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Saving Eagles

Saving Eagles is an E-Family Company board game that offers great fun, educates people about endangered species, and also funds their protection projects. A 4th grade 10 years old pupil invented the game on a science project regarding endangered Philippine eagle species. In the world today, there remains approximately 400 pairs of these endangered eagles. Every Saving Eagles game that sells from E-Family Games contributes to the Philippine Eagle Foundation to fund saving projects of these endangered eagle species.

Benefits of The Game

The key benefits of Saving Eagles game to families include entertainment, having lots of family fun, developing reading skills, while playing people learn a lot about the endangered Philippine Eagles, playing increases awareness and efforts to protect these endangered eagles, selling the game funds protection of these endangered species.

Saving Eagles

Composition of The Game

The game includes a game box, the game board 20” X 30” (6 fold), twelve game pieces that can allow up to six players to participate, two six-sided dies, 48 game cards deck, and a game booklet detailing rules and playing procedures.

Application of The Game

Saving Eagles game is excellent for family fun, cabin trips, grandparents with their grandkids, nature and conservation sites, classrooms, game cafes, zoos, animal lovers, birthday parties, sleepovers, and more. Saving Eagles game mission is to use positive energy to bring families together to learn more about endangered animal species and their protection.

How Does The Game Work?

The main objective of the game is to educate the masses about the protection of endangered animal species in a fun and entertaining means, while also contributing to protection projects. Here are the steps that guide members when playing the game.

Step 1: Have Fun!

This step involves guiding your Eagle through life by ensuring you survive various obstacles and hence save the endangered species. You should safely fly around Mindanao Island, avoiding dangers such as animal trapper and the poacher, look for a mate, raise chicks, and then find your way to the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

Step 2: Learn

When playing, you can draw fun or risky action cards. These action cards affect your eagle and hence by playing you learn more about the Philippine Eagle. It is necessary to avoid the hazards that endanger your eagle to reach the game’s objective.

Saving Eagles board game

Step 3: Help Protect Endangered Animals

Saving endangered animals requires togetherness. Saving Eagles game has a link that allows online registration. Accessing the game online provides you with E-Family Games information on ways to protect and save the endangered Philippine Eagle.

Who Helps Save Eagles?

Players of the game and other members who contribute in saving the eagles include parents, grandparents, endangered animal followers, junior high students, conservation enthusiasts, high school students, among others.

Why Does The Saving Eagle Game Stand Out?

In the game, you play as the endangered species by avoiding the many dangers facing you such as exotic animals, poachers, trappers, deforestation, and other risks unlike in other board games. Drawing cards increases your knowledge about the endangered Philippine Eagles, which is not the case in other board games. Playing is fun and easy, considering it was a ten years old boy idea.

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