Picross S 3 Review – Nintendo Switch

Before we start a Picross s3 review let us tell you several details about the genre itself. If you are interested in Japanese puzzle games then may be you already know what we will talk about, but if picross games are new to you read forward carefully.

What is picross

Picross is a Japanese puzzle game where you need to solve simple mathematical and logical tasks. As a result of your calculations you will get a pretty picture. First what you’ll is a table with a place for a picture in center and numbers on the left and top sides of it. Those number indicate how many cells must be filled in this line. Your task is to identify places where lines cross forming a single picture.

In the picture you see a simple level from Picross s3 from Nintendo Switch. Below you see how the solved picross looks like.

Please, note that these to pictures are not from the same level, so you cannot use it as a hint.

Besides black and white levels you will also mega picross and color picross. The first ones are solved in parts to create a big picture. And the second ones will create a beautiful colorful picture. However, you’ll need to learn a specific tactics to solve color picross.

Picross S3 Review

If you want to play one of the best puzzle games on Switch then you should learn about Picross S series. Now there are three separate picross on Switch, those are Picross S, Picross S2 and Picross S3. For now we have only Picross S3 reviews on our blog.

Among other Nintendo Switch puzzle games Picross S3 has a specific magnetizing charm. Among all of course, you’ll see a great number of different levels. Some of them are for starters as they are small and easy. But that is a great advantage of Picross S3 because you can master the game little by little. Also, levels are separated in different modes: picross, mega picross, picross color, clip picross and tutorial levels of course.

Picross s3 review modes

As we have already explained what picross is now let’s talk about other levels. So mega picross is a mode that contains big pictures to solve.

Color picross s3

Color picross are puzzling for newbies but are very interesting to master. As a result there you’ll draw a colorful picture, usually from 3 to 5 different colors.

Clip picross s3

And a clip picross is a mode with little parts of a big pretty picture. But those levels open only after solving puzzles in a Picross mode.

But you will see that there are several clip pictures so you will solve some of them at once.

clip picross s3 levels

When playing Picross S3 you will see that you can achieve some budgets for solving puzzles with out picross tips hints. But if you what to know how to play picross then it will be useful to use some hints at the beginning. And if you want to solve picross puzzles easily here is a tip for you: always start from the biggest numbers, especially if they are at the edges and the go to cells which are definitely empty.

Developer and Publisher of Picross S3 is Jupiter and they have a lot of other puzzle games that may attract your attention, visit their official website to learn more. Also, you can check a-like games for your phone, like picross luna.

  • Summary
    70Total Score

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Various numbers of puzzles
      • Includes levels or beginners
      • Good tutorials
      • Few modes
      • Available only on Nintendo Switch
      • Simple for those who are good in picross puzzles
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