Play-In Knockouts Results

Welcome to the post where you can see all the standings in League of Legends World Championship 2019. So it is an article that combines stats after two days of Knockout phase and here you’ll see what teams qualified to the Worlds Play-in Groups stage. So meet Worlds 2019 Play-In Knockouts results. Moreover, be attentive as this post is full of spoilers!

Our previous piece of news about League of Legends World Championship 2019 contained information about the teams from groups C and D that qualified to play in knockouts.

During these two days we saw how the teams from all four groups fought for their place in play-in groups worlds stage. If you didn’t see the games you really should as a they very very interesting and intense! To see only those games that yo prefer, you can watch VODS here.

Play-In Knockouts Results – Day 1 [SPOILERS]

During the first day of play-in knockouts stage played four teams. Those are:

  • Lowkey Esports (Vietnam)
  • DAMWON Gaming (Korea)
  • Clutch Gaming (North America)
  • Royal Youth (Turkey)

In this stage teams play best of five series and meet only with one opponent. First matches were between Lowkey Esport and Damwon Gaming. If you remember DAMWON Gaming had a very strong start in play-in groups stage and finished it without losses. So it was unpredictable that Lowkey Esports could gain a win in one match. Nevertheless DAMWON Gaming gathered and detirmined thier place for the play-in groups stage in Worlds 2019 further.

With a result: Lowkey Esport 1:3 DAMWON Gaming

Lowkey Esports vs DAMWON Gaming results Worlds 2019

The second match series were between Clutch Gaming and Royal Youth. Even though you might guess the result of this match-up we believe you’d like to see the games. Huni was great and it is worth watching.

So the results of these series: Clutch Gaming 3:0 Royal Youth

So after the games that were on Monday October the 7th we know that two teams are going to play in the next stage of the World Championship 2019. Those are DAMWON Gaming and Clutch Gaming. They entered the following groups: DAMWON Gaming entered group D and we will see them playing next time on the 12th October. As for Clutch Gaming they entered group C and we will them also this Saturday the 12th October .

LoL World Championship 2019 Groups C and D

Results – Day 2 [SPOILERS]

In the second day of the competition we was playing the following teams:

  • Hong Kong Attitude (LMS)
  • Isurus Gaming (Latin America)
  • Unicorns of Love (CIS)
  • Splice (Europe)

The first matches played Hong Kong Attitude against Isurus Gaming. The fight was decent. But even though quick and sever. After four games we knew the qualifier for the Wolds Play in group and it is Hong Kong Attitude.

The results of their matches are: Hong Kong Attitude 3:1 Isurus Gaming

Hong Kong Attitude vs Isurus Gaming in Worlds knockouts 2019

The next pair of opponents is Unicorns of Love and Splice. To tell you the truth these matches are so worth to watch that we will embed you a video below. You will see intense 5 games of oppression between two great and strong teams. All the time there will be a question: so who is going to win?

You don’t have to wait for the answer, of course, as we will write it further. But if you like long and unpredictable matches grab some chips and enjoy!

As a result Splice qualified for the next Worlds 2019 stage with a result:

Unicorns of Love 2:3 Splice

Unicirns of Love vs Splice Worlds 2019 knouckout results

So after the second day in the Play-in Knockouts stage we know the last two teams that are going to play in groups next in the Worlds 2019 Championship.

Play-in Groups Standings Worlds 2019 - Play-in Knockouts results

As a results we will see Hong Kong Attitude playing in the Group A and Splice in the Group B. Splice are going to pay their next game on the 12th of October this Saturday. And as for Hong Kong Attitude you’ll see them next time on the 13th of October on Sunday.

You can see the whole schedule for League of Legends’ World Championship 2019 here. And meet you on Saturday with new results!

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