessary, scaled down for use in low-level play. For example, you may find a skill at level 1 that requires level 28 in the regular Path of Exile. To keep things relatively simple, the skills available exclusively damage and/or movement-related.

To see the whole list of Gems that you can find in Path of Exile Royale visit Path of Exile Royale All Gems List.

The equipment you find will mostly look the same as it would in act 1 of the regular game, but there are a few differences. Most importantly, your life flasks will be interrupted if another player hits you, so you can’t rely on them to save you in PvP combat. Some items also have tweaked balance values, a few extra mods available, or appear at much lower levels than they normally do. Royale also contains a pool of around 75 unique items, and like gems, many of these are items that you would normally find at much higher levels, scaled-down for low-level play. These adjustments are purely numerical though, so you can trust that your favourite unique will still work just like it does in the regular game.

But note that loot-filters are disabled in PoE Royale to make all players equal. Cosmetics will be added but not now.

As for the other gameplay features of PoE Royale. You’ll find flask stations that completely refill your flasks when touched. After they’ve been used, their power is drained for a few seconds.

In addition, compared to the normal game, you start with more life, less mana but more mana regeneration, higher stun and ailment thresholds, more balanced base attributes, and faster experience gain.

If you lose you can spectate the battle or leave and find another match. But if you win you will get Rhoa Feast hideout decoration for the main game.

This transforming decoration unlocks new, more impressive variations the more rounds you win and shows your win count when hovered, letting you show off your PvP skill to anyone in your hideout. So the more you win the better it gets.

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