Space Robinson Review

If you are a fan of rogue-like games you will like this one for sure. Nevertheless even if you are not a fan of such games read Space Robinson review and, may be, you will change your mind. Moreover, now publisher of this game Alawar has a discount on Steam including 10% discount for Space Robinson as well. Further, as usual, we will explain all the rates we gave this game.

Space Robinson Gameplay

It is a dynamic roguelike shooter with elements of RPG progress. You crash on an abandoned Colony Base. Further, you try to investigated what may have happened here. Besides that you will try to reconstruct it. The planet is teeming with aggressive monsters, which will kill you all the time. While you will try to collect the necessary amount of the crystals to fix your Base.

Space Robinson Monsters

Levels generate randomly. Every three levels biome changes. In addition to environment monsters change also. On each level you will guaranteed to get one new weapon. Needless to say that Space Robinson has a lot weapons! And also you’ll get an ability to choose one out of three perks that will help you during the fight.

Space Robinson Perks

Moreover, you can get lucky and receive different upgrades for your base. For instance, you can get a first aid kit at the start of a game. Or you can get seeds to grow a buff for one walkthrough. Besides, you can also get bot-pets that will accompany you.

Space Robinson Medical Machine

Monsters’ AI is not on the highest level. Nevertheless, it won’t make your game easy. You will have to dodge all their attacks and don’t forget that environment can harm you as well.

Dangerous environment

In addition to detonating plants and other small parasites there is a unique peculiarity of Space Robinson – day and night change.

Space Robinson at night

At night your line of sight becomes reasonably lesser. Besides, you’ll see special night monsters that will try to surround you.


Pixel graphics with several types of biome with their particular style and objects. Animation is very detailed, which makes you understand monster’s intentions.


You can play using keyboard and mouse inputs. And also, by using gamepad. But using the last one is not very comfortable.


Simple and dynamic music, which fits the game perfectly.


Space Robinson has a simple story-line. But in the sequence of constant fights you stop to follow it

In conclusion, we recommend this game for those who love simple and dynamic games. If you like our review, please share it with your friends!

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    68Total Score

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
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    • Controls
      • Lots of weapons and perks
      • Every new game is unique
      • Quite hard to find upgrades
      • Repetitive
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