Princess Connect! Re: Dive Tier List

Princess Connect! Re: Dive game is a popular mobile team fighter where you play for anime princesses. The game has interesting background and history that you can read more about in What is Princess Connect! Re: Dive? post. And here you can know what are the best characters to play in the current version on Global Princess Connect! Re: Dive Tier List.

At Princess Connect! Re: Dive some characters have significant superiority due to their unique skills and abilities. The game has three main modes – PvE (Main quest and Dungeons), Clan Battle (CB) and PvP (Battle and Princess Arenas). Therefore, when choosing the best characters, you need to understand which modes it is best suited to and what their features are.

PvE Tier list

To complete the storyline, as well as the Dungeons (partly), a team of five characters is required. Characters can be divided into several roles: Main tanks, Off-tank, Attackers (Physical or Magic), Debuffers, Supports and Healers. Usually, a group consists of one tank, off-tank or support / debuffer, two damage dealers and a healer. For Hard Mode, this setup will change (it may take up to three tanks or supports/healers), but the main team will be just that. In terms of priority, tanks and damage dealers will be at the very beginning, since it is extremely important to have a good frontline that will not die in order to pass 3-star levels. So the best characters, broken down by roles:

  • Main tanks: Miyako, Nozomi, Jun, Kuka, Pecorine.

Miyako Nozomi Jun Kuka Pecorine

The main type of damage that occurs is Physical, so characters with high Physical Defense like Miyako will be most in demand. Kuka has a high Magic Defense, so it is great for levels with a lot of enemies with Magic Damage. The Nozomi is a versatile tank that can handle any situation perfectly.

  • Off-tanks: Shizuru, Akino, Jun, Nozomi, Pecorine.

Shizuru Akino Jun Nozomi Pecorine

Off-tanks help the main tank by taking some of the damage. Shizuru heals the character with the lowest HP and grants AoE Physical Damage reduction. Jun has good self-sustain and also reduces the Physical Defense of enemies. Akino and Nozomi will help the frontline with their AoE healing.

  • Physical Attackers: Shiori, Suzuna, Arisa, Djeeta, Mimi, Kaori.

Shiori Suzuna Arisa Djeeta Mimi Kaori

Shiori, Suzuna and Arisa deal sustained damage while staying away from enemies. Djeeta and Kaori also have high damage, but it is important to keep an eye on their HP, as they are within range of enemy attacks.

  • Magic Attackers: Kyoka, Summer Karyl (Kyaru), Hatsune, Karyl (Kyaru).

Kyoka Karyl (Summer) Hatsune Karyl

Kyoka and Summer Karyl (Kyaru) are great against bosses, while Hatsune is useful for its AoE damage.

  • Debuffers: Makoto, Akari, Mitsuki.

Makoto Akari Mitsuki

The main task of Debuffers is to reduce the Physical or Magic Defense of enemies, allowing your Attackers to do maximum damage. Akari reduces Magic Defense, Makoto and Mitsuki – Physical.

  • Supports: Yukari, Maho, Kokkoro, Saren, Monika.

Yukari Maho Kokkoro Saren Monika

Supports help the team with various buffs. Yukari and Maho will also be able to restore the HP of one ally. Kokkoro and Monika have a speed buff, which affects the speed of attack and usage of skills. Saren recovers TP to the nearest member, allowing you to use UB more often.

  • Healers: Yui, Chika, Summer Kokkoro, Misato.

Yui Chika Kokkoro (Summer) Misato

Healers are suitable for levels where there is a lot of AoE damage, and Supports/Off-tanks cannot deal with keeping the health of the entire team at the proper level.

Clan Battle Tier list

Clan Battle takes place every month. This is a Guild event in which all clan members can fight bosses, and depending on progress, your clan will take a place in the ranking, and all clan members will receive a reward depending on the clan’s place in the standings. You have to choose a team for the boss fight, so the composition of the group will differ from the usual PvE mode. Not only good Attackers are important here, but also Debuffers since bosses have high armour values. You can fight them only three times a day, while the Clan Battle is in progress. At the same time, characters who have already participated in the battle on that day cannot be reused. Another important feature is that you can borrow one character for battle from your guildmates, which greatly simplifies the task because you need not have 15 characters for CB, but 12.

Top priority characters: Makoto and Kaori

Makoto Kaori

The combination of Makoto and Kaori is one of the best for dealing maximum boss damage. Makoto reduces the physical defence of the boss (this debuff stacks with the reduction in Physical Defense from Jun), which significantly increases Kaori’s damage, allowing you to deal with bosses very quickly. Therefore, having these two characters, you can make 2 teams out of 3 with these two characters, borrow another one from Guild members.

Tanks. In general, any tank will do (except Rima and Kuuka), the main thing is that it does not die during the battle with the boss.

Jun Miyako Nozomi

Attackers: Kaori, Shiori, Suzuna, Arisa are the best choice of Physical Attackers. Hiyori, Eriko, Djeeta, Mimi, Summer Tamaki and Tomo also do this task well. Magic Attackers – Summer Karyl (Kyaru) and Illya (remember that she can suicide if self crit).

Kaori Shiori Suzuna Arisa Hiyori Eriko Djeeta Mimi Tamaki (Summer) Tomo Karyl (Summer) Illya

Debuffers. It is very important to have a character (Makoto, Mitsuki, Shinobu) that will reduce the Physical Defense of the boss.

Makoto Mitsuki Shinobu

Supports. Increases the damage and survivability of the team. Saren recovers TP, Kokkoro or Monika give speed buff. Maho, Yukari and Summer Kokkoro (plus Physical Defense reduction skill) are good choices if the boss has high Physical or single target damage.

Saren Kokkoro Kokkoro (Summer) Monika Yukari Maho

Healers. Only for levels where the boss has high AoE damage or quickly reduces the health of Attackers.

Yui Chika Misato

PvP Tier list

Battle Arena and Princess Arena allow you to fight with a team of characters from other players. In this case, it is necessary to defeat them in the allotted time. If at least one member of the enemy team remains alive, then you will automatically lose. The main difference between Arenas is that if in Battle Arena you see the opponent’s team and must defeat it, then in Princess Arena you need to win two out of three battles, so you have to put three teams at once, i.e. have 15 characters. The higher the rating, the fewer the opponent’s teams you can see, up to the fact that all three groups will be hidden. However, in PvP, everything depends on your opponent’s team, so there is no clear Tier List. There are only a few tips on which characters will be most useful.


Miyako Kuka Nozomi Jun Lima


Illya Shinobu (Halloween) Tamaki Ninon Karyl (Summer) Hatsune Suzuna


Monika Saren Yukari Maho Yuki

In PvP, Tanks and Attackers have the same priority, since, without proper protection, your Attackers simply will not have time to defeat enemy units. In order to understand which characters will the right choice to deal with the opposing team, we recommend using this site – Princess Connect Re: Dive Fan Club. There players share information about which characters are better to use against the enemy defence team. Having set the Global Region, indicate the characters of the enemy and you will be able to see the team that defeated him.

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