Sneaky Surprise | Best Gaming Clips of the Week

Are you Legends ready for a week full of super bomb sneaks and out of nowhere ownages? The theme of this week is sneaky surprises, so if you don’t have eyes in the back of your head, in the sky, and on the bottom of your cheeks, you’re in for a rough time. Let’s break down the clips together and vote for which one you think is best. 

Clip one brings us back to Overwatch and our favorite 5-man steamroller, Reinhardt. Our protagonist appears from the night sky like he’s doing his best impersonation of the Dark knight himself, hammer slamming the ground and steamroll shoving the entire enemy team over the edge and to their untimely demise. Like any good hero, our sneaky Reinhardt sacrifices himself for the good of the team, cementing himself as a legend in the hearts of many, and, more importantly, this week’s best gaming clips. 

Clip numero duo goes into Call of Duty. When you sit on someone and don’t even know it, you need to get your eyes checked, bro! Our man slides and crawls directly under the enemy, who thinks he is in the perfect position to defend the bomb and win the game. He jukes the enemy out so badly that the guy gets up to go look for him while sitting directly on top of him. Our hero defuses the bomb while UNDER the enemy, winning the game and making someone book an appointment with an optometrist ASAP! 

Our third clip brings us back into the country western world of Red Dead Redemption. Not much to see here, just two cowboy dudes, chatting it up in the forest. When OUT OF NOWHERE, doing his best impression of Randy Orton’s RKO, a deer straight up trucks our hero. Remember, when you’re having a casual conversation in the forest, always keep those eyes in the back of your head peeled for deer. They hate small talk. 

Well, which clip won? Was it the Five Man Hammer Slam, the Ninja Defusal No Issues, or the Deer From The Rear? Check out the video and let’s hear your thoughts. New episodes are released every Friday 11am PST (2pm EST). 

Make sure to vote for your favorite, and we will see you next Friday!

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