Starfield FAQ

Developers from Bethesda Softworks have announced on E3 the official launch of Starfield. In this posStarfield FAQ, you will find the answers to the popular questions about the game.

What kind of game is Starfield?

Starfield is an upcoming space-themed RPG. The first new game universe in 25 years developed by Bethesda Game Studios known for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4. You can create any character and explore the universe, enjoying absolute freedom. Hit the road and uncover the greatest mystery of humanity. Also like other Bethesda games, Starfield will be playable both in first and third-person perspectives.

Will Starfield be like Skyrim?

In some points, you will see many similarities between Starfield and Skyrim. The most remarkable of them is that you will be able to become what you are willing to and then you can carve your own path in the faction that you choose. You may have heard an expression that Starfield is Skyrim taken to space. Even though it is true Starfield we’ll bring new gameplay features as a new generation RPG.

What is Starfield release date?

There’s been announced an initial Starfield release date set for 11th November 2022.

What platforms will Starfield be available on?

Starfield is Xbox Series X|S exclusive title that will release only for Microsoft consoles and for PCs in Steam on 11th November 2022. Also, you will be able to play it one day with Xbox Game Pass.

What is Starfield price?

There is no information yet. But we will tell you as soon as Starfield pre-order campaign starts.

What Starfield system requirements are?

There is no information yet. But we will tell you as soon as Starfield pre-order campaign starts.

What engine does Starfield use?

Starfield will be the first game powered by Creation Engine 2. The trailer from the section below shows its capabilities. As the entire Starfield trailer was made on game engine Creation Engine 2.

What is Starfield trailer?

You can watch the official trailer of Starfield below.

We will update this post when get to know more about Starfield.

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