PoE Harvest Layout – Planting Tips and Optimization

As Path of Exile Harvest League started a lot of players have asked us to write a Harvest league guide to answer the most common questions and explain mechanics. We have done that yesterday and you can see via the link below. As for PoE Harvest Layout – Planting Tips and Optimization guide here we will explain the best ways to arrange your Garden in the Sacred Grove.

Harvest League returns to Path of Exile with many reworks! Check the post below for updated information:
Path of Exile 3.13 Harvest and Heist Reworks

If you have already started the new league you may have noticed that the Sacred Grove has a strange and tricky layout. From first sight, it seems hard to find the easiest way to arrange and automatize the planting process for all the possible seeds irrespective of their tier. But that it is not so. We have gathered the list of the most appropriate and easy to use Harvest gardening plans, which we want to share with you. And one of them is to collect PoE Currency as it is very rare in Harvest.

Harvest League Layout – The Sacred Grove

Of course, you can make the garden yourself according to your personal preferences. But it is much easier to do if you have had a plan or a layout of the Sacred Grove before you. Here is the link to the spreadsheet shared by u/Blees-o-tron on Reddit where you can find an empty layout with several explanations and ideas of setting up your garden for Harvest league.

But if you like to use tools like paint then you might like to use the image below. This PoE Harvest 3.11 Farm Template was shared by u/SalteeKibosh also on Reddit.

Path of Exile Harvest League Garden Layout

The great advantage of this template is that you can use it in paint to set up your personal Harvest Garden in no time. If you have any difficulties with that read our Harvest league planting tips that we will write about further.

Path of Exile Harvest Garden Setup Examples

In case, you don’t want to spend your time overthinking the setup plan you can use one of the Harvest setup examples we have found for you. They will fit any sort of players.

If you want a quick and easy garden set up you can build the template shared by u/DollarAkshay. The player made a plan in Google Sheets and you can see it here. Also, there is an image of it below.

Path of Exile Harvest Garden Setup Easy Example

As you can see in this picture the player decided to make the most optimal usage of the Sacred Grove’s place. Although, you cannot use such a garden if you want to plant a lot of seeds simultaneously. But it perfectly fits the leveling phase.

The next layout we took from u/XeitPL. You can also, examine it in Google Sheets. Or see it in the picture below.

Path of Exile Harvest Garden Setup Max Rewards Example

This one is a bit harder to build and also more expansive. But in return you will get the optimal Harvest league garden setup to get the most number of rewards from the seed you plant.

As for the third example. It was shared by u/esk213. This one is the trickiest of all and we suggest you look the links he made before examining the template itself.

Path of Exile Harvest Garden Setup 99.5% Space Efficiency Example

The last one has a 99.5% Space Efficiency level. And that means that you will arrange all area in the Sacred Grove and will make it work for you at its limits. Anyway, it is your choice how to make Harvest league work for you.

Garden Setup with focus on storage capacity and clarity

This is one is an example of Garden Setup with a focus on storage capacity and clarity. We have seen it at PoE Reddit and it was made by u/fatSquirrel42. The great examples for players who want to use horticrafting stations and needs a lot of storage to collect lifeforce.

PoE Harvest League Planting Tips

If you decide to make your own setup or a template read the tips we made up for you.

Where to locate pylons

It should be remembered that pylons connect to each other or to other racks at a maximum distance of 4 cells. This applies not only when connected in a straight line, but also diagonally. Also, the maximum number of connections per pylon is four (regardless of what it is connected to).

Where to locate tanks

Path Of Exile pylons and tanks

You can not allocate a separate place for tanks, but place them between pylons, which connect zones with T1 seeds and dispersers.

Where to locate dispersers

The optimal number of dispersers for one T2 (or T3) seeds collector is 6 pieces (3 per other colours). Since corners are not suitable for growing seeds T2 and higher (at least 4 other seeds should be nearby, and only 3 adjusted cells in the corner), it is most advantageous to use them under dispersers. On the right side (or top) at the corners, we place 2 dispersers of the same colour and on the opposite side, in the centre (outside the collector zone), one more. These three dispersers will cover the entire zone, it remains only to mirror 3 dispersers of a different colour. And you get the optimal zone for growing T2 and T3 seeds.

Setup a layout for T4 seeds

To grow T4 seeds, 3 different lifeforces are needed at once, so it would be wiser to create 1 layout and use the collector depending on the seed tier (i.e. leave the centre empty). The easiest way is to place 3 different dispersers diagonally at the corners, which will cover the entire area for growing T4 seeds.

Path Of Exile T4 seeds

Also, a large number of condensed lifeforce is needed to grow T4 seeds, (in total all types for all cycles a little more than 3 thousand), so take care to build a sufficient number of tanks.

We hope you share with us your layouts if you come up with any better ideas!

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  1. Grégor González

    Wow didn’t know about that, grove layouts can reach to 100% efficiency, i’m just starting maps and this helped me to understand more about harvest, thanks!

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      Thanks, Grégor! Glad to be of service.

      Good luck with your maps. 😉

  2. col


    1. EGRblog

      You are most welcome! 😉

  3. Jack

    need to consider location for craftbenches

    1. EGRblog

      You can put them next to the stash under the waypoint. Or between storages, if you use the second example.

  4. Mette

    I just have one question. When all the collectors, pylons and storage tanks are connected to each other, and there is plenty of space in the storage tanks, WHY does the collector insist on discarding life force? What am I missing??

    1. EGRblog

      There is a common bug when some of the links can break unexpectedly. Are you sure that ALL the links are working?

  5. Luke Olsen

    “To grow T4 seeds, 3 different lifeforces are needed at once, so it would be wiser to create 1 layout and use the collector depending on the seed tier (i.e. leave the centre empty). The easiest way is to place 3 different dispersers diagonally at the corners, which will cover the entire area for growing T4 seeds.”

    Does this have to do with layout optimization? I mean, I don’t know about that because I’ve always played it without any kind of Path of Exile Tips.

    1. EGRblog

      This advice will be suitable for easy layout examples (like the first and the second). If you want to make three universal places for growing seeds of different seeds instead of designing a complicated one.

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