SMITE Season 8 is here!

New 8th season in SMITE is here! Check out what’s new is going to be in the game.

New Conquest Map

Conquest gets an overhauled look in Season 8 inspired by Baylonian myth. The goddess TIamat has banished Cthulhu, and cleansed the battlegrounds of his dark influence. But in doing so, she’s remade the world in her own image — resplendent in gold and Babylonian architecture. The new Conquest map is larger than the old map and features new Jungle challenges, offering additional opportunities for strategic gameplay.

New God Skins

Bunny Bomber Aphrodite

Safe Breaker Kali

Mastermind Yemoja

Heistblade Pele

Experi-mental Baba Yaga

Walking Blight Ymir

Regal Warrior Erlang Shen

Battleship Heaven Nu Wa

Midnight Glamour Neith

Princess Sleepyhead Kumbhakarna

Grand Magus Anubis – Season Pass 2021

Midgardian Macaque Hun Batz – Season 7 Ranked Reward

Crash Test Janus – Season 8 Ranked Reward

Pure Heart Ganesha – Season 7 Commendation Reward

Season 8 is also bringing A TON of balance changes with overhauls to Starter Items and healing mechanics, plus a slewbuffs and nerfs to gods and items. Be sure to check out the full Update Notes HERE for all the details!

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