Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Global) Rerolling Guide

First of all, let us explain why we mentioned that this post is Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Global). The game has been released in steps to different markets. You can read more details about it in What is Princess Connect! Re: Dive? post. Originally is released in Japan and only several years later Princess Connect! Re: Dive appeared on Global servers. Actually, the Global version just follows the footsteps of the original Japanese version. And even though you can look up what’s going to be released next, it is hard to know what is currently good to play in Princess Connect! Re: Dive Global. In this post, you will learn some details about Rerolling in Princess Connect! Re: Dive. It suits the best new players.

Why is rerolling important in Princess Connect! Re: Dive? Well, mainly because it is a gacha game and rerolling is the way to obtain new characters. Below you will see five main tips that will help you get the needed characters as fast as you can. Also, we highlighted items that are tied to launch bonuses.

Princess Connect! Re Dive Rerolls
  • Complete the tutorial as there you can get a Gacha pull with a guaranted 3-Star character.
    • You can skip the first Battle Tutorial. Just on “Menu” in the top-right and click “Skip”.‚Äč
    • You can also skip Story content the same way.
    • Cutscences can be skipped as well by clicking on them.
    • But be sure to download all necessary updates through the tutorial.
      • If you are on Bluestacks, you might be able to just delete your reroll data, bypassing the need to redownload these files.
  • Link your Priconne and Crunchyroll accounts to get 2,000 more Free Jewels which equals 13 Pulls.
    • You can access that in “Menu”, then click “Account Link” and progress. As of the soft launch, this account link can be instantly removed without losing the 2,000 Jewel gift. This allows you to use one Crunchyroll account across every reroll.
  • Use all Presents Boxes to collect rewards. Accassible on the main screen.
  • Complete Story Main Quests to get even more free Jewels.
  • Additional launch free Jewels rewards:
    • One-time bonus of 3,100 Jewels, which will provide two more Multi-pulls
    • The Jump Start Login bonus will provides 100 Jewels
    • Pay attantion to any events that grant free Jewels or Focus Gachas

Use the obtained Jewels to get new characters. If you collect all of them you’ll have around 5,200 Jewels which are a minimum of three 10 Pull Multis to start.

There are many characters in Princess Connect! Re: Dive Global and even more to come in future. So when you use your rerolls you need to know which of the characters will work the best for you. Read our Princess Connect! Re: Dive Tier List to learn more about winning combinations in Priconne.

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