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We are all super excited with the new event in League of Legends. It is called Spirit Blossom Festival and it will bring a lot of new engagement with new missions, skins and other absolutely new stuff. Read this article if you want to learn more about Spirit Blossom festival, Spirit bonds and rewards that you can get for participating in the new League of Legends event.

Spirit Blossom Festival will last from July 22 till August 24.

Previously we wrote about Spirit Blossom missions to let you know about the little part of the massive LoL event.

Also, you will read there about the skins that you can buy during the Spirit Blossom festival. But we will make a separate post about them, as they are really cool to share with you once more.

What is LoL Spirit Blossom Festival?

Well, what is Spirit Blossom anyway? That’s a common question as Riot Games bring some new experience in almost all the games with particularity new engagement.

In a word Spirit Blossom Festival is a big event in League of Legends similar to Lunar Festival, but greater, with more content for LoL, TFT and even Runeterra.

During the festival, you will be able to complete missions and earn favor with spirits in Spirit Bonds (we will tell about it further). Also, you will see a new temporary game mode called Nexus Blitz, which is designed in the Ionian style and is related to the Spirit Blossom festival. Earn tokens to get special rewards.

Spirit Blossom Rewards

Each time you play or succeed in the related missions you get tokens. These tokens you can save but be sure to exchange them for rewards until they close. You can earn Spirit Blossom tokens until August 25, also you can buy tokens in the shop until September 8. But September 8 is the last day hen you can exchange them for rewards. So keep in mind that!

The list of items that you can buy for Spirit Blossom tokens

Further you will see the tables that contain prices and items for each game separately.

League of Legends

Item Cost
Spirit Blossom 2020 Event Prestige Points Icon + 100 PP2200 Tokens
Spirit Blossom Teemo Prestige Edition + Icon & Border2000 Tokens
Spirit Blossom Thresh (Night Blossom) Chroma + Icon Bundle300 Tokens
Spirit Blossom Vayne (Night Blossom) Chroma + Icon Bundle300 Tokens
Spirit Blossom Yasuo (Night Blossom) Chroma + Icon Bundle300 Tokens
Spirit Blossom Lillia (Night Blossom) Chroma + Icon Bundle300 Tokens
Spirit Blossom Thresh Icon + Border250 Tokens
Spirit Blossom Vayne Icon + Border250 Tokens
Spirit Blossom Yasuo Icon + Border250 Tokens
Spirit Blossom Teemo Icon + Border250 Tokens
Spirit Blossom Lillia Icon + Border250 Tokens
Kanmei Orb*200 Tokens
Spirit Blossom 2020 Icon50 Tokens

*Kanmei Orb certainly contains one random skin shard; possibly will drop Gemstone Skin, Gemstone, Kanmei Grab Bag.**

**Kanmei Grab Bag certainly contains 3 random 520-975 RP Skin Shards and 3 random 975-3250 RP Skin Shards; possibly will drop Gemstone Skin, Gemstone.

Teamfight Tactics

LL Series 1-6 Egg300 Tokens
LL Series 1 Egg600 Tokens
LL Series 2 Egg600 Tokens
LL Series 3 Egg600 Tokens
LL Series 4 Egg600 Tokens
LL Series 5 Egg600 Tokens
LL Series 6 Egg600 Tokens

As for TFT Spirit Blossom rewards, you can get 6 new Little Legends their names are Featherknight Kami, Featherknight Yokai, Hushtail Kami, Hushtail Yokai, Melisma Kami, and Melisma Yokai. If you want to get all 6 of them it is cheaper to buy the first one random for 300 tokens and then buy each certain for 600 tokens per one. Yes, the number in this table means the numerative of the Little Egg, NOT the quantity.

Spirit Blossom Little Legends TFT

And in this picture you can see all of these six Spirit Blossom Little Legends. Aren’t they cute?


And here is the list of other items that you can exchange for Spirit Blossom Tokens:

  • Mystery Emote – 60 Tokens
  • Random Champion Shard – 50 Tokens
  • 3 Keys – 180 Tokens
  • 1 Key – 60 Tokens
  • 1 Key Fragment – 20 Tokens
  • 100 Blue Essence – 10 Tokens
  • 10 Blue Essence – 1 Token

Also, there is a lot of stuff that you can buy in the in-game shop for RP, if you are interested login into League of Legends and check them out yourself.

Spirit Blossom Bonds

This is the most intriguing part of League of Legends Spirit Blossom Festival. This is an integrated engagement part of the festival. First, you will need to enter and confirm your participation. You can do that by clicking Spirit Bonds in LoL Launcher and following the instructions.

Spirit Blossom Bonds Start

And after that, you will see a map with 9 open spirits, those are League of Legends champions with Spirit Blossom skins (Yasuo, Kindred, Vayne, Lillia, Thresh, Riven, Cassiopeia, Teemo, and Ahri) and 2 closed that will open soon enough (we can tell that one of it is Yone).

Spirit Bonds Map

In this Spirit Bonds Map, you can choose on the champions (spirits) that you want to earn favor with. Click on the champion and talk with him to confirm your participation. After that, you will do missions to earn favor and level up the bond level with this champion. As you reach high enough level you will open episodes that will tell you the story of this spirit.

Vayne Spirit Bond

You start with the level D and can get as high as S+. You can get some good and useful rewards if you make a strong bond.

Vayne Spirit Bond tokens

As you can see, all you need to do is collect 25 favor for reaching the next level and getting rewards. All champions have similar rewards the only thing that changes is champion shard and champion icons.

Vayne Spirit Blossom Episode Log

In the episode log, you will continue talking with her. She will eventually tell you her story. You will get a new piece of the story after reaching new bond level. Yes, you can talk to all champions and you can earn favor with all of them simultaneously. But keep in mind that all of them have different missions so if you want to level up Spirit Bond with all of them as the same time you will need to find the way to do all the conditions in one match.

Spirit Bonds Rewards

We have written about them previously but in case you missed it here is the table for you.

Rank C (Requires 25 favor)Champion Shard25 Tokens
Rank B (Requires 50 favor)15 Tokens25 Tokens
Rank A (Requires 75 favor)Champion Icon25 Tokens
Rank S (Requires 100 favor)15 Tokens25 Tokens

If you want to get premium rewards then you’ll need to buy Spirit Blossom Pass.

Read the guide above to learn more about Spirit Bonds favor and how to get it.

Spirit Blossom Tree and Petals

All the rewards you get while leveling up Spirit Bonds you can get with each champion regardless one – the last champion emote. These emotes you can get one after reaching S+ level and by granting a spirit blossom petal to a chosen champion. The festival is made like that you cannot get all the emotes by competing Spirit Bonds missions, so choose wisely.

When you reach Spriti level S with a champion you will unlock the Spirit Tree missions. which give Spirit Petals. The Spirit Petal growth you can see below.

Win a game of SR/ARAM/NB2
Lose a game of SR/ARAM/NB1
Play as a champion with their Spirit Blossom skin equipped in SR/ARAM2
Play as a champion who has a Spirit Blossom skin in SR/ARAM1
Win a game of TFT (Come in 4th or higher)4
Lose a game of TFT (Come in 5th or lower)2

SR = Summoner’s Rift
ARAM = “All random all mid”
NB = Nexus Blitz
TFT = Teamfight Tactics

The amount of Spirit Petal Growth needed for a spirit petal:

  • 50 spirit petal growth for the first spirit petal you can gift
  • 110 total petal growth for the second petal you can gift
  • 180 total petal growth for the third petal you can gift
  • 250 total petal growth for the fourth petal you can gift (Premium Pass only)
  • 320 total petal growth for the fifth petal you can gift (Premium Pass only)

As you can see you can get only 3 petals with free access and 5 with a premium Spirit Blossom pass.

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