Solitairica Review


One of the best casual card games on Steam is called Solitairica. First, we weren’t really excited about it, but as we moved on playing, we realized it’s absolutely brilliant! Let’s start from the basis.

Solitairica Review

You start your journey to Castle Stuck with a simple start deck. As we were playing this game for a little while we’ve bought one more deck and now you can choose between them.


We’ll tell you further how you can get this gems to buy a new deck. The first deck that you are given is the warrior. He will draw you only blue (defense) and orange (attack) cards, so you’ll collect those types of mana more quickly (it also influences your start abilities). If you noticed you can also upgrade your decks. For instance, the first upgrade is when you get A from your deck you get three extra mana points. We chose wizard for this article as it is.

First battle


Your first opponent won’t be that scary, but he’ll teach you the basic principals. Here in the picture, you can see that there are 18 stages. All of them are divided into groups of three stages each. Every group is a level where you’ll meet different enemies. They will show up randomly, but only within the limits of their group. So if you’re playing first three games you’ll meet Dirt Guppy, Claw Fiend or Bjord but in random order. You may also note that under Dirt Guppy’s portrait there is a description of his powers.


Here in Solitairica you mainly play solitaire, but with some extra features. The main task is to clear all the cards from the board before you ran out of health points. Also, you have got abilities. Each category of them is bought for its mana. In the picture, you have abilities that can destroy one card and give you double wisdom (if you destroy wisdom card), give you one armor, show the next card in your deck, destroy one random back card. But pay attention your enemy has his abilities too.

This enemy is going to add back cards to each column in two turns. It’s only an example, some of the abilities damage you or change the type of the card on the board.

Cards’ types

Every card in this game has its color and type. Colors show which mana point you’ll get if you collect this card. Violet for wisdom, blue for defense, orange for attack and green for dexterity. There are also yellow cards they are for coins. But sometimes your opponent changes colors or add special type to the cards. We won’t tell you about every single card type, but some of them are presented further.


Thorn cards will damage you when you collect them.


Poisoned cards will damage you at the end of your turn.


Enraged cards will damage you when your opponent damages you.


Bombs will destroy neighbor cards and damage you after that.


Bearded cards don’t damage you, but to destroy them with your abilities you need to destroy beard first. The same principle has armored and iced cards.


Here the first card (where is my cursor) is dazzled. Before your turn, it will randomly change to another card. These were only several of them, believe me. I want to leave you some intrigue before you start playing yourself! 😈

Money and shopping

After every battle that you win you will receive coins. The amount of them based on the yellow cards and combos you make (the more cards in a row you collect the more money you get for this combo).


And of course, there is a shop to spend those rewards.


Here you can buy new spells or items. You can swap between your spells or items before every battle. If you don’t have enough money for the thing you desire, you can hold it so you’ll be able to buy it after the next battle. As you may guess you need to hold, cause shop randomly changes after every battle.

Gems and losses

It is very unlikely that you win all the 18 stages from the first try. And after you lose you have to start all over again. With starter spells and without items. The only plus is that you get gems after every loss. Their amount depends on the duration of your path. The further you get the more gems you earn.


As you already know this gems you can spend to open new decks or to upgrade old ones.

We guess here is where we stop, cause if we tell you more it won’t be interesting to play this pretty cool game called Solitairica.

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