Samira Champion Reveal – League of Legends

In the latest League of Legends patch Riot Games announced new upcoming champion Samira. As a part of PsyOps event, Samira has her own thematic skin and will appear in the game in the next patch 10.19. Today we will tell you more about Samira abilities and release date.

Samira, the Desert Rose

This fantastic champion will be added into League of Legends in the upcoming patch. So Samira releases 16th September 2020. And after that 18th September, it will become possible to get Samira PsyOps skin.

Her main role is marksman and mainly she strikes with ranged physical damage. But her advantage is that she can still deal significant melee damage as well.

The price for Samira champion is going to be 7800 BE or 975 RP.

Samira is incredible! Don’t you think so?

Samira Champion Abilities

We share this information from League of Legends official blog with Samira abilities roundup details.

Passive – Daredevil Impulse

Chaining non-repeating abilities (and basic attacks) increases Samira’s Style grade by one letter, from “E” to “S” rank. Every Style grade gives her bonus movement speed. Samira can also damage enemies at range with her guns or with her sword in melee range; the latter dealing bonus magic damage.

Samira can also juggle enemies who are movement-impaired by her allies in the air, extending the displacement.

Q – Flair

Samira fires a shot at her enemies directly when at range with her guns. Enemies in melee range will instead be damaged by a slash of her sword.

W – Blade Whirl

Samira slashes the area around her with her sword, damaging enemies in the vicinity twice and destroying any enemy missiles in the area at cast and that enter the area after the fact.

E – Wild Rush

Samira dashes through an enemy or ally, dealing magic damage to any enemies passed through and gaining bonus attack speed for a duration. Takedowns of enemy champions reset Wild Rush’s cooldown.

R – Inferno Trigger

Samira unleashes a torrent of shots from her weapons, wildly attacking any enemies around her 10 times over a duration. Each shot deals physical damage, applies lifesteal, and can critically strike.

Samira can only cast Inferno Trigger if her current Style grade is at “S” (the max grade).

Prepare to meet Samira in the Summoner’s Rift because your collide on line is going to burn!

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