Rune Knights Review

Rune Knights is an action RPG with lots of loot and online Co-op. Despite the fact that the game is still in Early Access, the game looks very good and has a lot of content (from 5 to 30 hours of play time, depending on how many characters you want to level up).

Rune Knights Gameplay

Players will experience very dynamic battles with a third-person view. As for weapons and skills, there is a lot to roam about. Various melee and ranged weapons (including magic), all of which drop in huge numbers from killed enemies. The game also has an interesting leveling system. Each new level you get a Skill Point, which can be spent on various passive skills that will enhance your combat potential. After spending 5 and 10 points, you will be able to choose one of four skills that will give you unique opportunities.

There are 8 classes available in the game and it is possible to level skills from any school at the same time. This allows you to combine skills and create unique builds. Basic skills (for example Ground Smash or Fireball) roll on items, so you can use any skills you want (although there is a limitation on the type of weapon – for example, magic can only be used with Staff and Focus).

Rune Knights Skills

In terms of equipment, this game is very similar to Path of Exile. There are 7 types of reagents in the game, which allow you to roll stats and their number, as well as reroll skills and transfer them to other things. These reagents very often drop from killed enemies, so it is quite easy and interesting to improve equipment.

As for the location and monsters, the game is divided into several small zones. There is a city in which there are various NPCs (who sell items and buy loot), as well as a large selection of locations that are randomly generated each time. Dangerous enemies and a boss await you at the end of each level, which are interconnected.

Rune Knights Items

The game is great for those who love the aRPG genre, especially if you are playing with someone (you can play in a group of up to four people). Updates for the game are released quite often, which is a big plus. For those who start playing it, I advise you to see the official website, there is an excellent guide on the mechanics of the game since there is very little information in the game about what and how works. And yes, the game is already available on Steam.

  • Summary
    70Total Score

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Dynamic Combat
      • Huge amount of loot and crafting
      • Lack of plot and quests (there are very few of them)
      • There is not enough detailed description of crafting in the game
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