PM-1 Inverse Universe – They are coming…

Meet a brand new classic 2D Top-down space shooter in a new dress. As mentioned above in the headline, you will be busy when you want to save the Earth planet and our Solar System. The main character is captain Shephard and after you board the allied space ship, your journey begins. So let’s talk about it closer.

What PM-1 Inverse Universe offers

At first, it can look like 2d classic shooter game but it is not. Due to ship control which you have, it behaves like 2d simulation game. You need little time to learn how to control it. PM-1 Inverse Universe is a remarkable game. You play as Captain Shephard onboard special allied space ship called PM-1. At the beginning of the game will be explained everything what you have to do in the game and how to play it… control, upgrades, special skills, warp portals, minimap, bosses etc.

PM-1 Inverse Universe review

Open world? Not really…

It looks like an open-world game but it is not. There is a border in the shape of a circle that keeps you in the storyline where they gradually spawn individual waves of enemy units accompanied by dynamic music. You just have to survive. Upgrades and special skills are helpful, especially normal weapons. The stronger weapons the faster player has to eliminate enemies that get stronger with every level. The action is smooth and unusually as in the other shooters. And the game has a very nice vector graphic set. Arrows, which are marked in colour, help to orientate in space. The only thing people have to do is to endure until the end of the story. Everything is up to you.

PM-1 Inverse Universe game

What did the developer say…

“As of right fans of science fiction, I decided to create my own game that I called PM-1 Inverse Universe in March 2018. The game is tough, but it takes 2-4 hours depending on how you play and what kind of player you are. Players can expect game controller support over time, also multiplayer (co-op) with voice communication.”

PM-1 Inverse Universe on Steam


The game in monochrome style is very nice and rare to see, it is also very challenging and it is not for the players who expect to pass the game with a single button. It is worth seeing and playing the game.

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