Ruined King Runeterra’s Recreational Activities List

Ruined King is an upcoming Riot Games project that will bring some new gameplay to all their players. Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is a single-player, turn-based RPG developed in the cooperation with Airship Syndicate. So today we will tell you about the similarities and some particular parts of gameplay that will bring you to the world of Runeterra.

Runeterra’s Recreational Activities List

Aside from the main gameplay Ruined King offers it players activities and events that will give rewards and uncover new lore.

  • Bounty Board – Check the bounty board and hunt powerful minibosses in the world for big rewards.
  • Fishing – Go fishing not only to catch the various aquatic life in Bilgewater but also any treasures that may be at the bottom of the ocean. Ruined King will also feature a Fishiary to track the fish you catch. Fish can also be used in cooking and can be traded to the fishmonger for Black Marks to be used to purchase exclusive items from the Black Market.
  • Bestiary – Track the creatures you encounter and fight with information on their abilities, locations and loot. Unlock Beast Perks for defeating large amounts of specific creatures, granting permanent passive boosts to the Champions.
  • Side Quests – There are many side quests that give valuable rewards ranging from items to new ultimates and legendary weapons, as well as puzzles to solve, and secrets to find.
  • Battle Arena – Fight through waves of enemies to receive rewards based on your performance.
  • Lore – Find lore scattered through the world for extra bits of story. Collecting lore also unlocks rewards for how much players find.

This list of side gameplay brings a lot of new opportunities to explore Ruined King: A League of Legends Story in all its ways.

Ruined King releases in early 2021 which is soon enough and we all except it in the nearest future as Ruined King has already entered League of Legends as Viego champion. In our future posts we will tell you more about about this game.

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