Sparklite Review

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Sparklite Review – Gameplay

Sparklite is an interesting rogue-lite action with elements of RPG. You are going to explore the world of Geodia, which changes every time you start your journey. The main hero, Ada, will try to defeat sneaky villain – The Baron. Beforehand she will have to overcome all his minions. In her arsenal is a whole set of diverse gear and gadgets. Some of them you can buy or craft in town, but others you’ll have to search for in dangerous zones of Geodia.

Sparklite Review Gameplay

The levelling system is really satisfying. It is presented in Patch Board – empty cells where you put Patches. Those are special blocks, that make your hero better. And that’s not only standard bonus HP or Increased Damage. You will find unique patches that, for instance, can open a map of a zone or highlight special places.

Sparklite Review Patches

We should pay special attention to the town. The place you will return every time your HP will low to zero. During your journeys, you will collect Spaklite, local resource that replaces currency. Also, you can help locals to rebuild their buildings with Sparklite. That will give you access to their services, such as upgrade of your hero, shop and craft. That’s why we are definitely sure that you can do something useful for the town, by spending collected Sparklite.

Sparklite Graphics and Controls

The graphics are pixel with a top-down view. Locations are striking in their beauty and details. Besides, each biome in the game looks unlike each other. This also applies to animation, both monsters and the player. Few times I spend running around and enjoying the beautiful world.

Sparklite Fighting

Controls are really good at fighting. But as for map controls and changes in gear, there we faced some difficulties on the gamepad. To swap between different supplies you need to open inventory and change them only there. The same thing about the map, there is no separate bind for it.

Sparklite Sound and Narrative

Nice and relaxing music fits the game perfectly. It creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere during your exploration of the world of Geodia.

Sparklite Game Review

The game is linear and doesn’t have many exciting twists and turns. However, you cannot call it dull also! You will meet new NPCs all the time. Each of them will tell you their story and will be useful for you.

  • Summary
    70Total Score

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Nice and simple combat system
      • Amazing locations and their variety
      • Lot's of farming
      • Get's a bit boring after some time
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