Swain Champion Gameplay after rework

We are happy to share with you an announcement about latest updates in the League of Legends game. As you may know, Riot has announced that they were going to rework one of their champions and make it more suitable for the game. On the 6th of February they have posted a spotlight video about Swain Champion Gameplay after rework and today the 7th February new Swain is finally available.

Swain Champion Gameplay – Official Video

Here we are glad to share with you an official video from League of Legends YouTube page to see all the recent changes in action together with a great explanation and in-game participation ideas.

As you can see Swain has the same spirit as before but got some new strong features. Let’s talk about them specifically.

Swain’s new abilities

New passive, called Ravenous Flock: allows Swain gather soul fragments from immobilized champions and pull them closer to him. If an enemy champion dies Swain also collet soul fragments and heals for a particular portion of his full health.

New Q, called Death’s Hand:  an aoe ability, which can be fired as a conus containing several bolts in front of him. This attack can pierce killed targets and restore Swain’s mana, several bolts can hit one target but only the first one deals the whole damage.

New W, called Vision of Empire: Swain can reveal other champions with this ability within a pretty good radius from him. This ability has a small delay but for each revealed enemy champion, Swain gets a soul fragment.

New E, called Nevermove: Swain projects his hand in front of him in a line dealing damage to all enemies in its path. On its return, the hand explodes in a first target, roots, and deals damage to everyone caught by a blast.

New R, called Demonic Ascension: Swain gains a large amount of health on-cast and drains life from several nearby enemies for a particular duration. When his ultimate ends, Swain consumes his soul fragments to cast Demonflare. That ability damages the closest enemies around him. It’s damage increases for each soul fragment consumed up to five. If the amount of drained health is enough Swain can end his ultimate earlier to cast Demonflare on-demand.

You can learn about some tips and tricks or other special pieces of information directly from LoL website.

Have you already tried the reworked Swain? Are you planning too? Or what are your general thoughts about it? We are eager to discuss all of this with you.

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