Ruined King Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected all frequently asked questions about Ruined King a League of Legends story and give straightforward answers to them.

What is the Ruined King?

Ruined King is an upcoming role-playing game by Riot Forge and Airship Syndicate. The game will tell players a story of corruption by Viego the Ruined King of the Runeterra lands.

Will the Ruined Ruined King be free?

The game will be released on multiple platforms:

Owners of PlayStation®5 system and Xbox Series X|S that will own Ruined King on PlayStation®4 system and Xbox One will get the game for free for the newer version of their console.

But the actual price is not yet set. We are sure that Ruined King will not be for free.

Is the Ruined King coop?

Ruined King a League of Legends story is going to be the first Riot Games single-player game.

Will the Ruined King be a champion?

If we are talking about League of Legends then, yes. It has been already added into LoL as Viego the newest jungler.

Is Ruined the King Project F? Is Ruined the King Project L?

No and no. Riot Games are still working on two other unnamed projects that have code names as Project F and Project L. These are two other games that will be presented soon after the release of the Ruined King. We will write a separate post about it. Let me only mention that Project L is an upcoming fighting game based on League of Legends and Project F is an upcoming hack and slash RPG.

Is Mordekaiser the Ruined King?

Well, no. As we have mentioned above Ruined King’s name is Viego and it is a separate champion in League of Legends.

What champions will be in the game?

It is announced that there going to be the following list of champions from Runeterra:

  • Miss Fortune, Illaoi, and Pyke – Bilgewater region
  • Yasuo and Ahri – Ionian representatives
  • Braum – the Heart of the Freljord

But there are going to be only two regions in the game: Bilgewater and Shadow Isles. By the way, the game might tell the story of how the Blessed Isles have become the Shadow Isles. As it is known that they were a beautiful realm shattered by a magical cataclysm. Black Mist permanently shrouds the isles and the land itself is tainted, corrupted by malevolent sorcery.

When is the Ruined King release date?

The released is set for early 2021. It means that it will appear in the first quarter of 2021. Apparently it will go live together with League of Legends event and TFT new set as both of them are going to have the same ruined themes. As for Teamfight Tactics the current set ends on 26th April, so the Ruined King game may release in late March or so.

If you have more questions ask them in comments and we will answer them here as well.

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