Stoneshard Trollslayer – Troll killing tips

In the new Trollslayer update in the main storyline, a new quest for killing the troll has appeared. Many had difficulties with how to deal with him, so we decided to give some advice in this small guide. So meet some Troll killing tips further.

StoneShard troll quest

For those who do not know, after completing three contracts in Osbrook, there will be an opportunity to fast travel in Mannshire. Then after a couple of dialogues, Weber offers to solve his problem – to kill the troll, which is located in Signal Tower.

StoneShard Troll skills

First of all, you should familiarize yourself with his skills. One of his most dangerous skills is Rock Toss. You will have only one move to exit the 3×3 zone. So if you are in the very centre, you can’t get out without special skills.

StoneShard troll skills

Another of his skills will be annoying for Rend builds – it is called Troll Regeneration. This skill can be cancelled if you hit the troll with a melee attack, otherwise, it will restore a significant part of its health.

Deafening Roar can take you aback by its stun and/or by knocking out your weapon.

As for the last one. It’s quite easy to exit the radius of Shockwave; this skill is the least dangerous.

Some helping Troll killing tips

StoneShard movement skills

Here is a checklist of Stoneshard Trollsalyer tips for you.

  1. It is very important to have a movement skill, such as Dash or Distracting Shot. This will save you from Rock Toss, and also give you the opportunity to kite the troll. For melee attackers blocking skills will be very helpful, for example, Raise Shield. Or dodging skills, of course, such as Elusiveness.
  2. Remember to bring consumables with you, such as potions, herbs or other buffs. And yes, do not forget about Hunger and Thirst levels, as extra debuffs during the battle will be inappropriate.
  3. Closely monitor Troll’s skill cooldowns. This will help predict what he will do next turn.
  4. Take advantage of your build. For example, mace/shield builds will be able to leave the Troll in stun for a long time.
    Archers should try to keep their distance and the pyromancer can kite Troll in his puddle of magma.
  5. Do not forget that this is the final quest at the moment, and it supposes to be difficult. If you don’t succeed in killing him for the first time, try level up your character and improve your equipment.

Moreover, this quest, unlike other contracts, has no time limit. This will allow you to study the mechanics of the battle with the boss and return already prepared for it after some time.

StoneShard troll kill

We wish you a successful hunt for the Stoneshard Troll!

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