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Girls like PvP and easy Co-op

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As we promised earlier in my article “Plants vs. Zombies: GW2 Introduction to the game“. This time, we introduce you the second part of Plants vs. Zombies: GW2 review. Today we are going to discuss it’s PvP and Co-op modes and game varieties. Through all the time we were playing this game we had a feeling we were playing a game for girls or children as everything was very pretty and easy. That is why we shortly called it girls like PvP and easy Co-op. Sorry, ladies. 😳

PvP modes

So you should know, that to start a PvP game you have to come next to a special teleport station and create a portal to the game. You simply pick a regime and start a game search. That’s how this machine looks like:


“Welcome Mat”

The first type of this girls like PvP mode is called “Welcome Mat“. It’s description you can read above:


This mode is really good for starters. There you can see the main principals of the game and get used to the controls and other stuff.

Game searches you match without paying any attention to your side. Even if you started your game as a Plant you may play as a Zombie in PvP. After your match is found you will be allowed to pick a champion, of course, you can change it anytime (as well as switch your team, if there is a free place).


Basic rules in “Welcome Mat” are to get 50 kills before your opponents do. There in the top of the screen you can see game progress:


Team Vanquish

The next PvP mode is cold “Team Vanquish“. Again description is above:


Here rules are absolutely the same: the faster your team gets 50 kills the sooner you win. But, compared to the previous mode here you will see only one map, that pretty much looks as arena:


“Turf Takeover”

So the third PvP mode in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is called “Turf Takeover”:


This mode is about controlling the map. You have to check objectives and fight for them during a set period of time. As you see nothing really new.


This type of shooters was always the easiest for me, because, you always know where your opponents are right now, so you go and kill them before they even notice you. Isn’t it brilliant? Besides, we were honored to be one of the 5 best players that match… Proud! 😆


“Gnome Bomb”

This mode might have been interesting according to its description


But we waited and waited..then waited a little bit longer…We’ve almost transformed to pop-corn under this hot Sun (if you now what we mean), but nothing happened.


So we quit this match and started another PvP mode.

“Vanquish confirmed!”

This mode is about collecting orbs that fell after someone’s death. Whose team is first to collect needed amount wins.

Vanquish confirmed!

We may also say that you can pick any orb you see whether it fell from your teammate or enemy. And here how they look like:



The other interesting but absolutely unpopular PvP mode.


So again we had some time to think about my entire existence.


“Mixed mode”

We guess we liked it the most. It wasn’t that easy or even girls like PvP mode as you could get a little bit confused there.


You never know all the terms to get the win and you have to do your best not to get lost 🙁


For example, here you had to push these balls to the holes and not letting your enemies do the same. It was really amazing and pretty much new!

We hope after these screenshots and comments you understand why we called it girls like PvP. Or not?


To start a Co-op game you need to make another multiplayer portal and pick the settings you like.


There you can play alone or invite friends, also, you can pick one of the PvP modes and set difficulty. I think it’s not necessary to show you PvP modes in Co-op, so I’ll show you the main moments of the Tower Defense part of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

Our favorite Tower Defense mode is “Flag of power”.


Your team raises the flag and gains great power, but you have to protect the flag from incoming enemies in order to win.

The other Tower Defence type is “Protect the Garden”.


Here you build a garden and protect it from incoming Zombies if you play as a Plant or vice versa conquer the garden if you play as a Zombie.

There are many other maps in Co-op and Tower Defense modes, but the gameplay is the same, so if you want to know more, you’re welcome to buy the game. For now, we hope these articles about Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 were useful for you.

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