Shadowlands Covenant Soulbind Conduits Details

Soon we will meet the new World of Warcraft expansion so its high time to know some details about the major gameplay features in Shadowlands. This time we will share some information about Covenant Soulbind Conduits.

What are Covenant Soulbind Conduits?

Conduits are needed to fulfil a Soulbind tree with a Covenant. Conduits are items that will grant special improvements to give an additional level of customization to your Soulbind. That will grant you more bonuses. All Conduits depend on your class and spec. Also, there are three groups of them: Potency (Throughput), Endurance (Survival), and Finesse (Utility). In addition, Conduits have ranks and by increasing their rank you get more power.

  • Potency Conduits Potency Conduits improve the power of your spells. They are specific to your spec or Covenant. There are four conduits for each DPS and Healer specs, two for Tank specs, and four Covenant specific Conduits.
  • Endurance Conduits Endurance Conduits provide your class with additional defensive value through damage mitigation or increased healing. There are three Endurance Conduits available to all specs and another two available only to Tanks.
  • Finesse conduits Finesse Conduits provide additional utility to your class. Each class has four Finesse Conduits which are usable by all specs.

All Conduits are bind to a specific spec, so if you respec they will change in accordance with the new spec.

Also, you can use only one Conduit at a time on one spec. But you can use the same conduits on the other specs if they are open.

How to Get Conduits?

First of all, Conduits are not low-level items, so you can acquire them only for completing max level content: Dungeons, PvP, Raids, Reputations, World Quests, etc. Moreover, Conduit items drop as additional loot and are bind to the player.

To find all the acquired conduits you need to enter your soulbinds interface and see the list of them in the top right corner. You’ll see them in the groups: Potency, Endurance, Finesse. When you collect a conduit of higher rank add it to your collection to increase the rank of the same conduit item.

There is also another way to get Conduits that you haven’t collected yet. Meet Ve’nari, the Broker in the Maw and buy Manifest Aethershunt for 2500 Stygia (the new currency you earn for completing World Quests in the Maw). Pay attention, that this option becomes available after you reach Cordial Reputation with Ve’nari.

How to Upgrade Conduits?

The same Manifest Aethershunt can be used to upgrade conduits. There are 15 possible Item Levels for each Conduit. To get the higher level use Manifest Aethershunt and the upgraded Conduit will be selected randomly from your lowest-rank Conduits.

How to Replace a Conduit?

The most important thing to remember here is that your Conduits DON’T break or disappear if you replace them. So you can experiment with them as many times as you need. But there are some limitations though.

Everything depends on Conduit Energy Charges. When you insert a conduit into a soulbind you loose one charge. There are 10 charges of Conduit Energy. When you unlock the Forge, it will be fully charged. But after that, it restores very slow: 1 charge per day. So you should think twice before you start your experiments.

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